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AT&T Rebate / here is what I did - and I got some response

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The following is a copy of the complaint that I filed with the public service commission, the bbb, and also ga dept of consumer affairs. I made this complaint to the following companies on 3/18/08. As of today, march 26, I have had two calls from at&t consumer relations dept, who say that my check was processed yesterday, and I should receive in 1 week. We will see...

I urge everyone who has a complaint against at&t for their bogus and deceptive marketing to file complaints with these three companies.,.. And lets stop them from doing this to people.

At&t advertised on their website & on tv from 01/02/07 to current - you receive $125 cash back from them for switching from cable modem internet services to their fastacess dsl service.

Terms/conditions stated on their coupon-'to be eligible for the$125 cash back reward, you must switch from current cable high speed internet to fast access dsl ultra or higher between 1/2/07 and 1/31/08. Customer must be a new subscriber to fast access dls. Valid for only 1 dsl acct per local service address. Customer must return coupon w/ a cable modem service bill for processing within 90 calander days of fastaccess order date. Services must be active at the time of reward redemption processing. Cks will be mailed 4-6 wks after completion of redemption to eligible customers who retain qualifying services.'

I ordered fastaccess dsl ultra on 12/11/07. I mailed all info as required (3 times) I have yet to get my reward back & have spoken w/ the following people who have been absolutely no help at all.

1. 1/21/07-mary reward center

2. 01/25/07 mary - reward center

3. 01/25/07-stephanie 'reward center

4. 01/25/07 ' diane ' reward center

5. 01/25/07 'mrs. Matthews - at&t residential sales/service center-she issued me a 4th coupon, the reward did finally show received on line after this and that it would be processed on 3/06/08.

6. 03/07/08-kristen-reward center

7. 03/07/08-jada ' at&t residential sales/service

8. 03/07/08 ' cathy 'reward center

9. 3/17/08-mrs. Brown-at&t res sales/service

10. 03/17/08 - darrel-reward center

All the reward center reps tell me is that the reward shows disqualified - they don't know why. They tell me 2 call at&t res/sales/service.

This is ridiculous. At&t advertised a cash back reward, and I changed services, based on that promotion. I am fully qualified to receive the cash back that they offered. They have been jerking me around for over 3 months on what should have taken one. They are practicing deceptive advertising. As of today, this has still not been resolved.

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  • Va
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I deal with the same problems here in Florida- I signed for DSL fast Access in Jan. 2008, and not that I still don't have the rebate yet, but when called they said that I will be sent a check for $50. When I signed up for the service, the sales rep. Robert assured me that the modem is FREE and S&H is free. However Robert said I would be charged the $75 and then they will mail me a rebate check for that amount. What actually happened -AT&T charged me immediately $75 and not that I still don't have received any rebate yet, but it won't be $75, which means the modem was not free, which means Robert did LIE to me. I spent hours on the phone trying to dissolve the problem and they kept jerking me from one department to another.

  • Da
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    Same problem here. I've been trying to get my $50 rebate since November. This is a scam not worthy of ATT. Here's what they pulled on me: I signed up for the Yahoo high speed DSL deal on line. I installed everything myself. I mailed the rebate forms with proof of switching from cable. After months of getting BS answers. Then after speaking to a supervisor four months later I was told that I had to have someone form the ATT Customer Service Center call them to confirm I switched and ordered the service - what a bunch of crap! Anyway, I am working on that now. We'll see.

    ATT is sinking (or has sunk) to the world of sleazy providers.

  • Ka
      15th of May, 2008
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    I've been trying to get my DSL modem rebate back for well over a year! I mailed all of the required documentation on 1/25/07. Every time I call to follow up I'm told it's delayed and it's in the escalations department. I was told that the first time 5/5/07. Now it's 5/08 and still no rebate. They keep telling me it's in that department and wait 4-6 you think they'd wait this long for their payment for the dsl line? Anyone know of a fraud number to register a complaint?

