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had nothing but problems with this company since day 1, it is a long story so wil try and summarize, 1st is they changed the due date without telling me, i signed for the 15th of the month, they changed it to the 30th, also never got warranty info or any statements for the 1st year or so, i changed the payment method to in person, they took up to a month to credit the account so by the time the statement was done which by the way is the very next day after the due date which is ridiculous it woud show i was behind when i was not, some months i never even got a statement and had to keep phoning and demanding a statement be sent. They also forgot to record payments on 2 seperate occasions so every time i phone to see why it is showing i am behind they say everything is fine and the payment was not recorded yet, so i kept making payments up to 1 month before the due date they kept recording it a month behind so they were not applying the payments to the correct month. If the employees themselves cannot figure out the statements how the hell is the customer suppose to know, as it went on i kept getting attitude every time i phoned or talked to a person and was lied to about a phone number. i sent numerous letters trying to resolve the issue and saying i am withholding payments till i get a updated statement showing the correct amount owing, This July they took the vehicle even thou July was not due for another 2 weeks and in writing by them in June that i was caught up, But their story changed and said 2 months was owing which it was not, I went in and a employee got angry and blew up in my face and they called the police saying i was the one that was outta control.

So i said fine keep the car if you are not going to apply the payments right, My Father was there and he asked is that it? anything else that has to be done, the manager said no but in Oct. they send me a invoice still saying i was 3 months behind and for the loss they suffered which just found out is nothing as they are selling the car for more then what was left owing on the lease, They are now freaking out as i went to the bbb and filing a complaint with the government and said they will be sueing me which their is not a chance in hell of them getting another dime from me and have told them action has already been started for my losses, now this last week they keep harassing me changing their story and calling me a liar and they have me recorded on tape saying i wanted the due date changed to the end of the month which i think will not be admissable in court if it gets that far after the government are done with them.

anyone else have issues with this company, please respond as it will help my case, thanks

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  • Aj
      Jun 05, 2009

    I have had similar problems with this company. My payment was due on the 17th with the 7 day grace period I call and advised them I would be making my payment on the 25th before the grace period ended. and that I would make the remaining balance two wks later. Now I made arranagements and they agree... The following week they took my vehicle with out any notice nor did they allow us to get our property out of the car or call to clear up the matter. my car was taken in two secs; my neighbor watched them side the tow bar under the car w/out chains and take off around the corner without even securing the vehicle; we thought someone had stolen it. Any way after talking with CSC they discounted the tow fee (yea right) and told me to pay it and the 200 due and they'd release my vehicle. two day after my car was taken I paid the tow fee and bal. When we call the two company they said our property was taken out of the car and our car was gone to auction. Now this is the 5th; remember my payment is not do again til the 17th; so the payment wasn't even a month late.
    Now I sit at 4oo and they tell me my car is in Lexington. 45 mins away from my city and the numbers they keep giving us. is a machine that just says leave a message. I'm pissed...

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  • Cg
      Jun 10, 2009

    Right now I am going through a similiar situation with credit acceptance. They have the car and still want me to pay for it. I called them and told them they could pick up the car. I never received a warranty and the car motor went out. I sent it back to them but they still want money from me. What do you suggest I do about this issue? Please respond!!!

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  • Th
      Jul 28, 2009

    I have paid my payments faithfully for 1 and a half years. Got laid off my job 3 weeks ago called to make a payment arrangment to pay on the 30 th. Payment is due on the 15 th today is the 28 th and the repo man just left my house.. I have never been late with any prior payments, now they want my payment plus 315.00 for towing. I was laid off my job how do they expect me to come up with that when I havent got an unemployment check yet. As a single father of 2 Credit acceptance has screwed me. They know how to kick someone when their down... Umm lets see feed kids or be late 15 days with car payment.. Now the credit that I have tried so hard to rebuild is ruined once again. I thought my x wife was ruthless..

