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Posted: Jan 4, 2017 by    

wireless - unethical, deceptive, abusive regarding bogo order that was not processed properly by agent

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I could not be more disgusted with at&t than i am right now! After 8+ years as a wireless customer — - this is pathetic! I called on 12/24 to put in an order for upgrades & the bogo deal that expired that day. The agent, samantha #sf6960, assured me that everything would be processed correctly. We removed a line that i didn’t need, paid off a next plan for one of the two upgrades, upgraded the two lines, brought the card out again to pay for s/h and taxes, and, when it came to the bogo’s, the agent assured me that they would be included even though i did not see them in the terms & conditions that i had no choice but to submit while on the phone with the agent. She said that i would see them in the order summary that i would receive via email within 24 hours. It’s okay, because we already went over the colors that i wanted for the two free phones that required two new lines of service – in fact, the agent declared that i did not need to set up the two new lines at that point, against my advice after having been informed of the deal in advance and knowing that the lines were necessary. She put me on hold to confirm, and came back with an astounding “no you don’t need to set the lines up now but i assure you that the bogo’s are included”. Man, i really wish this deal applied to the 24 month contract that i wanted, but the agent said nope, it doesn’t apply. You have no choice but to go with the 30 month contracts since you’re also getting the bogo’s. Well okay then, as long as i’m getting these bogo’s because otherwise i would not be upgrading at all. It’s all good – she assured me.

Imagine my surprise on christmas day, when i received the order summary for two upgrades but no bogo’s. I went straight to at&t chat for well over an hour. The chat agent transferred me to another chat agent in the loyalty department. This second chat agent confirmed that the order was not processed properly, and advised that i should call the loyalty department first thing on monday. Which i did. I reached customer service and was transferred to the loyalty department where the agent set up a supervisor call-back within 15 minutes. 30 minutes later i’m calling again. Tristan in the loyalty department took my call and then transferred me without telling me, transferred me right back to the loyalty department. Wait, huh? Yep, you read that correctly. The next agent says that i need to be put back in the customer service queue, at which time i request a supervisor again. This agent, ivan #if0938, still in the loyalty department, declined my request and refused to get a supervisor on the line. Instead, he tells me that the only way this issue will be resolved is to go into a physical store. Welp, okay, let’s get dressed and go.

Store associates laughed and said there’s nothing they can do regarding the bogo’s, but they would be more than happy to set me up with two new lines of service! Back home we go, and back on the phone again. I get back to the loyalty department where i finally get a supervisor on the phone, but whoa – she can’t help and then transfers me to an account specialist. This mysterious account specialist never answered the line but i could hear them typing away. Eventually they disconnected the line. So i’m calling again, jason #jd985m, in the loyalty department acted a little like he knew what he was doing. He said he was submitting an escalation to an internal department regarding the issue. I was even given a magical number, escalation #7844 as a sharepoint reference number. He assures me that the issue will be looked into, the call listened to, and contact made with me within 7-10 business days. Huh? 7-10 business days? I’ve got that thing called patience so i’ll give it a whirl.

I waited until 12/30 to call back to check the status of my magical escalation #7844. Simone in the loyalty department assured me that the issue was still being looked into and that i would get a call by monday 01/02. I also questioned the delivery of the two upgrades, which appear to be the only thing processed on the “big day” that samantha messed everything up. But at least she was confident in her incompetence! Simone assured me that the upgrades would not even be shipped until the issue was resolved; it doesn’t matter what i’ve paid or anything. Well okay then. Imagine my surprise when upgrade #1 arrived by the weekend’s end. Um. What the what?

Monday comes. Monday goes. No contact from at&t regarding the matter. I’ll be back on the phone on tuesday 01/03. Alexis in the loyalty department started by telling me that i would have to wait 30 days to receive the bogo’s. Huh? That makes no sense. How am i going to receive in 30 days what samantha failed to include to begin with? By then i’ll be locked into the 30 month contract (When i wanted the 24 month contract) ! I want the bogo’s applied to my order before i’m locked into a contract! Simone couldn’t answer the questions so she quickly hit the transfer button without telling me, and off i go again, where i’ll end up is anyone’s good guess! Whoa, i’m back in the loyalty department and josh is taking my call. He says that i need to be in the mobility loyalty department and offered to transfer me, but since the wait was too long – he’s just gonna take care of it. Why, isn’t that so polite of this young man? He advised the same thing as alexis — - you have to wait 30 days for the bogo’s to be added, but you only have 14 days to return the items so that you aren’t locked into the contract. Huh? Repeat that nonsense you just spoke? Yes, you will have to wait 30 days for the bogo’s to be applied, and you have 14 days to return the items so you are not locked into a contract. Wait, does that make sense to anyone out there?

