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Aul Warranty / Won't pay

1 Napa, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-826-3207

I bought a used 2002 vw passat. Eight, eight days later, yes, eight it was towed to the vw mechanics where it sits now, 13 days later! Aul will pay $3, 000. 00. The mechanics say it will take $4, 500. 00 to fix it correctly. These mechanics are rated # 1 in my state (Mo) , have been in business for years, and they know what they are talking about. As a matter of fact they said they have never experienced anything like what aul is trying to do to me. They remain in constant contact with me. I wish i could say the say for aul. We need to email your state attourney and your state's consumer help folks and corbon copy in these aul crooks. This is the email i have for aul; [protected]
We should not have to take this!!! And i intend not to!!!

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  • No
      29th of Jun, 2012
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    I own a 2005 Mazda MPV, and added an AUL extended warranty (Class 1 Estate) in 2009 through the same dealer which originally sold me the van (new) and which had performed all of the maintenance. While AUL paid a couple of repair claims at first, my recent experiences have not been so good.
    Nov 2011: Fan motor controller denied (apparently not part of the covered fan motor)
    Jun 2012: EGR valve denied (clearly not listed in the contract)
    Jun 2012: Ignition coil denied (just about every other ignition part seems to be listed by name, but nope, no coil)

  • Me
      29th of Aug, 2012
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    I am a repair shop and had to deal with AUL recently, and I have dealt with many companies and this company is by far the worst.

    My customer had a 2003 Buick Rendezvous that had a shimmy at highway speeds and a growling noise when turning. The shimmy was a cv shaft that had play, and the growling was the rear end, which had a TSB from Buick about changing the fluid and if that did not work then the rear end needed replaced.

    I informed the customer, and she told me she had a warranty on the vehicle, so I got the information and told her they probably would not pay for the fluid change, but if worse came to worse then she may not be out for a rear end if the fluid did not fix it.

    With all the information together I called the claims department. When I talked to Bill, he asked what was wrong with the CV shaft, and I told him it had play in it. He then informed me that a cv shaft would not cause a shimmy unless it was out of balance and that this vehicle had been driven for awhile without complaint and told me I should check the tires. I asked him if he was a mechanic, he said he was. I said well I can say GM had issues with shafts causing a shimmy, seeing we have replaced quite a few.

    I then moved onto the second point of my customer complaint, and said that I figure the fluid was not covered, but wanted to know if the rear end would be if the fluid did not fix it. He said he had seen this complaint and usually it was do to off road driving. This was a GM TSB which means quit a few vehicles have been seen with this.

    He then went on to say that due to me not giving a clear enough description of why the axle needed replaced the inspector would need to look at it when they came to inspect the rear end. I told him that since the customer was responsible for the cost of fluid we would call back, and see. He then informed he had not given me the okay to work on the vehicle and that they wanted me to drain the fluid and have it on a rack when the inspector came by.

    I informed him that was okay if the inspector would be here in a day, then informed that it may be up to a week. We are a small shop that stays a week behind in work and can not do this. He got smart with me saying it was shops like us trying to be parts replacers that caused issues..

    I told him to just cancel the claim, that I would let me customer know that it may be in her interest to go to the dealer, as the only other warranty company I had issues with, as they wanted 3 hours wort of diagnostics to prove a part we knew was bad due to having replaced them before, diagnostic charges are not covered by the warranties, however once a earlier had it on our recommendation they were not subjected to the same treatment.

    Beware this company, they are trying to find ways out of everything, the axle cost was 195.00 with a deductible of 100.00, so they would pay maybe 80.00.

