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ATT / air card service

1 372 3rd street thomasBirmingham, AL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 205 324 9673

I have a att air card bought 2/9/09 was not told that I have only 5gig cap on my 60 dollar charge a month : looked on bill online about 3/1/09 and there was not a bit usage amount so I kept using card continually: on today 3/17/09 in the morning I tried to connect was rejected code 718; called att cs this evening (Akram) said over 7 gig was used and will be charged well over a thousand dollar for next bill due ; I will keep you posted on outcome of this...

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  • Pa
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I also bought an att air card and got on a plan and was never told about a 5GB monthly cap.When I got my bill it had $546 of overuse charges.I told them I was never told about the cap and they said corporate would review my case.We'll see.I think ATT is very deceptive in their advertising.

  • Ak
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    omg i so agree with you guys on this. i am planning on doing a lawsuit but need some more people with the same problem to back me up. if interested call me 646 207 6126. This problem needs to be address

  • Mr
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    I also just found out that I have a 5GB Cap. That is not what I was told when I got the AT&T Air card 3/08. I was told for $60.00 a month was for unlimited use...And the card really isn't worth $60.00 a month in the area I live in. It's nothing like AT&T Rep said it would be...

  • Ch
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Oh, I guess I am the most worst case here, been charged for over usages $3000.00. I downloaded images or videos a lot, of course I didn't know there was limitations of usages. I have been shocked all these days, don't know what to do. I can not believe there is limitations of uses for internet. I have to blame myself not reading my contract or lack of languages, but I can't recall that I was informed about 5G, either...

  • Tr
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    I have you beat - I signed up for an "unlimited" contract - AT&T had BIG green and other signs posted all over the country - $68 and change for UNLIMITED Internet. I heard NOTHING about a cap. I had to "hot card" my bank card a while back when it got lost. I called on 06/11 to pay my bill, and set my new card up. Thank GOD they screwed that up! 12 days after paying $166.87, my Internet was off - the ol 718 error. Two days later, I called them, and was informed that I owed over $8000 - I kid you not - and had to pay HALF of it to get my card turned back on. Are you on drugs? I subscribe to Netflix, and do download eBooks and such, but this is nuts. First off, I never received any letter as they claim that our "unlimited" service was being castrated to 5 gigs. If I HAD, for one thing, I wouldn't have been watching movies and such over the Internet as I was, and more importantly I would have probably had them cancel the contract, because like others, I signed up for UNLIMITED Internet. Altering the terms of the contract a BIT is ONE thing, but this goes to BREACH - nowhere near the ORIGINAL terms. would think that if someone was going over, they would have shut it off or notified you at, oh, I don't know...500? 1000? But working full-time (driving over the road) they're trying to claim I used over $8, 000 worth of usage here in the 12 days since I paid the LAST over-inflated bill?
    This just started transpiring last night. Went to verizon today and got one of THEIR aircards - at least they were honest about the 5 gig limit. AT&T says someone will contact me after the 4th of next month, and try to "work things out" after my account closes. I told them all that was going to be "worked out" was for me to contact the SAG, FTC, BBB, an attorney, the media...

  • Be
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    I have to agree with everyone. Luckily I read the net forums and discovered that my use was limited to 5G, not that I have a clue what 5G is BUT, I too was lied to. The rep said $60 a month for unlimited air time. That was in June of this year. I never got the rebate promised either.Not only that, in my area the air card is faster than dial up ( after midnight) 1/3 of the time. Slower than dial up 1/3 of the time and the other 1/3 is just don't bother since mostly I get error messages and "Internet Explorere Cannot open the Web page, " . At least with dial-up I had unlimited usage.The main problem is that I am locked into a 2 year contract. No doubt to keep customers since the service is so lousy. Still it is cheaper than dial up. I have to pay an extra $36.00 a month for a dedicated line for the computer and $20.00 for dial-up. AT&T forces you to take a "package" on any line whether you need it or not. I am really frustrated with how corporate America rips you off then whines about profits.