Josh brings his Supervisor Kenny over and he calls me from a different line. Kenny was a class-act, let me get that out there. Sarcastic, condescending, abusive – this man has it going on and is a perfect match for the AT&T Supervisor role!! Kenny assured me that the bogo’s will never be applied since the deal has expired – it doesn’t matter that I signed up for the deal while it was still very much active. He also assures me that that magical Escalation #7844 doesn’t exist and was never submitted and that nothing would come from it. My only option is to ship the upgrades back to AT&T in order to cancel the order, and then I can start over. Start over? Really? What makes him think that ANYONE would want to start over after all of this? After this pathetic agent gets off my phone, I call back yet again – JUST to see if a different agent gives the same advice: send everything back and cancel the order because we have no intention of honoring the deal that you signed up for. And yep, Shauna in Kenny’s department assured me that nothing was being done, nothing would be done, and that I should just send the items back. Shauna puts me on a long hold to check with the Retention Department and they apparently say the same thing. Just send back everything that you’ve paid for (I've only received one of two upgrades in the mail at this point 01/04/17) because we’re not honoring what our agent failed to include even though the proof is in the phone call. We stand by our incompetent, deceitful, and abusive agents! Our customers are not worth our precious time!

I went to AT&T chat at this point, tears in my eyes, because not only has Christmas been ruined (the upgrades were our gifts to ourselves, and the bogo’s were gifts for our two children), but AT&T is making it worse by not honoring the order/deal that I requested on 12/24. They are making it worse by not even investigating the order and attempting to correct it. I was lied to by Samantha, who took my card number and said it was for this when in fact she was processing payment for that. I was talked to like I am nothing by numerous agents, but Kenny certainly takes the lead here with his abusive remarks. I was deceived all around by every agent involved who assured me that either the issue was being looked into, or who informed me that my bogo’s would be applied in 30 days (they are lying in order to get the customer locked into a contract that was not agreed upon), and to top it all off ----

I made no changes WHATSOEVER to my Uverse or Direct TV. And yet, in the midst of upgrading Wireless, AT&T ALSO renewed my contracts for these other services for 2 more years! Yes! Without my permission, and without hesitation, AT&T changed my contract for these other services!! How absolutely deceptive and abusive can AT&T be??

All i want is the bogos that were promised during the phone call when i made my order on 12/24. Is it so hard for at&t to process a deal that a customer calls in for after the fact, after the agent messes things up so badly? This is the agents fault and can be easily confirmed by simply listening to the 1+ hour call! Instead – i’m being told that at&t will honor nothing, that they do not care what i signed up for, what only matters is what their agent processed incorrectly because it will benefit them alone! Crooks!!!
My advice to anyone considering switching to at&t or considering changing their wireless plan with at&t?  go elsewhere!!! At&t does not value its customers, does not honor its promotions/deals, will transfer you endlessly even back into their very own department, send you on senseless goose hunts, and most often will not even document your account when you call in about an issue (Keep your own notes, get the agent name and agent id, note the time and content of call!!). I am livid that at&t would do this and not do anything to make it right!!!

And my thoughts about this at&t page on fb? They don’t reply! Lol! They simply want to drag you along for another day to get you closer to that point wherein you are locked into a contract that is not what you signed up for!!! Fix the issue at&t, i know for a fact it can be done. All you have to do is give it a little bit of effort!

I'll be submitting a massive complaint to the FCC, and I'm posting this complaint to every single forum possible, including ALL of AT&T's competitors. Anyone considering switching to AT&T should know exactly what's in store for them! You will get ripped off and laughed at while they are doing it!
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