ATT collection dept and agencieshharrassment, slander false acusations


I am a dis abled veteran . several years ago I went through the michigan rehabilitation program to attempt my buisness. An unbelievable amount of strange events took place to hinder the buisbess . A radiator hose unexpectedly blew off an engine severly burning my face and eardrum leaving me deaf in that ear. lost time is a major problem . More lost time was a result of an ear drum surgery, 3 months 10lb restriction, several months later a high speed chase by police trying to catch asuspected drug dealer crashed through my rented facility. this accident cost more than 4 months lost as the building was condemed until repairs to the building were completed and inspected by city authority. the next issue that ended my buisness attempt completely was the fact that 6 weeks after renewing my yellow pages add, aprox. $600.oo contract I was not able to renew my rental agreement, with no for warning. now after all this hardship I sacraficed a great deal to subsidize the buisness with mydisability income. now being financially ruined, Att has been ruthless with the wild and false accusations that this debt has been neglected. I was forced by ATT collection authority, in order for them to accept any payments from me I need to contract a debt consolidation company. All the while contacting me more than 15 times a day every day for the last 16 months. Also the constant fabricating of the continuous letters. Now after 16 months of consistant payments there are only 2 payment left my debt agency, and myself have had to respond to23 letters in the last 6 months we both have discused the remaining debt of 210.39 at least 30 times just recently . All the while they contine to recieve $75.00 a month just in last few days ATT transfered my account to inc. they are currenly making wild accusations calling me 4 to 6 time a day stating I have neglected my obligations severely also stating that they do not work with debt consolidation companies like mine Which I was tottaly forced by att to contract an agency or no payments would be accepted this situatin has caused, aggravated post traumatic stress diorder and the medical bills prescriptions counselin, and phsychiatrist visits . I feel restitutin is in order. I simply cant take it any more, myagency, american debt couseling is discusted. 210.39 was the balnce the new balance after this months pay ment is 135.39 ATT has gone to far, much further than the law allows all my statements are factual I challenge any one of these lying faricating phoneys to pollygraph test. Please help me get this situation in arbitration.respctfully, John robert karrip jr.

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