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Asus India / Full replacement or full refund

1 Delhi, NY, United States Review updated:

I had purchase ultrabook on 15 Jan 2013 from ASUS authorized (Euretec Infosys) G-3, Raja House 30-31, Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019,

Following Ultrabook details are as follows:
Serial Number: C8N0A2S22070334D,
COA: [protected],
Price: Rs 44500/-
Case id: 8357256 and another case id 2529626 has been created by Mr Barry D(US Asus team On-line chat support) .
Mail request ID is WTM20130304063757377

4 March 2013

I had noticed that there was one white spot found at the bottom of my screen and it's a manufactured defect.

So I had emailed to technical team about the same (mail request ID is WTM20130304063757377).

On 5 March 2013

I had placed a first call on ASUS toll-free call center number and tell them about the same but Mr Siddhesh deny my request to send the executive at my home for
check the manufactured defect and requesting to me to send the screen shot regarding my issue I told to him continuously it will not showing on the screen shot but
still he is deny my request.o again I palced a call to your call center and explained about the same to your executive but this time your executive accept my request and generated my case id :8357256.

On March 6 2013

Mr. Vinay had visited my home and saw the same and said to me that it is completely screen fault and I told him to replace my ultrabook .

So he told me that I will fwd your issue to IT head and you will get a call from asus regarding the same.

But I had not received any call from ASUS side regarding the same so I again placed a call to ASUS call center and asked for what about the status?

Call center executive told me we are not yet get a solution about your issue then I asked what will do now to get the new ultrabook in reply to my question your executive told me that it is not possible to replace the same

But I told them that I will not get panel replacement I want as a whole to be replace as provide me the same as it is completely new ultrabook and I had spent near about 50 thousand rupees and your executive complete deny the same so I requesting to transfer my call to your senior member from where I will get the solution therefore your executive had transfer my call to North Delhi Regional Manager (Mr Ramesh Chand) and again I had explain the whole issue to him but he told me that we will not provide you the replacement we will only provide you the screen panel replacement but again I told him that it is newly purchase ultrabook and past one months
I had not present at delhi that is why I am able to noticed regarding the same but still he is continuously said that it is not in my hand we will replace the same if If product fails within 7days from purchase date .

And he is disconnecting my call without my noticed such kind of services I never expect such kind of respond that got from Asus Brand.
So again I placed a call to ASUS call center explain the same and asked for the regional manager phone number and again placed a call to Mr Rmaesh Chand I spoke to near about 17 minute but he is not providing me the solution how to get my ultrabook replace.
Then I asked to provide me your higher authority number and email id but he is deny my request.
So again I had placed a call to ASUS Call center and explain the same and ask for Higher authority and one of your executive Mr Steven given me the Mr Sunny Chaurasia(Asst. Service Manager (Systems) ASUS Technology Pvt Ltd. mail id .

On 8 March 2013

I had emailed to Mr Sunny Chaurasia (Asst. Service Manager (Systems) ASUS Technology Pvt Ltd.and shared the entire incident that was happened as above.

I get a reply from Mr Sunny where he had written and requesting to Mr Ramesh (Service inservice Call center Reginonal office Delhi) share the complete call history for this case, along with screenshot of the LCD with customer invoice.

On 12 March 2013

Again I had written to Mr Sunny that how long I should wait for replace my manufactured defect ultra book (S56CA-XX056R).

On 12 March 2012

Mr Sunny had written in his mail that Mr Ramesh has already spoken to me that there is no problem in display and also he had written in a email that for customer satisfaction ASUS can arrange for panel replacement.

On 13 March 2013.

I had again written to I will not accept the only panel replacement as it's a new ultrabook and also requesting that if you are not able to resolve my issue then please provide me the higher authority contact number of ASUS so that I will raise my concern.

On 13 March 2013.

Mr Sunny again written in his mail that Product has a repair warranty only. As there is a LED Panel problem we may only replace the panel. We cannot replace the unit and requesting to Mr Ramesh for spare replacement.

On 14 March 2013

Again I had written and requesting for Higher management ASUS Contact details regarding my issue and concern.

On same date I got a reply from Mr Sunny he had written in his mail that he had shared call details with ASUS Management and they are very much ready to replace the spare but still they deny my whole unit replacement.

