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Charges are too expensive but repeat same show again and again even for months the same movies repeated. Hidden charges without notifying customers - change package RM10.00, reconnection RM20.00. Do they give discount as a rebate during service not available due to rain !!! Cant do our own selection of what package we want - compulsary package !!! If service not good we are not allowed to terminate - TERM AND CONDITION !!! Why we need to pay for service that is not good !!!

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  • Vi
      Apr 15, 2013

    Salam 1 malaysia. name is vigneswaren...i share my problem to astro .Astro staff never give good service for me...I call astro customer service 3 time last Sunday...but my problem never settle...before I pay my Malay lady call me, he she I give discount for u are bill..after pay bill..I call customer service, he she no discount...waste my time and money..she on my astro only 4 day..then stop astro service no gud..., my fon num is [protected] thanks

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  • Ab
      Sep 28, 2019

    @Vigneswaren a/l sadayanaikan Astro is not only bad... this company is extremely bad and does neither provide good customers’ service not look after their customers. I subscribed to Astro since year 2011 and almost always paid my bills on time. A few occasions I missed my payment and the cut me off. On one occasion I missed the payment by one day and they cut me off. After paying, the services were not connected even after a day later and sending them 2 email. Their 03 telephone help only has a stupid voice that tells you to press numbers but there is no way you can talk to an operator, no interactive... stupid... I am contemplating cancelling Astro and just rely on my smart phone. I save about RM340 monthly for Astro channels and WiFi.

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  • Si
      Jun 24, 2013

    Stupid astro service sucks to the max. I subscribed iptv, waste my money waste my time waste my phone charge waste my car petrol to go customer centre. After 3 weeks they told me that my application cannot be completed because they cannot and dont know how to install for me!! How funny is that? Lol

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  • Su
      Sep 05, 2013

    Suresh A/L Poongan Astro Acc- [protected]. Today Astro disconnect my subscription due to outstanding bill RM 36.36 w/o giving reminder call you've immediately disconnected my service which is unacceptable. Astro given me break down on the out outstanding amount.
    Rm36.36 balance from previous month, actually it’s a reconnection fees where I called Astro CS two times for reconnection it where caused me Rm20x2 = 40.
    RM59.99 current month bill from 3rd sept till 3rd of oct 13.
    Total Rm 96.35
    I’m demand for explanation from Astro. Why they disconnect my service due to outstanding RM36.36 or current billing RM59.99?
    Beside of that what I’m wondering is. The entire service provider e.g. Talco and etc, they bill the enduser upon used the service but only Astro billed me prior to use the service…. There no declaration from astro they’ve implement such as billed the enduser prior to usage.. How does astro aspect enduser aware on your implementation?
    Now if I made payment agind I've to call Astro for activition and again astro bill me RM20 for reconnection fees. What it this!
    I think it cloud be reason due to no competitor for Astro. That is reason they set own rules and regulation were nobody can question them.

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  • Be
      Nov 08, 2013

    To Astro Njoi,
    My new encoder problem (Installation date 1st November 2013), 1st call (4th Nov, noon time), operator asked to call back in front of TV. 2nd call (4th Nov, evening), in front TV, operator said will open report, I told that I only free on 8th November, this Friday (more 48hrs), she replied me never mind, she requested me to discuss with technician later. Technician called me on next day, I told that I only free on 8th Nov, he replied me to call back help line. So I make another called on 6th Nov 2013, operator told that the report can hold (remain open) until replacement of encoder set on 8th November, and she told me she will put a remark on the date I requested. Today I called again why no technician no attend for encoder replacement, the another operator told me that the report already closed without highlight to me while my problem encoder still there! I asked her to checked back my call history, I highlight the required date every time I called, but she said no remark! She said that will ask the operator to call me back, I said OK (but I don't know she is cheating me again or not...)
    How you all treat me as a customer the service after sales? My report number [protected]. I am very disappointing with your operator services. Thank you!
    Why the 2nd call operator never highlight to me to call on Thursday to solve problem within 48 hours?

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  • Ce
      Nov 11, 2013

    Hai moring I do agree with our friends that complain about Astro services and their programes we pay our bills so that we can get some good programes but to watch the same movies repeted time and again is a waste of time and worse thing they are offering new channels that are showing the same programes that has been shown over the past few months already is rubbish. Astro should offer us to select our own programes that way we know what we want to watch.

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  • Ch
      Dec 11, 2013

    Hello...the installer of astro njoi install my astro on 2/12/2013, but until now still not active...he said it will active on 3 already come...