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  • Cr
      Nov 02, 2009

    ahh thanks guys, they are under investigation right now but it is takeing awhile and may just go get a lawyer and sue them, i went to ministry of consumer services and filed a complaint, so i would suggest the same to any others even though it could be a waste of time, but anything to piss them off is good and maybe get some justice

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  • Jl
      Nov 18, 2009

    LoL..This is sooooo true..I live in connecticut and i had owed 1 mths for a car payment because i became unemployed and couldnt collect until a month b/c thats when my hearing to see if i was eligible was..But anyways..they came and took my car..I was pissed..I called them and i thought it was actually 3 mths until they can repo and plus a warning letter.they told me "because the economy is tough right now" why cant they put themselves in my shoes!?!So now when i went to go pick up my car 4 hrs later..yes 4 hrs..they charged me 500 dollars and my one month payment on top of that!!this company is sooooo BS..the 500 is for the repo fee "supposily" and storing it for 4 hrs..A year has gone by..i been makin my car payment every single month and they call me approx 15 times a day for me to pay my repo fee ..and when they call please have someone that actually speak english and not from india..They added on to make it seem it was a late payment.That pissed me off now when they call i tell them..thats a repo fee that i owe..not my reg car payment and i aint paying it..But they dont understand crap..I also complained about the harassing calls 20 times a day..they said its not true..i told them i can send them a bill for all the times they called because it shows up on my bill as a missed call..she now says "ill put you down as dont call more than once"..another BS lie..Well ALL in ALL DO NOT i mean DO NOT go through credit acceptance..i dont care if you have bad credit go through a different company or put a lil more down..bc in the end itll be worth it..dont settle for not sayin this just to say it..its from my recent experience.. you cant even make a car payment over the phone because youll be on the phone for over an hour on why your late and what not..this place is horrible..

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  • Un
      Nov 27, 2009

    i got one payment due on the 13.. today is the 27 well yesterday at 530 am on thanksgiving the repo man was there to pick up my truck . this is crazy they waould not work with me on payments it was all or nothing with them... now they add 400 bucks for repo ... now how the hell am i suppose to pay this when i was trying to work out payment plan for my montly payment... 2 1/2 years never late ... got till june til its paied off and they do this ...

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  • Pa
      Dec 01, 2009

    Credit Acceptance is the most unproffesional, inconsistent company I have ever had to deal with. On November 27th 2009 I called them to make arrangements to make a payment which, I won't lie, was late and due on the 17th. However, I told them that I would be making a payment on the 30th. I work nights, they knew this when I signed the contract with them. When I got home from work the night of the 30th, I made my payment as I always do on the internet. I like to pay it this way because I have an instant reciept of the transaction. One hour after I made this payment the repo company pulled up to take posession of the vehicle. I told them that I had already made the payment, they told me that as long as the vehicle was open for reposession they had the right to take the vehicle. As a company who reposesses vehicles in the middle of the night, you would expect credit acceptance to have a 24 hour number that their customers or reposession companies could contact in order to address and prevent uneeded siezure of a vehicle. NOT!!! I printed out the reciept that I had saved and showed it to them which included the time and date that the payment was made. He didn't care, all he wanted was the vehicle and was not interested in any thing else. Exactly 8 hours later I began calling credit acceptance. I was then told that EVEN THOUGH I had made the payment before the reposession guy took posession of the vehicle and on the same day in which I told them I would pay it; that I would then have to pay an additional payment amount to secure the vehicle. Which if I had denied the reposession and still had posession of the vehicle I would not have had to pay this amount, but when I refused to let them take it they threatened to have my husband arrested. Somehow they knew about an old warrant, that not even my husband was aware of. How they were able to obtain his personal information, Credit acceptance would not tell me. However, they told me that they were not permitted to share with me the information that was given to the towing company. On top of this they did not even tow the vehicle, it was driven off of my property. As I was in the process of printing out the reciept and attempting to call credit acceptance, the repo guys stood at my door calling me names and cussing, all while my daughter was sitting on the couch next to the door. I was called a stupid fat B#!*@ and the F-bomb was dropped in almost every other word of every sentence. When I asked for a reciept or paperwork for the vehicle, I was given some hillbilly, handwritten piece of notebook paper with chicken scratch on it. All of which was barely legible. Then I found out that this also the owner of the tow company behaving like this. If these are an example of the type of services credit acceptance has to offer, count me out. So I am in the process of deciding to either keep the vehicle or tell them to shove it! I can not believe that this company who preys on people who have poor credit and are able to RAPE customers into paying 24.9% interest on their loan and not have to be made to work with their clients to reduce the interst rate as the customers credit score improves throughout the loan period is still allowed to do so. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME INFORMATION REGARDING THE INVESTIGATION, that was mentioned in an earlier post?