And he had also shared the RMA No. INV1330025.

On 15 March 2013

Again I had written on my mail for requesting the complete panel replacement with company sealed packed and also written why this problem is arising?

On Same day he had written that he part which need to be replaced is only display panel and not plastic body and he had also written in his email that As far as the spare is concern our warehouse technical team checks each and every spare once received from our main warehouse hub from our HQ. So spare may not be complete seal pack but we assure you the quality of the spare.

On 16 March 2013

After replacing the the new LED panel by Mr Vinay(ASUS service center executive) the same problem is still arising("small spot is still showing at bottom of the screen"), and the panel "Top Case" is not fitted properly at all and it's now not look like as the same when I had purchased.

So, now this time you should replace the whole unit as it's a totally ASUS manufacturing defect ultrabook had provided by your authorized dealer and again I had requesting for higher management contact details.

On 17 March 2013

Again I had written to Mr Sunny and requesting for complete replacement and also requesting for higher management contact details.
But still ignoring my email as not provided me the higher authority contact details.

On 18 March 2013

Again Mr Sunny had written in his mail and requesting to Mr Ramesh that he need all photograph of display panel.

On 18 March 2013

I had again written to Ms Sukanya(R Specialist) and Rohan Kadam (Manager - Corporate Marketing & PR) and formally submit a complaint, and to put the facts of the situation on record and I had wriiten that ASUS Customer services didn't work at all. The spot is still persisting & further while replacing LED panel, certain & hardwares got damaged, so in that case it is your responsibilty to either remove that spot that has observed again or do some alternate arrangement so that it can be sold with the existing price on which I had bought.As I am in Job & I need daily requirement of the system so I want permanent solution which had started from the the day on which I had buy it. There may be some manufacture defect in the system, if so then in that case u have to completely exchange with a new.

But I had not got any reply from Ms Sukanya(R Specialist) and Rohan Kadam(Manager - Corporate Marketing & PR)

On same date I got a reply from Mr Sunny and requesting to me that “Your problem will be resolved at our level. Requesting you to kindly co-operate.”

On 19 March 2013

I had written in my mail that on Saturday Service centre manager Mr Javed Khan also visited at my home and I had shown him all the damages and white spot But Mr Sunny had written in his mail that there is no problem in display.

On same day he had also written in his mail that and requesting to Mr Javeed as “As discussed, awaiting your response on this.”

On 20 March 2013

I got a reply from Mr Sunny had written “we have arranged visit at your place as per your convenience to resolve the issue. After replacing the panel on Saturday 16th March 2013 problem has been resolved. And provided me the email id of

And he also written to Mr Pradesh that As discussed, we have replace the display panel for customer and found there is no issue in the unit. Kindly look into this.

On 21 March 2013

I had written to Mr Pradish Nair Service Manager (Systems) / Call Center Manager and submit the same complaint to him and again I had explain the whole issue/concern to him.

On Same day I got a reply from him and he had written in his mail and requesting me to submit the unit to ASUS incharge Mr Ramesh at ASUS regional office.

On same day I had again reply to Mr Pradish that I am not able to visit at your service center as Mr Javed had already visited my home and I had shown him my issue and concern,

On that day again Mr Pradish had shared ASUS head Allen (
On same date I had again written the same matter to Mr Allen.

On 22 March 2012

I had sent a reminder mail again to Mr Allen.
On 23 March 2012

I had sent a reminder mail again to Mr Allen.

On 24 March 2013

I got a reply from Mr Pradish Nair and requesting for submit the unit to regional office

Again I had written to him that told him that I will not handover my unit to Mr Ramesh(In-charge) .

One same day I also got a reply from Mr Allen and he assure me that his team to visit at my place and solve my issue .

On 26 March 2013

I had sent a two email sent to higher following management of ASUS team I got all the details from Google itself .

The newly appointed country head of ASUS India, Peter Chang,

(Regional Head – South Asia & Country Manager, System Business Group, ASUS India)

Asus appoints Mr. Rajeev Chaudhari as Director for System Business in India (

Mr Vinay Shetty, Country Head (Component Business),

Alex Huang, Managing Director, Asus India (

Allen ASUS Head:

On March 28 2013

I had again sent a reminder mail to above higher management team

But I will get a reply from Mr Pradish and again requesting for repair only as I already told him that I will not go for repair.

