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On February 11, 2017 I order brake rotors from Auto Parts Warehouse. I received a preliminary tracking number but the part was never shipped. After 5 calls to customer service, which by the way is in the Philippines, I still have not received either a tracking number or the brake rotors. As of February 24, I still have not received the part. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Thankfully I used American Express...great customer service!

Sure wish I had read some of the complaint forums before ordering from Auto Parts Warehouse!

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  • To
      26th of Jun, 2007
    Auto Parts Warehouse - Short shipped
    United States

    I ordered 3 cabin filters for a Lincoln LS, I was charged for 3 but APW only shipped 1. I have called numerous time just to get the run around. Mark at APW says just wait you'll get the other 2. I have waited for a month and nothing, then I looked at the complaints boards and wow, they do this a lot.

    They use other names as well such Parts Bin , OEM Auto Parts, US AutoParts. APW was purchased by US Auto Parts in 2017. These guys need to be stopped. I am calling my credit card company to put a hold on payment.

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  • Fr
      10th of Dec, 2007

    I'm sorry but I have differ from your complaint. I have been a long-time online shopper and experienced the worst and the best online merchants. But with APW, I never had such inconvenient time with them. They always deliver right on time and credits my card with the exact amount that I should be paying for.

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  • Al
      15th of Apr, 2008

    I had the same experience. I ordered 2 brake discs and they only shipped 1. I understand we are human and do make mistakes. Unfortunatally no body in that company is doing anything to correct that mistake. I dont even want to call that customer service, people are over there sitting just to give missirable time. I already in a prosess of disputing the charge. Think twise and do not deal with these crooks and be carefull they operate under so many DBA's.

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  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2008

    Errors can happen but when placing an order with live order takers who claim to understand parts and supplying the VIN number The parts bin still shipped one wrong rotor and the wrong set of pads. Then when they promised to send a prepaid return shipping lable I ordered another set of pads which the order taker assured me were correct. They sent exact wrong set of pads again. Now they have my money for the rotor and two sets of pads. Multiple attempts to contact via email and phone have all resulted in being totally ignored. This firm under all of their names needs to be out of business.

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  • Ro
      10th of Feb, 2009
    Auto Parts Warehouse - Poor Service
    7929 Charter Oak Lane
    United States
    Phone: 704-271-3306

    Orderd Break Parts on line from Autoparts warehouse
    They shipped the wrong Parts, which we discoverd AFTER we had Car Torn down, Contacted Customer Service, who said theye didnt make exchanges (????)
    and offerd to ship the Corrct part IF i gave them another Credit Card, which i did, i have Now been Charged with 3 Items, i STILL do not have any Brakes, My Car is STILL unusable, and all i get from them are LIES and Excuses, They are without a doubt, THE WORST company i have Ever dealt with. I Think they are a SCAM and intend to persue with Ca Attny Gen AND NC Attny Gen

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  • He
      17th of Nov, 2010
    Auto Parts Warehouse - Poor Service/Incompitence
    Auto Parts Warehouse
    United States

    Ordered part online on a Saturday. Checked on noon on Monday and part still being processed. Wrote a feedback and received a call within 10 min. Was told part will ship that day (Monday). Checked next morning and not shipped. Wrote another feedback and received a call from customer service and was told part to be shipped by 4PM. Checked status at 8PM and had a shipping #. I checked that shipping # and it was for another order with different order # and the part had been delivered on 3/31/2017. Very strange when this date is 11/16/2017. Also with more research found same part on another site for $12.00 . I do not recomend this parts establishment to anyone.

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  • Ro
      6th of Jan, 2011

    They worst customer service i have ever had to deal with. They are crooks and should be shut down imedititly!!!

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  • Rj
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    Auto Parts Warehouse - Charged for parts they did not have and will not refund for 7-10 days!! in stock!
    Auto Parts Warehouse
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-913-6119

    They took 24hours and $301.48 from my account before they realized that they did not have the part I ordered. They did call and offer to find the same part from a different manufacture but to no avail. What was really aggravating was that they said it would take 7-10 days to get a refund. Based on some of the other complaints I have read, this refund may not even happen without a fight, lets hope it doesn't get that far. They should some sort of inventory control and they definitely should not be charging if they cannot fill the order. I can't even make this purchase from anyone else until they refund my money. It's not like I have $300 bucks just lying around. Very upsetting. I will never use this company again! Auto Part Warehouse has extremely bad business practices and poor inventory control.

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  • Ti
      13th of Mar, 2011
    Auto Parts Warehouse - Defective Product; Unsatisfactory Resolution
    Auto Parts Warehouse
    United States

    Purchased car cover from AutoPartsWarehouse which proved defective after first use. Company authorized return and promised refund. Later claimed cover was not defective and offered to repair at my cost. I authorized repair and was charged. Cover was returned unrepaired to a former address 800 miles from my home. Company refused to credit repair charge or refund purchase price. Process took four months to conclude with numerous email and two telephone contacts. I regret not having examined Internet-based complaints for this company before ordering. I am out purchase price, return shipping, and repair cost. Numerous others apparently have had similar experiences.

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