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  • Gw
      Dec 15, 2009

    yes parished I can

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  • Gw
      Dec 15, 2009

    I just received notice today that the business bearu i lodged the complaint with are now changing their toon and can't or won't do anything after being clearly shown laws were broken, therefore I have no choice but to take them to court which i already was working on cause i had a feeling the agency was not going to do anything, auto credit acceptance replied they acted appropriate, LOL now that's funny.

    They also keep changing their story which is great cause i can show this in court, It won't take 15 minutes cause of all the evidence i have which includes your stories cause they told me the day that they took the car that i was the only one who had issues with them, which from here we all can see that is false. They changed their story again and said i drove the car without insurance which is false and am getting letter from insurance company which a family member works at so that can be proven a lie, lol.

    So I am not totally stressed out having to go to court, it is the last thing i wanted to happen but they are not complying so i have no choice but i have lots of evidence and i know i am right.

    I would advise everyone to keep EVERYTHING in writing from dates and times of every conversation( i wish i had a tape recorder during this event as that would have sealed the deal, but they state they have conversations on tape so works for me), receipts, contract or lease, whatever has to do with the company keep detailed records.

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  • Pu
      Jan 15, 2010

    I too have had issues with this company. We financed the car in Feb of 09, payments are due on the 5th. We made March, April and May payments on time. We hit a financial rough spot in April, I called Credit Acceptance to let them know it would be late and I would be able to make the payment on the 17th. They stated that the car has a GPS and they can shut the car off if the payment wasn't in by the 15th. All was fine until the 15th when the repo man showed up at my door. I had no idea what was going on.. I was beside myself. The repo man asked for the keys, legally I had to give them to him. He tried to start the car, I told him the battery was dead and to stop trying before he messed up the car. He continued to try, I then yelled STOP!! trying the battery is dead you dumb [censored]. I was PISSED at this point and he knew it too. I maybe a women but I AM not afraid of any man..(years of physical abuse from a now X-husband can do that to a women. Oh to let you know the X got his [protected]@@ handed to him by me when he decided to show up mouthing off at my daughter's bday party after we divorced.) So anyways, the repo man took my car. I called credit acceptance to find out why they took the car. They said it was because they couldn't locate it. Why the hell could they not call me..hell I would of charged the battery long enough for them to locate it, and another excuse was the payment was late. Even after I told them I would pay it on the 17th. The battery was dead and they couldn't track the car or turn it off, so they decide to repo it.. what chicken [email protected] if you ask me. They said it was 10 days past due already and they needed the payment PLUS $400 for the repo fees. I even had to pay the storage fees to the repo man for the 2 days in was there. A total of $790 that I had to borrow from my brother to get it back before the charges racked up. Can you believe Credit Acceptance didn't even know where the car was takin and who took it..WHAT!! I said then how the hell did you find the repo guy to start with if you don't know who took it. I was on the phone all day and all day the next day. Finally after hrs of serching.."QUOTE UNQUOTE" they locate the repo man. Then they tell me the car is an hr and a half away from my town. Then an hr later they say it's in a town 20 miles away from me. Then after I pay the repo fees they say I have to wait 24 hrs before I can get the car. OH.. I DON"T THINK SO!! You got your effen money now I want my effen car and I want it now. They'de argue with me..they'de hang up..I'de call right back. This went on for hrs. Until I get this [protected]@@ rep who obviously likes to argue. But, I backed him into a corner with the truth of there sceems and lies that he had no where to go. Deedless to say I got my car 30 minutes later. Since the repo I can't seem to make the payments on time, after having to pay back the money I borrowed to get the car back. It has been almost a year since the repo, I have paid $10-$20 extra each month hoping to get caught up eventually. I call last month to make a payment which was suppose to be atleast $100 less then the original payment do to the over payments each month. I expect to be making around a $250.00 payment. Instead they say I owe for redemption fees from the repo. HUH!! all that was paid when I got the car back..they said it wasn't and of course I had no other choice but to pay it. So much for getting the payments on time now. Every month it is no more then 15 days..we go try to buy a house and what do you know on our credit shows 30 days late every month for Credit Acceptance. Thanks to Credit Acceptance we can't finance a roll of toilet paper if we needed to. DO NOT use this financial Institute by any means. They will stick it to you and they don't give a rats [protected]@@ about nobody.