On 29 March 2013.

So I had again written to higher authority management team that it is not possible for me to repair my laptop once again, as because in my previous mail I have already mentioned that I need the complete replacement of either the whole set or my existing defective panel with at least with sealed Complete LED panel (incl. all internal and external component) of genuine product of ASUS ( reason is familiar with you ),

if I could repair the laptop then I could do it in the beginning but your team has has replaced my original LED panel with a panel which is defective from the beginning ( reason mentioned in my previous mail ).

So this time I need complete replacement of my defective panel with a genuine ASUS product so that I could be totally satisfied with ur service. So it is my request to please replace my existing defective pane with a new one, also kindly suggest your team to do the needful as Mr Pradesh has continuously repeating the same thing of repairing my laptop instead of replacement may they r ignoring my main concern.

So Mr Alex, Mr Allen and Mr Peter, it is my humble request to look into this matter with immediate effect as this case is wide open from 6th March 2013 & still the matter is not yet been resolved.

On 29 March 2013.

I had again sent a reminder mail to above higher management team

Apr 3, 2013
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  • Ar
      8th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am Arjun sharma i had purchased my asus notebook on 27 january 2013 and i have facing some worst problem in my asus notebook every week ... i have visited so many times asus service center whose located in skipper corner modi infotech nehru place...but they misguide me always and they don't given any satisfactory solution to plz kindly maintain the dignity of asus company by the giving me some perfect solution...

  • An
      25th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I bought an As us laptop 2nd August 2013 X55C-SX161D Laptop (3rd Gen PDC/ 2GB/ 500GB HD
    After 4to5 days Keyboard was not working properly I raise the concern regarding the same to Asus 6th aug 2013
    after that they replace me a key bord on 20th Augest 2013.after that i start using the laptop, but it kept happening the computer would suddenly going to stand by mode.The technician who assisted me said that something is obviously wrong with the motherboard.

    Note :With in 20 days my motherboard got crashed i am genuinely requesting to asus customer support team so many time please replace my laptop now this stage i am relay frustrated please do the needful.

    Aniket S Datey.

  • Se
      21st of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have bought asus zenphone 6 ( MODEL : A600CG-2A253WWE : SERIAL NUMBER: E6AZCY949775) from “hello world complete mobile store”, adayar, Chennai on 6th august 2014, I was happy about the phone but on 30th august 2014 the zenphone 6 became dead, and was inoperable due to no power supply so I gave the phone to asus authorizesd service center at Chennai, the RMA NUMBER : INUI480427, with the complaint registered as no power on, the phone was rectified and was delivered with a comment that there was mild loose connection in battery. And again on 11th September 2014, the zenphone 6 caused problem so I gave my mobile to that same authorized serive center with complaint registered as auto on and off, the RMA NUMBER : INUI490202, then the service manager mr.loganathan informed me that the motherboard and display was defective in my particular phone. The service engineer replaced those parts and gave me my mobile on 18th august 2014. It was the shock of my life, a brand new mobile bought only on 6th august 2014, hardly 36 days old from mobile store has its motherboard and display defective, so i still feel insecure about the phone, sir I request you to kindly direct your authorities - to refund my money as I am mentally upset about the standerd of the asus zenphone 6, and quality of the product which is brand new, thinking about its long run is unimaginable, since i got my zenfone 6 yesterday only, from your authorized service center the zenfone looks normal at present after changing the mother board and display, i was previously having iphone, if any problem occurs the apple iphone company replaces the entire phone itself ( during the warranty period of 1 year)but here in my case of complete motherboard( heart of the mobile phone) and display - which is defective, asus technology could replace only the defective spare only, ( i suspect what else is defective in my hand set - zenfone 6) so i dont know what will happen, in days to come, as in 36 days time ( from 6th august till 18 th september i have visited the asus service center many times - on average 5 to 6 times ) i don't want to waste my time by keeping on coming to your service center frequently, so i want to return the phone to u and get back my money( rs 17000) . as the quality of your brand new zenfone 6 is not standard( just imagine brand new phone - motherboard and display is defective within one month time, what will happen in days to come ? i know the company is giving one year warranty, but whats the use if this repeats after 1 year ?)

  • Sm
      2nd of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes


    As per trail mail.