  • Pa
      14th of Sep, 2012
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    I am SO HAPPY I ran into this thread. Just this morning I was reading about my car's potential 'issues' and thought to myself that I should call and get that warranty the finance manager recommended during the sale. So I go ahead and make the call and speak to the gentlemen who writes up these extended warranties. He tells me that most 3rd party extended warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on but he's never had a problem with AUL. I'm convinced and agree to sign me up over the phone...then I read this information and as quick as I could, I call the extended warranty guy to cancel it. Here's the ridiculous part that confirms what's been stated of the dealership getting more money if possible. The guy tells me that if I cancelled I could still purchase the Ford extended warranty and says, "that's the one everybody buys anyway". WTF? If that's the one he's used to selling then why didn't he recommend it in the first place?? That came across as a bit shady so I told him I'd think about it and process my AUL cancellation.
    I feel bad for every one's experiences so it might be too late for you but because of you taking the time to share your experiences, AUL avoided screwing another customer. Really, thank you all and I'll put what would have been $175/month x 18 months into a slush fund. If I need it for a repair, I'll have the money. If I don't then I'll have $3, 480 waiting to spend on a nice vacation.

  • Mu
      14th of Sep, 2012
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    Hmmm, I was about to pay for this today. Thanks for all the information. I am so sorry others are now having a hard time. I wish you all luck in going against the company. Do anybody know what's the best use car warranty to sign up for without having these type problems?

  • Sa
      27th of Nov, 2012
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    I agree what a bunch of bull the salesmen try to sell you .I cancelled my contract after reading all the bull in the fine print .The administrator has all the power to say if you get payed and the policy has a max pay out of three thousand bucks over the three years .The cost is two thousand with 100 bucks cost each time you bring the car to be repaired. Nice deal for the company .I bet they never pay you a dime .To add insult they add the contract cost to be financed up front, so you actually pay 2500 up front .I hope I get my money back from these thieves and also now have a low opinion of the dealer who told me what a great "deal" it is

  • Su
      25th of Jan, 2013
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    I purchased a 60month/60, 000 mile warranty from the crooks (i.e. AUL). After they denied to pay for a claim because they said if was our fault the head gasket broke, we decided to cancel our warranty. I used 7.33 months worth and less than 8000 miles of the warranty, which equates to only using 13%. When I received my reimbursement, I only received 77.8% back. Their policy is to pay the full refund of unused portion, so I should have received 87% back. When I called to question the "so called error", I was told that all cancellation personnel were gone for the day (it was 3:55pm) and they were supposed to close at 4:00pm. The next day called to check onthe status and Tonya in Cancellations asked if I got her message. Strange that none of my phones had a missed call from her or a message. She said she made and "error" on the dates and that they would be sending me an additional 6.33%. I tried to tell her that this was not correct but she became upset and told me to contact my dealer so they could pay the rest. Bottom line: if you did cancel, they must repay the full unused portion, so double check this. I will be contacting the cancellation department again to talk with her supervisor.

  • Ga
      18th of Mar, 2013
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    I am having problems with the lifters in my 2001 Malibu and I also have AUL. My Mechanic called and asked if I have copies of my last 7 oil changes...if I don't, they won't cover the repairs. What a bunch of ripoff artists they are. They have yet to cover anything under the warranty. At least I have a honest repair shop and they don't charge me an arm or a leg for repairs, however, the lifters are a different story.

  • Ca
      24th of Mar, 2013
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    I guess we were fortunate. We bought a car that already had an AUL after market warranty. It was 50 dollars to transfer and my husband said it was probably going to be a waste of 50 bucks. About 6 months later the rear main seal broke, went out, or whatever it does. We called and were prepared to be told that wasn't covered. The guy on the phone said it was covered. Then we asked him about the door actuater that was out. We could hear him typing and he said yep TGAT is covered too. We took our SUV to the dealership. An adjuster/investigator came out to make sure TGAT is what it was and signed off on it. Lexus gave me an almost new car to drive for 2 weeks while mine was being repaired. Total bill 2300 dollars. AUL paid it all.

  • Ta
      3rd of Apr, 2013
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    I have used my AUL extended warranty 3 times in the past year without any issues. even had to have an emergency repair made on a Sunday out of town and they fully reimbursed me. I'm very happy with them. I have a 2004 Avalanche, I'm so glad I bought the warranty.

