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Auto Connection / Fraud and scam

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This company has failed upon their written authority on repairing such repairs that were needed upon us purchasing a vehicle. Should I say more? I shouldn't, except the fact of paying another $450.00 over the purchase price to own...

If you rebuttlers got something to rebuttle, go for it, rebuttle yourselves. I don't read rebuttles.

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      23rd of Jul, 2010

    I agree. I have had problems with the Auto Connection fixing the repairs on my car that I had less than a month. I've made three trips to the auto connection to get my car fix and they keep stalling so that the warranty can expire so that they won't have to do the work. They have bad customer service and they are very unprofessional. A company that takes advantage of people shouldn't be in business. But then again, what do you expect from a man in a cape with a dancing dog.

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      23rd of Jul, 2010

    I have had the worse experience of my life buying a car from the Auto Connection. The customer service was awful. They didn't even fill up the gas tank when I bought the car. When my license plates came in, they didn't even call to let me know that I need to pick them up.

    I was experiencing problems with the starter in my car and I've been to the Auto Connection Three times in one month to get the starter repaired, but they don't want to honor their warranty. The first time, I took the car to have the starter looked at, the service manager kept starting the car over and over and said there is nothing he can do. He didn't even examine the starter. The second time I took the car to them was because the engine light was on and the codes came on for the ignition coils. The service manager didn't even want to look at the car then. I had the car examined by a third party and they told me exactly what was wrong.

    Here's the bad part. I had an 8am appointment, but I was told it would be 3 to 4 hours before they would even look at the car. More than 6 hours passed by and I did not receive a phone call so I called them. They refuse to fixed the starter. Instead they opted to change the spark plugs. They had my car for more than 8 hours. Does it take that long to change spark plugs? They didn't even call me when the car was ready. They kept passing the buck so that the warranty will expire so that they won't have to fix the car. They didn't even give me a receipt or a work order so that I can see what they did to the car. They told me I have to wait 2-3 business days. Am I suppose to take their word for it? The best part is when I got in my car to drive home and saw that the gas tank was on empty.

    But then again, what do you expect when you buy an overpriced, high mileage car with a sky high interest rate from a man in a cape with a dancing dog. The Auto Connection is the most unprofessional business I've ever been to.

    I'd just like to say to the Auto Connection, thanks for absolutely nothing. I've just been bamboozled.

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      24th of Aug, 2010

    Wow that seems unfortunate. I feel lucky to even have a car, and the auto connection gave me that chance. I have filed bancruptcy once and have had 2 reposessions. What saved me was having a couple good car loans and also an outsanding employment record. I got a 2nd chance buying a car from here and thought I would riding the HRT for the rest of my life. My vehicle had an issue during the warranty, and the problem actually reoccured outside of the warranty and they still fixed it! That's their policy! I know that if I didn't feel comfortable with their APR or warranty I wouldn't have bought. I trusted my gut and I'm glad I did. Now I can trade in my vehicle after $1500 balance is left and they will pay the whole $1500 for me! Sorry you had a bad experience, go with your gut before you make a big purchase thats my only advice.

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      25th of Aug, 2010

    Your story seems ideal, but you sound as if your point of view is from that of someone with a vested interest in the company instead of a customer.

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