    My CASENO=A150609181.

    I purchased one notebook of your company ASUS. Model – X553M dated on 29.05.2015 around evening 8:30pm on your exclusive store Wellwin computer. MI Road, Jaipur

    Next day (Saturday) I worked on notebook 2 or 3 time. Saturday evening around 6:30PM – 7:00PM
    I saw one part on notebook open same palace. I tired contact to your customer care but your IVR Says that your office timing 9am-6pm. Then I call to your exclusive distributor Wellwin computer. They say that I visit Monday.

    I visit Monday wellwin computer, they hold my notebook & I came back after 1-2 hours.

    I come back on wellwin computer after 2-3 hours. They return my notebook with paste same part of notebook. But I says what is this ? why paste this part. Why not replace this part & notebook.
    But they say no any problem rise in future. If any problem rise in future then your notebook in warranty period .

    Today I call your customer care executive, they listen my complaint & they generate a case id according my complaint.

    After I visit your service center F1 Infosolutions & Services, 1/3A, Yudishtar Marg, Near Dear Park,
    C-Scheme, jaipur.

    Your service center executive reject my complaint, they say’s this notebook OUT OF WARRENTY. Because this part of paste. This is count in damage.

    I discussed with wellwin computer / customer support & service center executive on telephonic talk.

    Also your customer care executive says me that this notebook out of warranty. Now in future any problem rise in notebook then your notebook repair on paid service.

    I loss my warranty on one mistake/misguide your distributor.

    Now I am mentally disturbed. I loss my wealth & peace.

    I requested to you replace my notebook.

    Give me new notebook with 1+2 = 3 year warranty. Warranty extend reference id ASUS89854.

  • Bh
      21st of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Sir/ Madam,
    I purchased one notebook of your company ASUS. Product Type : Notebook, Product Model : X553MA, Product S/N : F2N0CV071564067
    dated on 20.07.2015 on your exclusive store Shreeji Technical Services, Aurangabad MS. Friday 18/09/2015 I worked on notebook and sleep mode for sometime, after the one hour I trying to switch on but Notebook was not start. Next day I visit your exclusive store they say goes to Asus Service Center. I discussed with customer support & service center executive on telephonic talk. They listen my complaint & they generate a case id according my complaint. Case ID- A1509135364
    They say, we have created onsite support for you and our Engineer will visit at your given address within 2 working days. But I shocked because of Asus Quality, If within One & half month my Notebook are create some problems so, I can how to judge Asus Notebook product is best? also I can how to suggest anyone for Asus?
    Sir/Madam I will request you please replace my Notebook within one week, because I am a Ph. D. Research Student and now my work is stop down. I loss my valuable time and many important work. Please try to understand my problem and immediately replace my notebook given address, and see the attached file of Tax Invoice.
    Thanking You!
    Mr. Bharatbhushan Digambar Pandit
    Ph. D. Student,
    Department of Botany,
    Yashvantrao Chavan Institute of Science,
    Satara- 415001
    Maharashtra (INDIA)

  • As
      13th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Actually right now I don’t know the exact ETA date. 8th Oct. I’ve asked your customer care executive for call status, Mr. Lakhan Vishwakarma informed me the ETA date is 19 Oct. on mail. After that I’m continuously follow up for same, but there is no revert for call status. On 12th Oct. 5:08 PM Mr. Ramesh Chand informed me the ETA date is 20 Oct. But when I informed “that’s also too much for me” Mr. Ramesh Chand extended the ETA date on 21st Oct.Now who is confirm me CPU Fan, Keyboard & Touchpad replaced on ETA date & resolved my problem!!! This call was pending around one month. i promise i had never assist any one for Asus product, because of irresponsible services provider.

