AT&T Wireless / billing and contract cancellation

NC, United States

I've had AT&T for several products for various amounts of time. I had internet with them a couple years ago that made me pray for Dial-up again. After several "tech" visits and product replacements I cancelled the account and as directed mailed back my wireless router. Several months later I got a bill for seveal hundred dollars for this router. After tracking the package and knowing they had recieved it (it appeared the lost the router as it did not get checked back into their system) I was told I still had to pay or it was going to go on my credit. Stupid stupid company!

Well, stupid stupid me... I signed up for an IPhone with them which came with a 2 year contract after a year I lost my phone and called to see if there was a way to track or locate it. The CSR said no, but she could freeze my account, and I thanked her. Several weeks later I still could not located my phone and called them back as I was still recieving bills for $70+/month. The CSR asked if I wanted her to cancel my account. I thanked her and said yes, please do. She said she did, yet I still received these insane bills for a service I hadn't used in over 3 months! The CSR I spoke to that time said I still had a contract and would have to pay that out, even though the previous CSR never said anything about the contract when she asked if I wanted to cancel. Another call a month later I was told if I had an old phone I could have it activated to take over the old acount for only $15.00/month. Of course I had an old phone and $15 was better than $70+ for a product not being used. As directed, I called back to have the phone activated. A month later I recieved 2 $70+ bills! They signed me up for another friggin contract! Aside from Wells Fargo, AT&T is the worst company I've ever had to come in contact with!! I called again to figure out what they were up to. Apparently the old phone I had was a smartphone so in order to active it a new contract came with it. None of this was ever explained! I was then told to purchase one of their go phones and get rid of the smart phone. I went into a local AT&T store, paid $119.00 and purchased my go phone. Somehow in this purchase they signed me up for another contract without telling me! These people are HUGE SCAMERS. Another month later and 3 cell phone bills for a product I hadn't even used! I went into another AT&T retailer to fix this. They said I had to pay the outstanding balance plus the amounts to pay off the contracts. Over $300+ later I thought I finally go rid of these stupid people. Oh no, not that easy either! I am still getting bills. When I've called and explained all of this again to them I was told I had to go back to the retailer I paid because they don't have any record. This was in another state as I was in the middle of moving and traveling for the holidays. Today, I have been sent to a collect agency for another $321.93.

For your sanity go ANYWHERE ELSE other than AT&T!!!

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