  • Ch
      1st of Jun, 2008
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    We never received our rebate for our free modem either. I went to AT&T's own website and it shows the date of our submission and publishes that within 2 months, the rebate will show up on our bill. It never did. Now, since it is past the 90 days, it reads that the rebate was 'invalidated by Bellsouth DSL'.

    the funny thing was, I was attempting to go to AT&T's own website, and this complaint board popped up! AT&T's own service took me to the complaint section. Wish my spouse had been more diligent and not trusted them when we were promised it would be taken care of!

  • An
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I have had problems with att for 7-months they keep chargen me 4 things i dont even use, plus they wont give me my 50. but they are messing with the wrong person. iam and will go to the news with this information. i dont play with my money att charged me 4 a bill i already paid. i paid 49.99 for the dsl then 12.95 for the shipn. then they charged me again for the same thing. ### them i will not pay it only the monthly bill, they can kiss my big ###. any one who wants to get in on this law suit e-mail me and i will use your story. Angela Jackson Houston tx.

  • Do
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Same story here, signed up for DSL/Free modem (ya right) in the form of a rebate, but the rebate is $50.00, so the modem is not free. Did get the ATT rep to say I'm entiled to a $50.00 rebate but I have to wait 4-6 weeks. Just trying to get to the rewards webite is a hassle: ( you get nothing). Looks like I'm about to be in the same boat as all of you.

  • Ch
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    I am experiencing the same problem with AT&T. I signed up in February of 2008 for the Fast Access DSL. The sales rep said that they would give me a $125 rebate for switching from cable internet. They also would give me a $50 rebate for the modem after I paid for it. I did get the $50 after 2 months and an e-mail asking me to send in my cable bill, etc. I mailed it and waited for several more weeks. I finally contacted them in early July to inquiry about the rebate. They told me at that time that my cable company was not one of the companies that qualified for the rebate. That was never said and I could not find it in the writing anywhere, so it was deceptive avertisement in my mind. I spoke to a supervisor who said they would send the check anyway. Today, late in August, I called them again to see why my check had not been received. I was once again told that my cable company would not qualify me for the rebate and that the check would not be sent. I am planning to switch back to cable internet and shut off my land line in favor a my cell phone. Beware, all their rebate ads appear to be lies.

  • Al
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I bundled my home service, long distance service, caller ID deluxe and call waiting.In addition also went to ATT.Dsl. from AOL. All of which I am satisfied with the service.

    The Rewards Center does not make sense to me.
    All material suggests I have some sort of reward coming to me but, I canot for the life of me determine what the reward is supposed to be.

    If I am entitled to something, please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Sh
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    It looks like I am in the same boat as all the others. I, too, was promised a $50.00 rebate by representative. I was told to expect it within 6 weeks and I also had trouble bringing up the rewards center, because I still have not received my check and it has been 2 months. I have my business with ATT also. Maybe I should reconsider and change to someone else, if this is the way they are treating people.

  • Pa
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I am also experiencing the same thing with AT&T's so called rebate for switching from Cable internet to their service. I have done all they asked and still no rebate back. I changed over in April and the sales rep told me at that time I would get these rebates back within 10 days. Here it is the end of August and I still have no check from them for 125.00. I am feeling like most here, thinking I might have to go elsewhere for my services. I do not like to give my business to a company that does not live up to there word.

  • Ro
      21st of Aug, 2008
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  • Ch
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I ordered cell phone service in early June. This was supposed to be bundled with Home Phone with unlimmited long Distance Service, High Speed Internet, and Cell phone Service. Advertised at $99. But was told it would be at about $116/month but two months later I finally received a bill $262.00 which was supposed be a one time charges . Then told my account would be $162/ month which is much more than I was told by more than than one time. Ask could I get out of contract without the big charge for canceling the service. I did not cancel because of the big fee. I was told around the first week of August that my rebate of $50 for bundling services would be proceesed that day. Today August 21st, I received in the mail a letter from AT&T Consumer Rewards in Milan, Il. which gave an e-mail adrress of to check on my reward. I was not able to get into the web site. I called 1-866-342-4271 number and got a person named Vanessa. She said my rebate had not been processed but assured me she would take care of the immediatelly. She gave me a confirmation number. Said that I would get two E-mails to confirm First that it had beenproceesed, and second the check was sent. I am waiting on first e-mail now. She also gave me an number technical support 1-887=7722-3755 to call for help getting to Web site. I call got a person in Ill. who could not help me because I was in Georgia. She told me to us another web Site which I got the complaint web Site which I am using now. Do not know who will get this but I need help to resove this problem.