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  • Gw
      Feb 06, 2010

    sorry to hear thaty angel, hell they never reported anything on my credit report with respect to the payments they got on time or early, they show 2 different amounts on both credit bearue;s, lol yup that will be shown to the judge in court, mind you I showed that to the business bearu and never got a answer as to why.

    I am just waiting for 1 more piece of evidence and I am filing my claim with the courts the next few weeks

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  • Ju
      Mar 22, 2010

    Auto Credit Acceptance needs to be stoped at there games. I have purchased a vehical from them and within 3 days I have had problems with the engine. I have had the vehical towed twice to the lot and each time they say "it" is fixed. The person in headquarters was real professional and told me why would I let them work on the car when they are no certified mechanic to work on the make of my car. Maybe we should do more than contact the BBB and consumer affairs and perhaps write letters the media. Another suggestion is call the DMV investigation for your area to report if you have had trouble with the performance of the vehical. Fraud should not be taken lightly and good people should not be taken.

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  • Gw
      Jun 02, 2010

    So I have filed a claim against them, they could not even take the documents right when I served them, lol pathetic.

    They just filed what they call a defence late which the court was notified before that they were late but they were still allowed to file, they did not file anything except a piece of paper claiming the correct amount owing and that the car was sold, but further down they say there is still money owing to them, and they are trying to show a agreement between us even though I did not have a agreement with them and again that is proven in my claim LOL.

    They did not file anything in regards to my claims made, surely they know they are screwed with all the evidence I filed and yet they are still trying to defraud even though there defence will be thrown out for numerous reasons.

    I am taking a copy of all your stories above to the judge, if anyone else has a issue with these people please post, the court date is not till near the end of August unless they come back to reality and want to settle before hand which I will only take cash for 100 percent of my costs and damages I listed.

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  • Gw
      Jun 19, 2010

    So I just happened to try and look up their representatives info that was on the defence, IT'S FOR A FREAKING PRODUCE STORE!!! lol, this is getting better and better, Number not even for a lawyer and the address shows no lawyer's office even at that address!!.

    So I put that in my reply to the statement of defence or whatever you want to call what they filed and going to file that Monday, which I am not looking forward to going back to the office for small claims, they are all idiots in there.

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  • Do
      Aug 10, 2010

    omg credit acceptance is sooooooo horrible, 1st they call u 100 times a day even while u still in grace period, the reps are rude u cant hardly talk to anyone in charge. I really truly wish i went with another company. They ask u a 100 questions on why u cant make your payment on time like they dont know the economy is bad right now. Instead of helping you they stress u the hell out... till this day i havent been a month behind ever for two years and yet they harrass me every month. Yes i pay before the grace period is up but now i have lost my job and need some more time to pay u would think by me being a good faithfull paying customer they would help instead they wanna ask 100 more questions on why i cant pay...geesh they will find out why once they lose their jobs because in these days they are not promised not even unemployment

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  • Gw
      Aug 13, 2010

    Sorry to hear, but yes I had employees rude to me on a few occasions as well, and as I said I could not reach any management either.

