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AT&T Customer Service / another screwed customer from at&t

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My problems began with AT&T about 2 months ago. I admit I had gotten behind on the bill due to sickness. But I called them and told them the problem I was having and that I was trying to get it all caught up. I first started calling them to ask them to please remove me from the bundle service and of course I got the run around about that for 2 months. I was told my account had to be paid in full before any changes to the account could be made. So I made a payment of $ 254.00. I called them back that afternoon to change my account. Finally get that all taken care of and get the bundle service off of my account. I also had them switch me to the collection department so I could make sure they had noted the payment on my account. I was assured that the payment was showing on my account and that my account was up to date. I made the payment on Tuesday and my DSL got cut off for non-payment on that Saturday. I had to wait until Monday before I get my DSL turned back on.

I called them first thing Monday morning and spoke to someone in the billing department and asked why my account had been turned off for non-payment. They informed me that no payment had been made on the account. I said yes it has and you have taken the payment out of my bank account on Tuesday. She then places me on hold and then returns saying I'm sorry your account was disconnected by mistake we do show a payment but it has not posted to our system yet. After talking to her I was switched to the DSL department after battling with the dang computer to get to a human. Finally get to them and I tell them what has happened and they tell me that can't help me because I need to speak to someone in the collection department to get this settled so I'm switched to the collection department. Someone from the collection department get on the line and I explain what has happened and she then informs me that she can't help me I need to speak to the DSL department about this. So I'm switched back to the DSL department fighting the computer again to get a human. Finally get a human and explain to this person what has happened. I was then informed it would be 7-10 days before I could get my DSL turned back on because it was cut off for non-payment. I said please pass me on to a supervisor. I finally get a supervisor on the line and tell him what has happened and he tells me he can have my DSL back on in three hours. This is after speaking to 8 people and 3 hours on the phone. Well 5 hours later my DSL was reconnected. Mind you my telephone had not been disconnected for non-payment just my DSL. They tried to tell me my phone had been disconnected to and I said no it hasn't I'm talking to you on it right now.

At this time I had 2 phone lines in the home and also 2 DSL account. Well guess what they cut off my other DSL account Thursday for non-payment. So I had to call them Friday morning and get it all settled. 2 hours on the phone finally get it reconnected.

To my surprise I get my bill from AT&T and they have charged me over $ 60.00 in reconnection fees for both telephone lines and DSL lines. The phone lines were never cut off. I called the billing department to ask why I was being charged for their mistake. I was told it's was my fault because everything had been disconnected before I made my payment. Umm no it had not. Well needless to say I had reached the point of no return. So I told them to cut off both phone lines and the other DSL account. I have to keep one DSL account because I use the internet for my job. I was asked why I wanted my services disconnected. I said you don't even want to ask that. So I tell this person and she tells me she understands and she credits my account for the disconnect fees. So that is done and over with.

Well fast forward to Thursday of last week I called to complain about my internet speed because since I had disconnected the phone line my speed had drop to dial up speed. Well they tell me I can upgrade my speed I say well ok as long as it doesn't make any changes to my account. I was assured it would not affect my account. They sent a tech out to check my telephone line and all that jazz. Well as the tech is pulling in the driveway I get a call from AT&T telling me that I'm getting ready to be disconnected for non-payment. I made the payment 3 days ago. I told the service agent I would call her back but right now the tech is here and I need to deal with them. Tech tells me he can't do anything about the speed. Ok fine then just leave it alone. So after the tech leaves and I call AT&T once again I have nothing else to do in life but spend time on the phone with AT&T. Well after 3 people I was finally told it was a mistake and that they were sorry for calling me.

Well yesterday I got a package in the mail from AT&T welcoming me as a new customer. I was like what the *** is this. So I call AT&T to ask why I'm getting this. I was then informed that they had cancelled my DSL account because I had made changes on the account. I was then told that I would not get back the e-mail addresses I have had for 2 years. The e-mail account they had cancelled with out telling is the e-mail account that I use for my online store and for other thing that are really important. So finally after being on the phone for 2 hours I was told they can not do anything until the computer has updated itself and that I would have to call back tomorrow and find out the status of my account. Well I called this morning another hour and half on the phone and was told that my account would not be updated until midnight tonight. Well I got brave and called back to 5:45 PM to see if maybe the computer had updated itself. Well it had so I spent and hour on the phone to finally get my old account back with the old e-mail addresses. Only to find out it had bounced back every single e-mail I had gotten since they cancelled the account which means I have lost I don't know how many customers due to AT&T mistake. After all of this I was asked if I would like to start a new phone account with them. I told the person no I don't want anything else from AT&T and I want a note put on my account do not touch my account period! I wish I could go to another company for DSL but AT&T is the only company we have in this area.

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  • Ja
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    That sounds almost exactly like what happened (and is repeatedly happening) to me with AT&T. Mine started when I made an online payment and two days later my DSL was cut off. I got the same run around and was even told my DSL was cut off prior to making the payment (then how did I make the payment?). In the past I've even had the problem with someone telling me the phone I'm speaking to them on was disconnected for non paymnet. Don't think autopay will help either since they charged my credit card whenever they felt like it (mounting late fees) and even double charged me a month. Not to mention the credits their customer service dept promised me for my inconvenience still haven't been posted and that was around February. AT&T is a joke and if it weren't for the same issue of them being the only DSL company in the area I wouldn't use them for anything.

  • Sa
      5th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    They are all a bunch of corporate jerks who want all your money. They are not interested in quality service or anything. Just the money. Remember in GOODFELLAS: "[censored] you, pay me."
    THat's their motto.

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