  • De
      1st of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Dear Concern
    I have purchased ASUS ZE551 ML on dated 22/Oct./2015 from Hi-FLY InfoTech (Refer Attached Invoice copy).
    ON 24th Oct. when I connected my mobile with Wi-Fi in office than immediately I got an error “No SIM or SIM Error”.
    On 26th Oct. I had visited to Vodafone Store for the same problem where they shown the same sim was working ok in other handset when using WI-FI network. Hence there was no problem with Sim as I was using the same SIM in my previous Nexus Mobile.
    Than I took a screenshot of the problem where it was showing No SIM or SIM Error, Cellular Network Not Available(Refer attached Screen Shots taken on 26th Oct.).
    If I was making the WI-FI off than immediately networks was there in mobile.
    Same day at 7.00pm I had visited your Service Centre at Regenersis India Private Limited Nehru Place Delhi but it was closed.
    On 28th Oct. I did online chat with ASUS customer care and explained the whole problem to your executive (you can check that 12.00 PM) on which he confirmed there is some problem with hardware in mobile. (Reference call id is A1510201416).
    Today again I visited the same service center where the in-charge confirmed me as on date the set is out of replacement warranty terms so only can repair this hand set.
    Now tell me if someone has spent 22000/- and problem is coming within two days of purchase then why to go for repairing and service.
    And hence I want replacement only of this set.

    I will be waiting for a positive response.

    Devindr Vashishth

  • Ro
      21st of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    i have purchased asus laser 550 phone from flipkart, after 1 month the display went out. i have approached asus authorised service center-Regenerises, kadavantra, kochi for repair under warranty terms. but they return it in fully scratched, broken backcase, fitted with old display unit, so i return it and i need new phone of same model and explaination for delay of 2 weeks

  • Ra
      15th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Note: A151280236

    Explanation abt my issue:

    I have purchased Asus Zenfone 2 Laser on Oct 02nd 2015 and Suddenly on Nov 09th my mobile display was not working and I am unable to see anything on the display. So I tried connecting my phone with PC using Asus PC link and found that my phone was working fine & display is the issue. So taken my mobile phone to F1 Info Solutions & Services Private Limited(Near Ega theatre, Chennai) on 14th Nov 2015. On 19th I got call from the service centre that my mobile is fine and I can collect it. So went to service centre on 21st Nov 2015 to collect my mobile. First thing when they gave my phone there is no charge in mobile(Battery is completely drained). When I enquired about this to service centre rep they said that there is no power so they were unable to charge it. So I waited there for 20-30 mins to charge my mobile for about 5% and then I checked whether my display is working fine or not. When I reached home in the evening I tried charging my mobile completely and found that my camera app is not working. (Error message : Unable to launch the application as it is used by another app. Please restart and try again) I tried troubleshooting by restarting the mobile and factory reset. However the issue hasn’t fixed. Since 22nd Nov 2015 Sunday is holiday I tried calling the service centre on 23rd Nov 2015 and informed that I have given my mobile for Display issue but now camera is not working so the service centre rep asked me to bring the mobile to service centre for inspection on the next day. I informed him that since I have office I cannot bring the mobile to service centre on weekdays so he said that I can bring on Saturdays.

    Note : I have gone to that service centre for Display issue but they have created another issue (Camera problem).

    So I have taken the mobile phone to service centre on 28th Nov 2015 Saturday and they told that there is some hardware issue so they have to inspect it and I can get the mobile by Monday 30th Nov 2015. But I haven’t got any call from the service centre about my repair status. Starting from 30th nov 2015 since there is incessant rain in Chennai & communication network issue I am unable to reach the service centre and even I haven’t got any status call from them. So on 07th Dec 2015 I directly went to the service centre and enquired about the mobile repair status. They said that due to incessant rain in Chennai their service was not function for the past few days and they have started working only from 07th Dec 2015 and I will get call regarding the status within a day i.e. on 08th Dec 2015. But again I haven’t got any call or response from them. So I decided to visit the service centre on Saturday 12th Dec 2015. But on 12th Dec 2015 I got call from the service centre stating that my mobile phone has a liquid lock issue so it will not cover under warranty and I need to pay around ₹ 8200 approximately. For your information I bought that mobile only 1 month back for ₹ 9999.

    1. First thing, will it take 2 weeks to inspect the mobile that it has liquid lock?
    2. Service centre people are saying that I have made the liquid lock so they cannot repair the mobile under warranty. I am very much sceptical that water lock issue has been happened only from the service centre end as everyone knew that whole Chennai city is flooded due to incessant rain in Chennai. So It’s very hard for me to believe what they are saying?
    3. So I called the Asus customer care to complain about that service centre but the customer service rep taken that service centre rep in conference and asked about the issue which is not satisfactory for me. So Customer care executive asked the service centre rep to forward the case to Regional service manager for replacement. But I haven’t got any proper response from them as well.
    So I need proper assistance for this issue and I want my Mobile phone either to be repaired under warranty or replacement as the issue happened only because of Service centre mistake.