    SO for a update, the deadline has passed to file anything with the court as of Tuesday, I have not received any defence from them so it pretty much seals the deal for me and I will be awarded judgement in my favor.

    I gave them 1 more chance to settle it, all I could do is send a letter to there fake lawyer address, once again they have not responded like always, so I can show the judge the numerous times I tried to settle this matter.

    Again they filed there intent to defend late but the court allowed them to file anyway after i notified they were late, so it's suppose to be me and the judge only, so hopefully it will not be long as I have everything laid out and ready, 2 envelopes full of evidence. August 24th is the court date and i am looking forward to getting this over with.

    As for the post above me, have you thought about going to another company to take over the lease? I offered to do that but auto credit would not respond, so I should have just went ahead anyway, so I would look into that.

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  • Gw
      Aug 23, 2010

    Tomorrow is the day, still can't figure out why they did not file a defence, but oh well, hopefully they either forgot or they are going to agree to settle which is the only reason they are allowed to show up as they filed there intent to defend late and did not file any defence at all.

    Otherwise I will be awarded default judgement for all costs.

    Just looking to get this over with.

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  • Do
      Aug 26, 2010

    What happen at court?

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  • Gw
      Aug 26, 2010

    Cannot get into too many specifics as we are still in negotiations of settlement, but I was shocked that there representative showed up since i did not get a defence from them, they tried to say they did a defence and tried to deliver it to me which is a lie cause I was at home at all the times they said they tried.

    The judge kinda laughed at them as they were trying to claim a loss saying they sold the vehicle for the bare minimum.

    So far what was talked about is they will drop more then half of what they were claiming against me, reimbursement of my overpayment that I made(they offered to take 3 more payments off then this which shocked me) erase the car loan off my credit reports(which makes me happy and also this way I get money back in savings cause now my credit is better then when I signed this transaction)and pretend this transaction never happened, they offered this before I could demand it which was another surprise.

    Also I will have most of expenses covered when I go get a new vehicle(from a different company of course)when I am ready to do so, plus they offered further reimbursement for the minor costs I was seeking.

    On the flip side i did not get all what I wanted as the judge would not allow it and after all the deductions above whatever is left of the balance owing I still have to pay which I am not happy about cause there is no proof that there is any money owing from there side, but I can include this amount in my new car loan with another company so they get paid right away and I don't have to deal with them anymore or they said they will work out a payment plan with me which i am not going through that hell again unless i have too for a few months until i can get a new car deal set up with another company.

    What i got from there rep talk is they wanted to settle, we were one of the last ones to be heard so it was a long day and both of us were tired and I was just happy to talk a settlement and get it over with.

    Again the above has to be finalized, I have 2 other finance company's already that said it would not be a problem to include whatever amount in a agreement so maybe not 100% ideal but I just don't want anything to do with this company again and move on with life.

    I hope they learned that they have to do better business practices and not do the same mistakes that they did in this case(which I doubt, they will just keep doing whatever)but hopefully I helped others in some way.

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  • Ma
      Dec 14, 2010

    I am so sick of credit acceptance harrasing me with phone calls every ten minutes and up to 9:00 at night. I make my payment every month of 288.00 and today they charged me 11.00 because they said my payment has always been 299.00 bull. Second it has been two years and I have only gotten 2 statments they are claiming that it keeps getting returned from my address. That is such bull that they are the only ones who have that issue with me, I have been at this address for 4 years. They also claim that my payment is due on the 10th and I mail it out one week prior, they claim it takes two weeks for them to get my payment. That is bull we send mail to Micagan and it takes three days.

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  • Pa
      Dec 20, 2010

    if you people pay your bills and stop living for today with your money you wouldnt be in this spot. so who's fault is it really? seriously? stop blaming someone else take responsibility for your actions and pay up!