  • Gh
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    I too agree, I had an unlimited contract for the first year, but when I renewed, it was 5 Gig., like most of us that resorted to the aircard, I have no other choice for decent internet service. I just want to hit someone every time I see the AT&T commercials for unlimited wifi for $19.95/mo. How can customers be treated so differently? I have written and called everyone at AT&T about this, including the executives...bottom line, they don't care. I have suggested that if AT&T doesn't want to provide DSl or WIFI in an area, then they should, at least, give us true unlimited usage on the aircard, after all we are paying 3 times what other customers are paying for better connections!!

  • Sh
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I totally agree does anyone know how I can get out of this 2 year contract this AT&T mercury usb aircard is pretty much worthless!!! I can't get anything done in a timely manner fastest 3g network my ###!!! Wish my fiance would've listen when I wanted to get an air card through my carrier who is Verizon Wireless they have a map for that ;-)

  • To
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    I too bought a 3 gig card from car toys in march of 2009
    i have acontract does not say i only can use 5 gs of data i have proof of every month that i used 6.8 gigs to 11gs till june when the new ipad came out where att was in the paper and the article said they were changing there unlimited for customers and was going to 5gs of data
    in july 4th i was kicked off the internet because of over usage and was going to charge me i called att and argued with themand asked to talk to supervisor dhe got on phone and asked her why all of a sudden i'm kicked off when iwas told i had a unlimited plan for the internet she hooked me up and said she couldnt see the mistake or why i was kicked off and said she would look into it and call me back in a few days she never called back! july 4th my plan was interuped again no service
    called said i was way over my usage and i owed extra money and i asked to talk to superviser he calculated it up i would be paying some large amount over my $60 a month i said ive been an att customer since 1998 even when you went to cingular where we got screwed and then came back to att so i have been watching how many mbs i use and hate it its not right they can change to suit there needs

  • Kh
      15th of Oct, 2010
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    I just opened an email from AT&T that said I was over my limit on airtime. When I purchased my air card I was told then it was unlimited and for 2 1/2 years I have had no overages and we use our card daily all day. I called AT&T and they informed me that now I'm on a 5 gig plan (which is only 40 hours). How can any company change a contract without a persons knowledge? I am seeking a Class Action Lawsuit for this matter as well. I paid over $300 for the card that will be useless since I am dropping AT&T.

    I contacted AT&T this morning and spoke to Chloe ID# RC367W and was informed that any overages this month would be adjusted without overage charges. (Oh how nice of her lol ...NOT.) This is just another way WE THE PEOPLE are getting bent over again by another LARGE Corporation.

    I was never informed about this change nor were we contacted with an option to opt out. Think about it... You could use 5 gig in 2 days so what is a person to do that works remotely from home with an air card?

    I also am seeking information for filing a Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T. Any information concerning this would be greatly appreciated

    Joe Kennedy

    Prague Okla.

  • Vi
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    My husband and I are another AT&T aircard user who only found out about the 5G cap when our internet connection was blocked. Our contract, as all these complaints, is for UNlimited service. I'm curious how they can change our contract midstream. When talked with AT&T staff it was determined nothing was sent to us to let us know we now had a useage cap. They did tell us that prior to blocking our account they sent 3 alersts ... to our Aircard device. (Can you receive 'emails' on the aircard? Where would I find them??) Our option with AT&T was to either cancel our contract and they would waive the early cancellation charge OR change our contract to the 'new' contract and they would turn us back on. No thanks, we are keeping the contract we originally signed and use it hopefully as support when a Class Action Suit is started. We've been satisfied with AT&T but this is breach of contract. I don't mind the limit BUT ONLY AFTER our CURRENT contract expires. I, like others, would be willing to start the Class Action but need support of other users, names, addresses and documents. If someone else is starting the Class Action you can notify me and I will provide you documentation to support my allegations. Thank you. Vickie Buckwalter, Anna Texas

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