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AT&T Internet DSL / consistant disconnects from internet

1 Balltimore, MD, United States

There were 19 disconnects from the Internet starting at 9:30 PM on
Saturday August 22, 2009 to 12:01 AM on Sunday August 23, 2009. There was NOTHING posted on the AT&T web site for maintenance.
The one error message read " Error 676: The phone line is busy
connecting through WAN miniport PPPOE." The rest of the time just quit responding and went to an automatic reconnect and repeated this cycle through out the night.
It took close to three hours to view a 1 hour 36 minute 04 second movie.
I have NEVER had this many disconnects when I was using Cavalier of Verizon for my DSL service.
I could leave my computer on and just start surfing; this is not true with this service. I am logging the ‘disconnects’ from the Internet with AT&Tand find that I am experiencing an average of SEVEN disconnects while using the DSL service on a daily basis. The more I use it the more disconnects.
This is UNACCEPTABLE. When I am on the Internet, I need to stay connected. I perform a lot of downloading and movie viewing
I would like to know why so many ‘disconnects’ from the Internet, why I see hour glass so often, and progress bar is running slow. I did NOT have these issues with Cavalier or Verizon for the same system.
NINETEEN disconnects is just UNACCEPTABLE.
I sent an email, through Outlook Express, and it was propmptly returned to me reading to log the service issue on the 'my member services' on the web site! GREAT IDEA! Why not log a complaint on the web site when the issue is staying connected to the Internet.
I finally sent in the issue, through the web services, along with the amount of disconnects and the Network diaganotics and then I when emailed back to call customer serivce when this happened again.
Well of course it happened again. I telephoned customer service and naturally got a call center where English is not the primary langauge. Why does the voice prompt say 'For assistance in English please press one?' The telephone agent was of no use! I am a help desk technician. Of course I knew to power cycle BEFORE I telephoned a call center. I only wanted a different server to use to connect and stay connected to the Internet. He did not understand that premise. You know! The basic one of routing to the Internet with a different IP adress.
The Internet is quite important in my house hold. Paying a higher price for services rendered is a SMALL price to pay! I'm going back to Verizon.

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