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I have had them for two years as soon as I started having problems with my service and complained my bill went up each month till now they want $411 when theres no way in *** I owe that much I would most deff tell you not to use this company they rip you off over and over GOING WITH DISH!!!Atlantic also has very very rude sales reps and even the supers are rude very unsatisfied costumer and I will never deal with them again and would suggest that others do the same stick with dish!!!better service for sure!

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  • I am missing the Super Bowl because of Altantic NarrowBand-aid. Not had cable for days because of a snow storm. I'd be sympathetic, but we lose our cable all the time. Mostly on beautiful, 70 to 80 degree days, with not a trace of wind.
    I love it when they call and ask me to turn both my phone and internet over to them. If I'd do that, I may as well go back to chisel and hammer, and a big block of granite.

    I would have to write a book longer than War & Peace to tell you how many problems I've had with them. The reason I can't go to a dish is that I have a very large house and use all 14 of the TV's I have hooked up. If there was a way to not have to have a box per two TV's I'd leave these clowns in a second.

    When, oh when, will there be an answer to my plight!!! TV is important to us, but not enough to have to buy 7 plus cable boxes.

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  • An
      Aug 19, 2019
    Atlantic Broadband - Internet and Televsion Cable
    330 Drummer Dr, Grasonville, MD 21638
    United States

    Service line does notproduce the baud rate I contracted for service.

    More importantly, I have accomadeted two lost days of pay for the company's technician to service the line with no results or solution.

    Please help me?

    Your time is greatly appreciated.

    Unhappy Atlantic Broadband Customer

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