  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2013
    -2 Votes

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Very disapointed. Called in to make a claim and once I was asked for an invoice number and had a hard time finding it they were very rude stating "Never mind it doesnt even matter forget it"...then when they asked me for the price of one of the parts, they laughed at me after I gave them the amount. Worst customer service i ever recived!!! Do not use this company

  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2013
    -1 Votes

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Very disappointed. Called in to make a claim and once I was asked for an invoice number and had a hard time finding it they were very rude stating "Never mind it doesn't even matter forget it"...then when they asked me for the price of one of the parts, they laughed at me after I gave them the amount. Worst customer service i ever received!!! Do not use this company

  • Nj
      9th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    My fiancé and I have purchased a car and got the 5yr/100, 000 mile warranty as well. Well picked up the car brought it to be inspected passed, the next day check engine light came on. Brought it to dealer was told needs o2 sensor and tune up, neither covered under warranty. Dealer told us not there problem. Then some more lights come in needs wheel bearing. Now it is July, and we are having a problem with our car keeps over heating. No one is willing to help us, we have had nothing but problems
    With this car sense day one! These people are crooks make you pay for something that your never going to use. Waste of money, pain in the ### DON'T PURCHASE THERE WARRANTY WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  • Je
      22nd of Jul, 2013
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    Do not buy any warranty from this company first of all their customer service was horrible I bought a 2006 envoy denali that is all electrical the dealership that sold me the warranty said it covered all electrical and more and I paid $2800 for this coverage! A week after I bought the car the tps sensor went bad and I took it to the dealer I bought it from they contacted this warranty place and the warramty place said they wouldn't fix anything electrical and that I had to pay $100 everytime the vehicle was worked on needless to say I was furious so I called their so called customer service line and was treated like ### I questioned (Valerie) about the warranty she told me well obviously the dealership who sold it was stupid and they needed to do their research because they don't cover anything electrical so I said really because it was in black and white on the forms I signed that they did cover it, she argued up and down with me about this and I even asked her if that was the case why would I pay $2800 for a warranty that I still have to pay out of pocket for and her exact words were " well maybe you should've asked yourself that before you bought the warranty" at this point I was more than furious I asked for a supervisor and I told this person that I wanted a refund for their ### warranty I was told no to talk to the dealership because it wasn't their problem!! I hope everyone will spread the word that this company is nothing but crooks and they only care about making money and not the welfare of their customers, I myself have told everyone I know and more about this experience because this is ###!! so good luck with business!!

  • Gr
      7th of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I too have an extended warranty for a 2004 Lexus, and according to the paperwork, they cover the shocks and struts on the car. What they do not tell you is that it is "on condition" although it does not say it anywhere in the paperwork. The shocks on my car are completely shot, and because they do not leak (yes, leak) they will not cover them. This constitututes consumer and insurance fraud in almost every state out there. If there is a law suit in process, then it should be a class action lawsuit that covers every state and every consumer. AUL is a rip off and a fraud. Anyone who is even considering them for an extended warranty needs to be aware that these people are unscrupulous and frauds. They do NOT honor your warranty unless the wheels are falling off of your vehicle or the engine has blown on you - and then they do not cover the totoal cost of the repair. They are getting rich on the backs of an unsuspecting public.

