Austrian Airlineschanged reserved seats

I reserved flights through AEX Travel from Miami to Hong Kong in March 2016 for flights departing on December 18, 2016, returning January 03, 2017 from Singapore. My AEX Travel Record locator number was KKGBXT.

As a tall person with long legs, I specifically reserved and paid for exit row seats on both going legs with my wife. Seats 19A and 19C were reserved.

While checking in 24 hours before the flight I noticed that our seats were changed to an unacceptable seat and separated from my wife. I complained to Austrian Airlines and they could not give me a satisfactory answer as to why our seats were changed. It turns out that we paid $65 per seat additional to upgrade to exit row as requested by our AEX travel consultant and Austrian Airlines said that exit row seats cost $100 per seat to upgrade and therefore they sat us in the bulkhead seats which cost the $65 we paid. They never advised us of this change and neither did AEX and we were forced to accept those seats since the exit row seats were since taken.

I was furious, as bulkhead seats were cramped and did not allow legs to be moved from a 90 degree bend, which would be intolerable for 11 hours flying. I was forced to purchase a business class seat for an additional $650 for each leg in order to fly. I was just fortunate that one business class seat remained for me to take, otherwise I don't know what I would have done.

I therefore spent $1, 300 additional to fly because AEX Travel agent did not book my seats correctly by requesting the correct fee upgrade for the Exit row seats which I would have gladly paid the additional $35 for.

I believe that AEX is responsible for this snafu and resultant additional costs and should reimburse my card accordingly.

I have copies of the reservation forms sent to me by AEX travel with the reserved seat numbers which were under the record locator of KKGBXT when originally booked.

Jan 11, 2017

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