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AT&T / wireless

1 San Diego, CA, United States

1. I terminated service with ATT on 3/18 then received billing cycle for 02/17 - 03/17 which had advance charge for 03/18 - 04/17. Called ATT customer service right away, tried to find out how much my actual balance should be since I only used service for one day 3/18. Was told pay the full amount, then I should receive adjustment back.
2. Paid full payment on 03/30, then wait for refund which never shows up.
3. In May, called ATT customer service why I don't see my refund, was told my last bill was for billing cycle 02/17 - 03/17, my cancellation is on 03/18 so I won't got refund. Tried to explain to him it's advance charge, he will not listen at all.
4. Went to ATT retailer store, customer representative totally agree I should get refund but they don't have right to issue refund. During two and half hours, called four different person, pointing back and forth other department should take care of the case. Finally got one manager on the phone, digged out all the contracts I signed when opened account, then still can support they should not refund.
5. Even though manager agreed I should get refund, she said can't issue refund because my account was cancelled on 03/18. Asked her why they can deposit my check on 03/30 if it is cancelled account, was told because I ahthorized the check to pay by listening to ATT representative's advice to pay from first step.


Aug 12, 2017

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