Audiblestop taking money from my debit card please who the hell are you people

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I see charges on my card
12/05/2017 Audible NJUS -16.37
I don't owe you I don't know you I don't care who you people are please send my money back or I will report you to my bank I don't want this to happen ever again please stop taking my money I work to hard for people to be scamming me please continue to try get a job and stop scamming people put my money back to my account please you took it from my debit card I am at fidelity bank in the Bahamas please return the money to Paulette A Brown account immediately Thanks you
and to the Bahamas ain't even a choice on your country list so how did you get money form my card in the first place you have Bahrain I don't know if that means Bahamas but I am in the Bahamas I am not affiliate with you period

Dec 06, 2017
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  • De
      Mar 31, 2018

    Cancel my audiblebooks debbie kruse

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  • Ju
      Apr 08, 2018

    I'm being charged for $14.95 and I have no idea for what. I have never been to this website therefore I have no idea how you got my card info. I would like a refund with in 24 hours or I will take this further.

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