Asurionasurion robbing at&t customers

In February my iPhone 6 got damaged and Asurion replaced it for a $200 deductible I had to pay. I did the paper work online in less than 30 minutes. However the replacement phone was a "lemon": it did not behave like an iPhone. When you push the buttons they take a long time to respond to the intended clicks. The problem got worse to the point where the iPhone behaves like it is "possessed" with multiple buttons are pushed by themselves without me touching the screen: IMAGINE ENTERING PASSWORDS IN A "POSSESSED iPHONE..." It made it almost impossible to enter passwords.

When I tried to get Asurion to replace this non-fuctionning iPhone, that could not be done online: their website claim process only addressed damaged or lost products, which require a deductible. When I called Asurion they bounced me back and forth to nonsense extensions. So I had to call AT&T and told them right up front that I could not let them waste my time again: they resolved the problem in over 30 minutes and the second replacement iPhone (iPhone B) was shipped soon after.

I was glad to see the 2nd replacement iPhone (iPhone B) because I thought it would solve my problems because I depend on my iPhone for many professional and personal activities in my life... Then much to my disappointment the 2nd replacement iPhone (iPhone B) began to behave the same way the earlier "lemon" did: the buttons and the sliders did not work faithfully: an iPhone that does not behave is a real nightmare.

The AT&T part of Asurion is off on weekends, I have to call them on weekdays. So I called AT&T at 611 and explained to me my frustration with the insurance plan. They even recommend that I upgrade to an iPhone 7 whereas I currently own the iPhone 6 and I would lose my iPhone 6 if I upgrade. then they referred me to the extension for asurion warranty replacement. I spoke to an Asurion person and I told them to make sure they test the new replacement iPhone properly by acceptable refurbishing standards before they send it to me. I did tell her that I would write to Senator Chuck Schumer if the next replacement wastes my time with defects... They kept me on the phone for over 2 hours and never came back till I put the phone in my pocket and the call got disconnected as soon as I put the phone in my pocket.
I took snap shots of the call: it was a nightmare...

Cell phones are very significant tools in our daily lives, that's why we pay for insurance on cell phones. when the insurance company replaces these valued devices with a refurbished version, they must take precaution to ensure quality performance in the replacement device. Otherwise it adds more frustration in our lives when the replacement for our beloved device behave like a "possessed" piece of electronic. These defective devices are ennoying because we cannot get our desired tasks done. Worst of all, the insurance company wastes our time on the phone. The waste of time on the phone is a major deterrent for customers not to call them. I think some important intervention is needed to prevent this waste of our time.

Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD


May 02, 2017

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