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  • Mp
      Dec 23, 2013

    mulai 28/10/13, IPTV & Internet rosak, sudah hubungi tapi tidak pernah hantar technician untuk membenarkan masalahnya selama 2 minggu. setelah itu saya terus hubungi beberapa kali dan dijanji terus akan datang untuk repair tapi semua janji palsu sahaja kerana tidak ada seorang pun techician datang maupun hubungi saya untuk jelaskan masalahnya. sampai awal December pun masalah saya tidak dipedulikan sama meraka akhirnya saya hubungi lagi untuk minta hentikan service. sampai sekarang mereka pun tidak ada kabar apa kepada saya, tetapi statement mereka masih kirim ke saya untuk bulan Nov & Dec.

    SUPER LOUSY & WORST Astro service!!

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  • Hj
      Feb 07, 2014

    I agree with you. We are dealing with there they ask us to deal with the management agent. We sign with them not the agent. I think the consumer board should take stern action so that the customer will not be bullied. I was told to pay rm 360 for sharing dish by the management of an apartment instead of paying only there anyway we can deal with them

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  • Eb
      Feb 15, 2014

    I have subscribe Astro service since year 2003 which approximately 11 years ago. I have upgraded IPTV one month ago. Now my Astro IPTV have a problem regarding slow loading when pressed info button or change to other channel. So I though it could be a temporary problem but I'm wrong and it still the same even after 1 month. First I have called customer service technical @15/02/2014, 7.15pm and spoken with Athikumanan and he asked me to reset factory setting followed By his instruction. The it become worst when I could watch at all the astro program due to this reset. Then few minutes later the technical team call me and informed me it COULD be my smart card problem and need 3 days for replacement which before I made a called I'm still can watch the program. Here I would says installed ASTRO IPTV was the worst decision I made because I have never have this problem with the Conventional Astro by using disc before. Furthermore IPTV CS is the worst CS I have experienced. I plan to make a further action due to this matter. From: REALLY Disappointed customer (smart card: **** **** 8048).

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  • Ri
      Mar 20, 2014

    Do not sign up for IPTV. They will tied u with contract of 2 years. My bill from 98 a month now become 258. Even no bill was sent to my address. They only sent sms to phone after 2 mths due. Demand payment in full in 5 part pymt will be accepted!. Even demand penalty of Rm100 each month until end of your contract if u wish to cancel the service. They are totally CON Man.

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  • Li
      Jun 10, 2014

    I received a call from 03-[protected], they are appointed by Astro as thirdparty collection company. Astro is doing good with the paid TV Channels. The sad part is the collection company appointed by Astro. My name is Liz, this is my story with the thirdparty collection Company. I paid my astro bill on the 4th June 2014 which overdue is only on the 5th of June 2014. I have not received a call from them but an automated recorded asking me to do payment on the 6th June 2014. Called my mum and asked for payment (twice) but did not call me. Received numbers automated recorded calls even yesterday 09 June 2014. Today after all the commotion, i received a call from a Malay guy asking why i raised the complain. To be honest i was very pist off from his tone of voice, its just a call so what. Its rather disappointing that there is no payment to be done, you did not check from the system, total blunt calling a customer and asking for payment. Stalking my mum and not the account holder. This is rather ridiculous, because of this thirdparty Astro's name is being tarnished. i strongly urge Astro to take precaution of such incidents that tarnish their reputation and not the third party collection company.

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  • Za
      Aug 15, 2014

    servis astro memang teruk!!!boleh faham bahasa melayu !!!potong siaran cepat, sambung siaran lambat, duit dah bayar tapi tak boleh tengok satu siaran pun...bila telefon center asyik cakap 48 jam sambungan...menyusahkan, lembab, meyakitkan hati...bila nak tambah siaran cepat pulak dapat, maklum la duit...pada pihak astro cuba ambik langkah-langkah yang mudah kepada pelangan, jangan pulak tutup telinga pejam mata...sekian terima kasih dengan servis yang teruk pada pelangan...!!!

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  • Se
      Sep 12, 2014

    astro service really very very very bad.i never ask any body change my acoount status to autodebit.Y they chane without my permission?who give permission.i wan back my money now.

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  • Ha
      Sep 17, 2014

    I strongly disagree with the adjustment given by astro. During the downtime there have been more than 15 phone calls made where every call took more than 10mins (to explain the situation and waited on the line for verification and update). This has been additional cost to my mobile phone bill. Additionally I had to top up my personal mobile data for internet connection duringthis period, which cost me double of my normal bill. (rm300 for this period instead of my average monthly bill at rm150) The adjustment of rm107.35 was meant for the rebate of usage only. I request for 1 month waiver of subscription in compensation of additional cost to my mobile phone bill and time taken for all the follow up and time wasted in waiting for Maxis technicians. I believe this is not an unreasonable request. If Astro only arrange for adjustment for service down and delayed support without compesating, that would indicate that they shows no concerns in delivering quality support and helpful service. Customers are merely foolishly taken advantage for the subscription signed with contract bound. That would also mean Astro support and technical team can provide support the way they wish without considering the inconvenience and hassles that customer has to go through - as long as they solve the problem eventually and by just adjusting for rebate. Then where is my right to request for quality and prompt support as a consumer ?y Bad experience with Astro Service.

