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C Nov 26, 2017

I was told when buying this phone with the insurance it would be a $50 deductible. The phone was damaged August 2017 we filed the first claim and it was denied without having any notice of this, during that time I paid for a cheap phone to use as backup. I called and found out that it was cancelled because my husband did not sign the paperwork because your company did not show me as authorized even though the account is equally held by both of us. So my husband contacted your reps on 11/24/17 and was told you would reopen the claim for one time because of the messup. then we called on 11/26/17 asking the status because we had no contact after 24 hours as told. Was told again they cancelled the loan again we received no call or email telling us that, so again was lied to about sent email and called when asked what number they called was told the number that was damaged instead of the owner number as told in prior contact. was told when asked to speak to manager that there is not one repeatedly... then was transferred to a different department to be told ok we have the correct info and you will have a $150 deductible what the @!#$ again was told supposed to be $50 then he said we will drop that to $75... but it should have been over$200 this is not right he then said read the fine print on our insurance deductible can change at any time, we purchase insurance through AT&T they don't provide any fine print documentation about the insurance and just tell you it will be $50deductible some one needs to get this straight and stop scamming clients... that is bad business... as I am Realtor & I would never have a sale if I was that way and you should not have business dong it like this

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