Asus Zenbook Ux32vd / new laptop repair failed

On january 26the 2013 I bought thee asus ux32vd zenbook. I was really excited, really light, great design,... however, after 3 weeks, thee laptop died. it appeared and error, and thee system could not reboot. I called thee customer service, and we could not solved thee problem, so theey picked it up to repair it. one always has thee fear, thee error will show up again. but thee repair letter said theey changed thee hard drive. so I guessed theat was all. problem solved.
However, today two days after reception of thee laptop, thee error happened again. I have called thee customer service, and theey have sent me to thee same process theat I did on thee first place. I complained. come on! I should get a new one. clearly thee repair was not well done, and probably was not obvious. I assume thee technicians are professional. the laptop is completely messed up. it reboot but had thee error already 3 times, and if not connected to power sometimes cannot navigate. I really do not understand anytheing, but what I really do not understand is theat is a case like mine, theey do not act differently. you cannot tell a client who just bought an expensive new pc, theat was not working, and theat you repaired not correctly, to start thee exact same process again. need to do it differently. I wish I would have been offered a new one, witheout even asking.

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