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AT&T / their staff are idiots

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I've had a few poor customer service experiences with AT&T Wireless. The latest frustration with AT&T Wireless staff occurred when I was trying to return a Bluetooth headset I had purchased from the store.

I walked into the AT&T store during lunch and there were a couple customers being attended to, while there were several AT&T staff members available to help others. I went to the first service counter and indicated that I wished to return my headset for a refund. There were two agents at this counter, one said, "I'll find someone to help you"; and at that moment the other guy simply walks away towards the back of the store to watch a Euro2008 soccer game.

I made eye contact with both guys when I entered the store and the guy who walked away definitely heard my request to return the headset. So, instead of helping me, he just walks away to watch TV.

I waited in the store for a few more minutes until another staff member notices me just standing in the middle of the store. He asks if I need assistance, then he assigns the guy who originally walked away to process my refund.

It is just ###ed that I even had to wait when there were at least 3 staff members available to assist me.

It seems that they just don't give a *** about customer service or are just a bunch of idiots, or maybe they are simply mentally challenged.

This occurred at the AT&T Wireless store by Lawrence Expressway and Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose, CA.

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  • El
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I just watched another tv ad for the great service that is provided by AT &T, even in France.

    I have been a customer of Cingular and AT&T for several years now. But, I keep wondering when the service will improve for the area I travel most.

    I travel from Newport, AR to Farmington, MO about every two weeks. The service on my cell phone is spotty from Pocahontas to Corning, AR (about 15 miles), ends at Corning and only starts up briefly at Popular Bluff (About 20 miles) before going out again for the next 50 miles). Good service restarts at Fredericktown, MO.

    Instead of getting better, the service is actually worse than it was five years ago. At the Arkansas state line Visitor's Center, AT&T does not have any service at all. I understand that Version and Altell have good service at the same location.

    I keep hoping for some improvement from AT&T. Does anyone know when or if the service will improve. Do I have to change carriers to get phone service?

    Thanks for letting me sound off.

  • Su
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    On July 19, 2008, I ordered an iPhone from their store on 7601 North Macarthur Boulevard in Irving, TX.

    Today, a helpful person in AT&T's main customer service helped me track down the location of the phone. The phone was shipped to their store over 2 weeks ago, but the ###s in their inventory department still have not entered it into the inventory system. They did get around to charging my credit card, oddly enough.

    I told them to put the phone where the sun doesn't shine and give me my money back, but you have to go to the store to cancel an order. Oh well, I can tell them in person what to do with the phone.

  • Ri
      7th of Sep, 2008
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    AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
    I went to 808 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA to buy $200 in iTunes gift cards. No one working the door, no one working the floor. I was forced to interrupt and ask where to check-out.
    I was treated SO rudely and belittled for interrupting someone else's time - as if I had another option? Not even the manager would speak with me. "Sign the list and wait like everyone else." "But I don't need service. I just want to hand you $200 cash." "Stop taking up this customers time!" I apologized to the other customer.
    I manage 5 AT&T accounts at work. I paid them over $4, 000 last month alone.
    I am a CUSTOMER! I expect to be treated as such!
    Needless to say, I drove to an Apple Store where they were all over me - and with smiles!

  • Ri
      7th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    PS - the AT&T wait time was over an hour. They expected me to wait over an hour just to hand them $200.
    Worst management ever!

  • Va
      30th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    We tried to disconnect just our telephone service and they also disconnected our internet. That was about 6 weeks ago. They told us we would have service again in about 4 days. That didn't happen. Since then they have sent out 3 technicians that checked the lines, outlets etc even though the internet was working fine before. We had to stay home from work for this and they were at our home for a while my husband has also spent many hours on the phone with at&t service reps only to be hung up on many times and never called back. He's so aggravated i feel that he's going to have a heart attack. Our internet was again suppose to be working. My husband called and they said they need to send someone else out to escalate our service. We are in disbelief that at&t is selling a service that they cannot deliver. It's just become a huge joke. We are wondering if we'll ever use our computer again.

  • Va
      24th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    AT&T bill contains charges from 3 different 'companies' we've never heard of; research proves them to be 'billing clearinghouses'. Read: these outfits bill you for services you never requested via your phone bill and AT&T apparently receives some kickback for same.

