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ATT Uverse / uverse

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This account, while in my name, was an account for phone, fax, and internet service for my husband's business. He is the owner of a small business of which he is the only employee and for which I handle the books and company service records.

In August, prior to his closing one office and moving to another, I initiated a port of our only phone line, [protected], to wireless. As I explored the options available to us in this move I was told that it would take 24-48 hours to port the number. I chose this option believing it would best serve us as well as offering a limited interruption of our phone service. I was immediately able to make phone calls from this number by cell phone. We were unable to receive calls and anyone calling the business was told they had reached a disconnected number. 48 hours in when the port was not complete I contacted ATT and was told it could take the full week. When it was still not complete I called again and was told it could take into the following week.

It was not possible or feasible for us to allow this to continue. My husband receives all business by phone and we had already lost 1 week of potential business, or 25% of our monthly income. I disconnected the number and got a new phone number which we then placed on all advertising and relayed to our current clients. This was on 8/9/2018. I arranged for a port of our fax number to a different company. The port was completed on 8/17/2018. At that time I called ATT and canceled the internet - which should have been the only service remaining on this account. There was bill due but as the cancellation of these services would have credited back to me what had already been paid on the account and I would not owe what was billed I asked for and was told I would receive a final bill.

In mid September I received a bill which not only billed me in full for the entire range of services on the account through the month of cancellation but also billed me for the full account for service through Oct. 2. When I called ATT I discovered that none of the services had been cancelled - this despite the fact that one of the phone numbers was now being used and billed by another service provider.

I am writing because I have experienced SO many continual problems with ATT. I have 3 accounts with this company and have been a customer of theirs in one iteration or another since I first got phone service in 1978. I have never used another phone provider. However, in 2017 at this exact time of year they accidentally disconnected my husband's business line leading to us having an unplanned service outage lasting almost a week. This happened when I called to disconnect service to an iPad and they disconnected the wrong number. I have spent more hours on the phone with ATT, and consistently received differing information from each person I have spoken to than I can even begin to describe.

I cannot make good decisions for our business or for our personal needs when I do not receive correct information from my service provider. I am tired of the errors and the mistakes. I am tired of complaining and receiving no response. I am attaching the letter I sent to ATT last year at this time because it so aptly demonstrates the problems I continue to encounter with this provider and the difficulty that it has caused me.

I would like a response - something - for the difficulty that I experienced last year and for the difficulty experienced this year. I spend in excess of $5000/yr in phone service and it is a given that the errors last year and this year cost my family at least that much if not more of our yearly income. I would just like to know that someone has heard my complaint and is responding.

Sep 17, 2018

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