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  • Kc
      Feb 15, 2011

    I agree with everyone about C A, they are a predatory lending institution company. My younger brother had problems with this company.
    On another subject, I noticed that several posts said that they complained to the better business bureau and that nothing has been resolved and that is because it never will be.
    You see folks the Better Business Bureau is not a government run agency, it never has been and never will be .
    The BBB is a business ( FOR PROFIT) anytime you see another business with BBB logo in there advertising ads or in a store window, they pay for that priviledge $400. each year and if they have a web site that they want to put the BBB logo on it costs an additional $700 each year. The BBB is not government regulated, but they are rich and powerful from all the membership dues they collect. The BBB only cares about its paying members not you the consumer .
    If you are having issues with creditors of anykind contact the Federal Trade Comission they are government run and they will get results Quickly.

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  • Te
      Mar 09, 2011

    case no. [protected] 6th . Circuit court of Pulaski county Little Rock, Ar. I am disputing a car that was repossed and then resold over 14 years ago .I feel that I have been harrassed long enough and it should have been written off years ago because it has been over ten years. You resold the carand you are still garnishing my wages .I would like a response back.I am at 6723 east draw mablevale arkansas 72103. Terry A. Garrett "Jr

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  • Da
      Apr 12, 2011

    Hmmm.. I think they have been fantastic! Gave me a loan when no one else would even talk to me! Just make the payaments and you won't hear a peep from them!

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  • Bi
      May 11, 2011

    These ppl suck they harrassed me so much I changed my number 3 times. I had a warranty that wasnt honored when I took my car to get fixed so I cancled the warranty they sent the money to C/A and I was told that the 2750.00 went towards the principal of the car lol some bull. When I got down to my last 2500 of payments I was laid off but I could still make payments they told me they couldnt accept another payment because I wasnt working @the same job in which they should have sent my title because they took 2750.00 that didnt belong to them and I dont see where it went towards any principal and why.

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  • Gw
      Jan 23, 2012

    @ daddy-O and payyourbills1, please learn how to read, I was making payments and even paid early and ahead, they kept reporting that payments were made a month to 2 months after they were actually made!, as for" never hear a peep from them" that was the problem, no statements at all and they did not even tell me they took over my loan! so daddy-o you just think it's all great but you got problems coming no doubt. Now you guys might have something on the other's here but if there are similar complaints there is a problem.

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  • Ac
      May 06, 2012

    my credit report says 1300 is in collections and i got a bill for 1726.88, i checked my credit report yesterday and the update on the report was 5 days after the date that was on the letter i got, the orignal amount is 15, 236 i to never recived any notice or non payments or letters within the last three months and this ### pops up cause the low life ### primary defaulted well running from the law too i work part time and go to school full time have my own bills that are never late n an extra 377 a month ill wont be able to pay, how likley is it for them to sue

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  • Ar
      May 07, 2012

    ihave the same problem and when i called them they changed story and it went from 4 payments to 2 payments and it on my credit report and its hurting my credit cant do nothing with it on there and they wont remove it so i am just stuck.

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  • Ja
      Sep 11, 2012

    Can someone please give me the phone number so I can contact this auto acceptance credit corp, They apparently have had a name change and I cannot find the new number anywhere! Please your help would be appreciated as I purchased a vehicle with a lean from this company on it! Thanks

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  • 12
      Oct 25, 2012

    I purchased to buy. A 2001 BMW, which was dwn payment of 4, 000, cash and insurance. Drove the car for 3 months, with oil change of mileages @ 89, 000. 3 days after 3 months driven, radiator problems effect started. Paid cash for towing, diganosis service. Credit Acceptance, customers service, quote i am still to make payment of 300.00 monthly fee. I was without transportation for 4 months. After repair and waiting on warranty to pay for repairs. When credit acceptance approval any vechiles to customers. They should have vechile pass inspect for registration. I lost my car, and its on my credit record to keep me to purchase a Merdeces Benz. 12 tribes of juda

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  • Gw
      Nov 18, 2016

    YES! It looks like they shut down not long after I took them to court. Just found out last weekend when I went to search them and they closed their doors. I would like to think my complaints and actions helped in getting rid of them and good riddance. Guess they are not so smitten with themselves now. :)

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