    AT&T says can put 3rd party block on your phone, but that these thieves will just bill you directly. AT&T claims it MUST bill you for charges that are submitted to them and NO VERIFICATION of your ordering, requesting, whatever is required!

    AT&T directed me to call each 'company' which I did and was told they would refund 1 month, (we inadvertently paid 4 months before we realized these extra charges were on the bill). Further arguing got them to offer 2 month, then 3 month refund.

    I advised these people that unless a full refund of all monies robbed from me was not forthcoming, I would file a class action lawsuit. I recommend anyone similarly situated do the same. If you live in Alabama, contact me; if you live elsewhere, organize your fellow victims so we can end this outrage!

    Other avenues I urge you to pursue: file a complaint with the FCC, Public Utility Commission, FTC, state attorney general, and your local BBB. Innocent people, like you and me, are being victimized and by the way, these people can adversely affect your credit which can have severe and long term effects.

  • Va
      31st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband and I just switched and paid the cancellation Fee from Verizon because the customer service was bad and the iffy reception of the phone and we went to AT&T to purchase the new iphone 3g. Boy what a disappointment. Although the features are fantastic we cannot stay on one phone call without getting disconnected or hearing every few words that the person on the other end is saying.

    Not one phone call can be a normal phone call. Updates do not work and we are left with this very costly switch for a phone we cannot use. Shame on iphone. Lost Business calls.

  • Bi
      7th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to get in touch with AT&T for about an hour. Are they idiots? I am trying to give them money, buy a service from them. There is eveything in the world on their site except what I want. There is an ATT tower 3 miles from me. Can I receive high speed internet on my computer with a USB hookup? I live in a valley or I would try someone else.

  • Be
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    I normally pay my bills through my bank automatically and I only check every two or three months to see if I need to increase my auto pay. When I checked my AT&T bill they had charged over $150. extra on my bill. I called AT&T (No small task) and asked what these charges were. They advised me that they were 3rd party companies (3 of them) for services.

    I told them I had not authorized them and to remove them. They told me I had to do that and they gave me 3 phone numbers. The first told me they supplied text messaging. (I don't have cell phone with AT&T) I asked who authorized this and they said 'Terry Frazer' authorized it. I asked how could she authorize it without calling from my phone of have any of my information. They said anyone can do it on the Internet and AT&T does NOT ask any questions.

    The second phone number was bogus in that the prompt says 'if you have a question about your bill press #1' When you press #1 the same prompt returns so the phone is useless.

    I called AT&T back (it took a half dozen calls over 4 hours to get a live person) and I told them what I ran into on the second call and they said 'Well, that's the only number we have on them so you will just have to pay the bill'.

    The third phone number promised to E-mail me a confirmation of a reimbursement. I am still waiting for that.

    My point is that AT&T makes me jump through hoops to even access my account by phone or on line (which is understandable) but allows three companies to put large charges on my phone 'No Questions Asked' and without my approval. Then tell me it is my job to get them removed and ask for reimbursement. I did NOT receive a bill from any of the three companies, I received the bill from AT&T.

  • Fr
      27th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes
    AT&T - Awful company
    United States

    My complaint is for At&t landline. I moved to a new office and I told At&t about my move weeks before and made an appointment on a specific date to come and trasfer my business line to my new office. I told them that there is another line in that office and that they were going to transfer my 3 business lines to that same place. My appointment was in the morning that day buy no one showed up until around 7 pm. Then the At&t teck basicaly saw the line and instead adding the three lines from by business he said that its to late and I cant do all this work right now and just left. Now I called and they said they cant send any one out until next week. So now I have all my business lines cut off and my customers cannot reach me. I own a trucking company and I have over a hundred customers from all over the U.S. I am losing thousands of dollars every day for the last four days now. I call them every day and they finally said will send a teck out to turn on the main line and that was suppose to be yesterday. No One has showed up yet.

  • Gi
      16th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Call them and ask the to do an alternate answer transfer of your main line. Transfer it to a cell or another number that is working right now. I had the same thing happen to me. I set up a virtual number on google voice so I could transfer incoming calls wherever I wanted them then I had them set up the alternate answer using my google voice number. AT&T sucks.

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