    No 5, First street Uzhaipalar Nagar,
    Chennai - 72.

  • Ma
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    yes company is thief now who is just looting inidan customer, they do same attitude, according we should never buy product of asus

  • Kv
      21st of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have been fooled by the asus company dealer in gip mall noida u.p, he has never told me that they dont have service available for user who buy notebook, my notebook is just 5 months old and it gets hang repeatedly, after even registering the complaint online and even through phone no one turn one and even the company has no courtesy to call and confirm the nature of complaint. I agree one should never buy Asus company product they are not at all reliable.

  • Bi
      14th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hello there,

    This is Binit from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.Seriously I hv been facing a very bad experience with one of your Useless/value less/standard less/faulty product that is Asus max.

    I ordered and got delivered this [censored] device from the gr8 e-commerce site Flipkart on 19th april 2016 at Bangalore.After using the device for 42days, suddenly the device got

    switched off and was heating like a hot iron even i felt some burning smell also, I tried a lot to start the device but it failed to start not even able to charge.

    then I hd consult with the customer support team and went to the service centre at Bangalore.The technicians told me, its a serious hardware issue and need to change the full main board,

    sub board and the lcd.So I submitted the device on 3rd june 2016, the device was kept by the service centre for 12 days.I dont know what they were doing with the device for 12 days, after repairing

    they called me on 15th june 2016 to deliver the device.After that again I used the device for 15days and found a new issue i.e my calling Mic and Calling Speaker was not working properly as earlier.

    So i tried to talk with the useless asus support team and hd request for a new handset as already it was repaired once but they denied and suggest me to visit service centre once more, so I went and again

    submitted the device at Bhubaneswar service centre on 4th july 2016, Unfortunately the technicians did not find the root cause of the defect and told me there was some

    mistake happened by the previous service centre i.e at Bangalore.Anyway Finaly it was revealed that they hav not changed the mother board, sub board and the lcd at bangalore, they just cheated me like a fool.

    Finally the Bhubanswar Branch Service centre changed the mother board and subboard and deliver it to me But its very embaressing and irritating that the device has been repaired for two times and again

    the defect has not been fixed bull****t. Again i was bound to give it to the service centre for third time and just before 1 hr they called me to deliver but i faced the same issue so i did not recieve the device.Shame on ASUS that it cant able to repair and not capable to replace with a new one lol.I dont understand

    why it is into the mobile business, better it would sale some plastic items or tea, coffee on street.Asus is completely useless and cheaters as it sailing the [censored] cheapest product and giving very bad quality service.

    Anyway Rite now I am going to put the same comments on all of the E-Commerce site and all the social media forums.

    Its a big challenge for me now, I must go for a Consumer case and reveal all about the frauds and cheats of ASUS so that the consumers can be aware and not go for

    any of the Asus Product as its totaly useless.I dont want to get the old faulty device from the service centre again, I DONT WANNA KNOW BOUT THE REPLACEMENT POLICY BUT I


    Here are the RMA details.




  • Pr
      7th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    dear asus team,
    I would like to inform you that I am totally not satisfied with your way of communication and other services. its very frustrating that you have nearly taken 1 week time just for updating the warranty status. I have a gut feeling that I made wrong choice in buying the asus product. From your previous email its very clear that you have stated it would take 7 days for updating the warranty status but right now there is no update moreover I have a feeling that asus has sold me a device with manufacturing fault for your kind information i have replaced motherboard for 3 times and this going to be 4th time, battery for 2 times charger for 1 time, SSD hardisk for 1 time and USB port for 1 time. Just imagine if this is the status of a device can we consider it as a laptop? so with this all in mind i would like get a refund for the device as i have invested about 41000 rupees in it which is totally a crap. else replace it with a new product at any cost i will not accept it as device worth for the money that i paid if this not going to be done i would take it very seriously and take it to any extend. further for you kind information let me state the present problem that i am facing right now in the device