  • Cy
      30th of Oct, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I recommend cancelling these contracts and receiving a pro-rata refund since they are worthless. It's secton 5 in my contract and we'll see if they try to squirm out of it. I already filed a complaint with my state's attorney general and since our company actually purchased the vehicle any legal expenses will be tax deductible. I purchased a 2004 F-150 in July. In October, it spit a spark plug, meaning the aluminum threads in the head failed and the cost was about 300 to repair via a thread insert. I figured, no problem, I'm covered, but boy was I wrong. The company sited the clause in the contract that states the head is covered, as is the engine block, but only if caused by failure of an internally lubricated part. I argued that the head IS an internally lubricated part, but the smart aleck supervisor I talked to refused to accept the argument.. He said he worked for Ford for 30 years and admitted this was a well known problem with the Triton 3 valve engine. I'm a mechanical engineer with years of automotive experience, in fact, I'm the guy who invented FRAM's sure-grip filter. If that's their argument, than a cracked engine block would not be covered and in mind, that's no coverage at all. I am fortunate in that we're less than 5% into this contract (both by date and mileage) so we should get most of the $1165 our company was ripped off. I suspect they'll try to worm out of the cancellation, but if they do, . I'll make them sorry. They're already sorry, but they just don't realize who they're dealing with. Our website is if anyone wants to contact us. I'm in software engineering now as I decided this country is in a sorry state when it comes to mechanical engineering. This Triton engine proves my point. How can you fail in something so simple as keeping spark plugs from blowing out?

  • Hu
      2nd of Nov, 2013
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    I agree with almost all of you, i say almost because is a few positive reviews probably posted for the same people of A.U.L. administrators, '' but i want to save you problems with this people i can't believe how a company with as many complaints like this company it has been closed down yet by the autorize authorities, let me tell you this company is by far the worst cars warranty in the market, they will be nice to you only one time, went you pay and star you policy, after that you on you own, this people are training not to help you, not they are training to make you life imposible, until you give up and trow the towel, it does not matter if you claim is big of small you never will see a dime from this people, this company is the biggest bunch of crocks i ever run into in my life they beat everybody by far on any industry so, if you want to avoid trouble with imposible people to deal with, stay away from them you would not regret at all and please let everybody you know about it the word of the mouth is the best way to put this crooks out of bussinnes .

  • Th
      10th of Jun, 2014
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    I have worked with several warranty companies over several years. Like any insurance they are really great to have if you have a loss and its covered. Extended service contracts or vehicle service agreements are basically of two types. Stated coverage which states exactly what is covered and what is not and exclusionary coverage which covers everything except what is stated or excluded. Unfortunately most people either don't want to or can't afford to buy exclusionary coverage on a 4-5 year old vehicle with high mileage. It is expensive and there is a reason. Wake up people. You are buying a used vehicle and things break. Buy an older vehicle with higher mileage and its going to break even more often. Its not the warranty company's fault most of the time. Ask your dealer for their pre-sale vehicle inspection and repair checklist. Did your dealer even complete one? Was any money put into the vehicle by the dealer before you bought it? Did you ask for a carfax report on it? An extended warranty is designed to put fix "covered" repairs to put the vehicle back in the same condition it was in when you purchased it. Not improve the condition. Look over your service contract before you buy the vehicle and read what it says about "pre-existing" conditions, seals and gaskets, etc. Take the vehicle to your mechanic for inspection. Everybody wants to blame the warranty companies. Its too bad we never hear from the people that have had claims paid. Yes, warranty companies do pay claims. Reputable companies pay according to what is written in their agreements.

  • De
      24th of Jun, 2014
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    This company takes advantage through the wording of their contract...the average person buying a vehicle doesn't understand all the hidden disclaimer's...we paid $2, 900 for the coverage...come to find out through my won't cover a cracked head..he said the way they wrote the contract up they don't pay hardly anything...I am filing with the Attorney General's Office...when my mechanic told them that...they just laughed...something has to been to protect the hard working citizens trying to do right by having additional coverage..we are stuck with a $2, 400 bill plus further paying these rip offs...we're contacting the Attorney General for the auto dealership...because they are part of the scam...