  • Ho
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    As of today8/25/08, I spoke with a rep. from ATT, he said that I should be receiving my check "any day now!" we will see. If this is his real name Patrick Henry, he said not to hesitate to call and ask for him.!

  • Wa
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    ATT has fail to send our rebate or credit our account.We call on 4- 1 6-08 and was told that our account would be credited in 3 weeks. Failing to have that happen I call again 6-10-08 and was told that a rebate check would be sent in 3 weeks. I than said that the last time I call we were told that the rebate was in the form of a bill credit. George who I was talking to said that is right it will be coming as a credit on our bill. I am still wait for our $75.00 rebate for the modem we bought in Jan. of 08. Is there a class action suit against ATT?

  • Ca
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I went through the same process, was promised the same rebates. After frustrating phone calls, and misinformation, and having to become vocal, I finally got the $50 rebate. Today, (8/26/08) I was informed that the $125 rebate was disqualified because the service I ordered didn't qualify for the rebate, even though I was told it would when I ordered it.

  • Ti
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Boy, It sound like you are all living my life. They have done the same things to me, and I stil have not recived my rebate.

  • Mi
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    I also bought entire package.cell phone, home phone, dish network internet, was told entire package would cost 187.00 thats including taxes. i was paying230.00 so i figured id be on disibility so i changed.first bill was 252.00 second bill 247.00 third was 237.00 i called to complain and they told me now that who ever quoted the price to me didnt include the taxes but they did so now im stuck paying this for a year.

  • Te
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I signed up for the complete ATT UVerse system. I switched from my regular company because I was told I would be able to see who was calling me on the top of my T.V. screen when the T.V. was on of course. This appealed to me because I have severe hearing loss, and wear aids in both ears.I have a special phone that I use but it is not portable so when the phone rings I always have to go to caller ID to see who is calling before I pick it up.Consequently when I was told this service would be available to me I signed up on May 28.08. I was promised up to $350.00 in rebates.Fortunately I have all my paperwork but I spend hours on the phone, this is difficult for me and I was just told that I am not even in the rebate system. I am at my wits end and I will continue to go further .

  • Bi
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    I recently signed for DSL service with AT&T and was told that I would receive a $50 rebate by simply logging on to and submitting my request. I have tried several times to complete this procedure and have failed to succeed.

    Please let me hear from you and let me know how I can resolve this matter.

    Thank you,
    Bill Strang

  • St
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    I ordered the high speed DSL service and the rep. talked me into getting a home phone and said that This would get me a 250.00 rebate. When I told them that i really didn't need the home phone becouse I already had a cell-phone he said that I could disconnect or get a cheaper service after I recieved the rebate and that the rebate would reimberce me for the first bill and also have some left over. When i recieved the first bill it was 200.00. I was shocked!!! I called AT&T and asked where this rebate was so I could pay this first bill with it. They told me it hasnt been sent out yet and there had been some mistake and that for some reason it wasnt showing to ever have been processed, this was four weeks after I had recieved my service. I downgraded my service and the lady said that I would only be getting $100.00 instead and that it would be another four to six weeks. I was so mad because now I wont even be getting enough to cover this bill that I didnt want in the first place. Well it has been four more weeks and I havnt recieved this rebate yet. Tonight I called to check on the rebate because this bill is now past due. Can you believe they told me the same thing they did the last time I called? They said that for some reason my reward hasnt been processed but that they processed it tonight and I should recieve my reward in the mail in four to six weeks. This is rediculous!!! I don't think I will ever recieve this check.

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