Asus Republic Of Gaming / Lost gaming laptop

United States

I bought an ASUS Republic of Gamers G74SX-DH71 Full HD 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop November 25, 2011.
Everything was fine and enjoyed the computer but one day the system stopped working.
I called Tech support and they issued me a RMA to send it in under warranty around November 11th 2013.
I sent it in and December 26th 2013 I called to find out the status of my system and I was told it was sent back to me fix end of November.
I was told by ASUS that it was not their problem and to talk to FedEX.
I called FedEX and filed a claim and was told that ASUS only had a $100 issuance on a $5, 000 laptop.
I spent a month bouncing back and forth between ASUS and FedEX.
I talked to a lawyer and no one really wanted to touch it because there was not enough profit in it for them.
Needless to say I am out a laptop and no one cares.
I am sure that FedEX gives a big company like ASUS a discount so them not insuring it for the full amount is stupid.
FedEX told me that because ASUS only chose to insure it for $100 that is all they would give me.
ASUS makes great products but their customer service sucks.
Can't even really call it customer service because they refused to do anything for me including file a report with FedEX.
I have had things lost in shipping before and usually the company will help with filling a claim.
But with ASUS they could had cared less that I was out a computer.
I suggest that you stay away from ASUS, if you chose to ignore my warning pray that you never have to get it fixed.

Apr 14, 2014

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