  • Th
      25th of Jun, 2014
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    All vehicle service contracts have "what is covered" and "exclusions". It is the responsibility of the individual to read their contract. It is also the responsibility of the dealer to explain. Under no circumstances is a service agreement design to better the vehicle from the condition when it was purchased. You can usually cancel your coverage and get back a refund. Each state is different on how the refund is calculated. Also if you financed it with a lender the refund will go to them to be applied to the loan. Then cross your fingers that you don't have any more issues. If you want a VSC (vehicle service contract) that covers everything then buy an exclusionary type plan and be prepared to get out your checkbook if your buying a high mileage used vehicle. They are expensive. Otherwise take the chance of no breakdowns or just buy a basic powertrain warranty and negotiate a price for it. I also recommend taking your vehicle back to the selling dealer for service and to report a claim. Don't take it to "Billy Bob" down the street. The selling dealer is more likely to work with you. Billy wants to sell you a lot of other things and have you pay for the repairs. He will make more money off of you. Anybody buy a service contract on a big screen lately? You'll pay up to 35% of the total purchase price for a 2 year plan that covers almost everything. Now compare that to the % of what you would pay for a VSC on a $ 8, 000 - $ 18, 000 vehicle.

  • Tr
      11th of Jul, 2014
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    In December of 2011, I purchased a 2006 Sonata from Cars for less in Mesa/Apache Junction Arizona, along with a $1500.00 warranty through AUL. 6 Months later the car was paid off with the warranty from AUL still in tact. In March of 2014 I took my car in to Horne Hyundai for the recall on the passenger seat belt. They found no faults, but while there I had them take a look at my passenger side front, as it was making funny noises. They repaired it, and I was told it was almost $300.00. I said "Wait, I have a warranty, with AUL" The repair shop call AUL to get it the authorization to get the lower control arm bushing repaired. It was all good. BUT when the technician started the car, he heard a "Clattering" upon start up, turned out to be the timing belt tensioner. I said well, call AUL and see if they will fix it. They had to send out a "Adjuster" to make sure that is what it was, and then they authorized repair of it. I was overjoyed to have my car back the next day, BUT I still heard the clattering upon start up. 3out of 5 times, so we took it back and they AGAIN, had to call out AUL to see what the problem was. THIS time it was the engine, according to the "Adjuster", and they authorized fixing the car. They replaced the engine with a super nice referbed engine. I got my car back 3 days later, absolutely thrilled with the engine, no clattering on start up, just HAPPY! All this happened between March and April. I was so tickled that I had my warranty with AUL, and now an additional 12000 mile 12 month warranty with Horne Hyundai, (on the motor) feeling so appreciative that if something did go wrong now, I am totally covered. NOT!!!
    I took my car down to Horne Hyundai today 7-11-2014 to have the drivers side upper control arm bushing, repaired, as I knew that I had the warranty still on my car for another 5 months. ONLY to find out that AUL had cancelled my warranty BECAUSE I had used up the AGGERGATE LIMIT Section 8 part Z in the service contract. I am so baffled at AUL for cancelling me. Apparently I was cancelled because my car's repairs had exceeded the limits of the AGGREGATE. I was told that my car was worth according to the NADA $6775.00 and all the repairs done to my car were in excess of that.
    #1) I purchased my car from a used car lot. No problem there, as I got the entire car history on it, and it used to be a rental car. We all know what happens when you get a rental now, don't we?
    # 2) It was owned by someone else after being a rental car, and was traded in, which is how the car lot I got it from acquired it.
    # 3) Why didn't AUL have the common courtesy to inform me that I was cancelled due to having spent so much on repairs?
    They didn't have a problem taking my $1500.00 up front, and I didn't have a problem with it until now.
    I have NEVER been so mad at a company for the silly Bull crap of being cancelled because "I went over my limit on repairs" I did call them and spoke to supervisor "BEN" who was just as much of a jerk as the entire company. I explained to him, #1 when the adjuster went out to authorize repair of the timing belt tensioner, why didn't he find the issues with the motor? his answer, .."Because the shop assured us that repairing the timing belt tensioner would fix the problem" REALLY? We all know that when it comes to repair shops, hole in the wall or big name companies, they are in it to make money. Just like these ###S! So to whom so ever does by a car with the option to get a warranty with AUL, ..think again. Nothing but a bunch of PREDITORS! and if you have no option but to get a warranty with them, ..PLEASE do your homework, be wise and don't let them pull any BULL on you!

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