    Firstly the the battery doesn't get charged fully which is a clear significance that there is some internal problem. There might be issues with the charger which causes the battery to get charged up-to a level only (88%) I still strongly believe that this problem is not due to my constant use, more over i state that the battery was just replaced in previous services and within such short duration, this anomalous activity of the battery cant accepted at any cost

    The USB port in right side doesn't work properly, where there is need to place the pen-drive or any other gadgets in particular positions then only the gadgets gets detected. the port is very shaky which has to be resolved

    The back cover of the laptop is damaged where one of the screw is not placed in the right side of the hinge zone in the bottom side. While questioning about the screw to previous service center he replied that the screw zone was broken before itself and he said that the bay cant be replaced! I would strongly rise a question Was the product damaged by me or the service person? the screw zone was damaged by the service person due to mishandling of the product. i kindly request the service engineer to replace the bay at-least now. The LAN port has also lost the tightness where I couldn't use the LAN cable

    For my studies I am using windows and linux and during project I am forced to use other versions of linux so i kindly request the service engineers to provide the original OS that i got with the laptop in DVD where, i will be able to install when ever there is a need to do so. Please kindly remember yourself that i have paid some amount for the original version of windows 8 during the purchase and its clear that i must be having the OS as i have paid for it

    the display was working till the last shut down. When i turned it on I didn't get any startup or any signal in the display, there was not even BIOS display. Apart form this, left Conner in the display is having some problem which i couldn't explain in words but if you clearly notice in left side of the display you can find it which is the manufacturing fault.

    The screws that are being screwed in the laptop are not the suitable screws for the laptop. because of this mistake the longer screws has been screwed in the wrong place and damaged the laptop in the left side of mouse pad itself, due to its longer length there has been impression in the upper side of the laptop. while contacting the previous service engineer I came to know that many screws are missing inside the laptop which has made the laptop loose enough

    finally i would say that i am fed-up with this product I strongly believe that the laptop is having so much problem i need it to get the product replaced totally because you might have noticed that i have changed the motherboard for 3 times battery for two times, audio card for 1 time, SSD hard-disk for 1 time, charger for 1 time, display cable for 1 time above all these i have been reporting to the service center for several times. The motherboard is major part of the laptop i have been such severe issues with the laptop means its something wrong with manufacturing of the product itself so i request you to provide me a total replacement of the product
    for your kind refernce regarding the bill please kindly click the below link

  • Sk
      25th of Oct, 2016
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    I ordered my new phone from the online store of Flipkart on 15th June, 2016 with the following details Model ASUS Zen Fone with Model number ASUS _Z010D. Price: Rs. 8999 which comes with the replacement policy of 30 days only. Though my order was successfully completed by Flipkart and within time but there is some part missing in the phone some software/ hardware plate due to which I am unable to use my Net data which is the essential part of life for every youngster.

    In order to get rid of this problem I approached your service center based at Lucknow Narahi Hazratganj. Its been so many days and still my problem is not resolved by the fellows at your service center. Its been more than a week when I approached your service center and till today I have to face many problems in getting problem free phone. I think the fellows at your service centers are very efficient in making fool of their customers. I bought phone for my personal use and not for approaching your service centre daily.

    The attitude of your fellows at service center is forcing me to approach Consumer Forum for filing complaint against you people. Urgent response is required from your side and it will be highly appreciated if you exchange my phone with the new one.

  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2017
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    I brought my laptop In October 2016.
    Since then it was repaired twice for the same issue i.e. abrupt shut down of laptop.
    Now, once again I am facing the same issue.
    It is very sad that I trusted your quality and I did not get the desired quality.
    My product is still under warranty right now so I can get it repaired at your service center. But what will happen when I face the same issue after the completion of warranty period ?
    It is clear that the product is defective. Then why should I suffer for a faulty product.

    This time I am not going to accept the service repair solution that Asus will provide.

    I need a better permanent solution to my problem. I will not bear the cost of repair if I face the same problem again. Why should I suffer for a faulty product that Asus have provided me.

    Please find the below details of my laptop :
    Model : K541UV-XO029D
    Serial number : G7N0CV14W28430D
    Purchase date : 03/10/2016
    Registered email :
    Phone number : 9620376167

    Please help me with my problem

  • Sa
      13th of Nov, 2018
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    Asus India - general complaint
    United States

    murder a lady tonya in imperial pa. on bayberry lane

    email for a $200, 000 reward

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