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  • Li
      Oct 08, 2014

    minta payment yang kurang ajar
    Person inchanges astro, tolong see ini nombor tel : [protected] (dia guna handphone call saya cakap dari astro), yang saya tahu dia ialah perempuan india, customer service yang memang kurang ajar, biadap betul, saya nak complaint dia bila call saya cari orang terus guna suara besar marah kenapa tak ada buat bayaran astro, , mana ada customer service yang call customer macam ini, orang macam ini tak layak kerja dekat customer service untuk call customer, jangan bagi dia incharge la...bodoh punya orang, ingat kita x nak buat bayaran ke, u orang kena ingat sikit, time kita dah off, u oarang lagi call balik kata nak buat promotion, on balik astro bagi setengah tahun x ada kena changers apa2, tetapi billing datang, terus change sampai RM268, saya nak check balik dengan astro kena tunggu lama, buang masa saya, kalau minta payment buat panggilan cepat, tetapi nak urus barang lari cepat cepat...

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  • An
      Oct 11, 2014

    I have recently subscribed to Astro IPTV with Maxis Fibre internet. At a cost of over RM300 per month subscription fee. Two (2) days after installation both my Astro service and internet simply died. Cannot watch Astro and no internet. After calling Astro IPTV customer hotline, for more than 10 times ( at my own cost from my mobile) the initial answer, we have to check with maxis and revert. Then, we are still waiting from maxis to tell us about the technical issues. Same answers after 24 hours.
    I got so annoyed and called maxis direct ( as they are supposed to be providing the internet service) without internet Astro doesn't work either. Maxis's respond was, we need to get a request from Astro! What is going on? After 24 hours of complaining to 'Astro IPTV Customer Line' still nothing was sent to Maxis?
    Called IPTV again, was told we cannot do anything until Maxis take actions. What is happening in this agreement? Astro is just a puppet and put ###s on their switchboard. I got so frustrated, threatened that I will cancel my subscriptions of 2 days due to 'services not rendered'. The ### girl at the Astro IPTV can actually tell me that there's a 'PENALTY' if I do it. I really don't care for penalty as I know I am right, the combined Astro & fiber internet are supposed to enhance my pleasure of both services not creating stress for me due to their ###ic inability to set up a workable process. Customers should not be inconvenienced.
    On 2nd day they (maxis & TM) turned up and found that the wire was severed. All they did was patch the severed wire with a black tape and bury it into the ground again. I told them, this may not work as it is as I can see a temporary fix. The whole wire needs to be replaced and connected back into the broadband port. I was even willing to pay for this since I really do not want more issues later.
    I guess it's too much work for esp the TM technicians? So they conformed with confidence that it's fixed, no more issues.
    22 hours gather this was done, surprise surprise, same old story again. I am on my second day again without internet and Astro and since it's weekend, I simply have to suffer.
    DO NOT INSTALL ASTRO IPTV. These people are not capable to give services. What they do BEST is charge.

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  • Lu
      Nov 24, 2014

    " We apologise for the service interruption. To resume service please SMS: Astro RCO [protected] and send to 66688"
    The hell!!! how many time already i sms, no reply... usually got automatic or computerize operator send reply, , but astro??!! really pissed me off!!! i thought njoi is free, , , so why they cut it as if i didnt pay for several month!!!

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  • Ah
      Jan 16, 2015

    I just subscribe to astro iptv together with maxis internet last month. For the past 2 days, i could not get their iptv and also the internet. I called their customer service and only after a dozen times I finally got through. He said my problem is because the internet line ; hence he could not do anything. He promised to write a report to the technical team, and they would come earliest 2 days from now. This experience really is bad as I need the internet to do my work; and the iptv as well

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  • Fa
      Jan 20, 2015

    Astro rubbish service especially cudtomer service...put u on hold listen music...just imagine tell me all msnager goes for prayers at one time...ripped of people money ..disconected channel as they like...i m not hv any outstanding...mother ###er...

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  • Il
      Mar 21, 2015

    Hi my Name is Ilengohvan @ Allan. My HP Num is [protected]. I personally dont mind to givr my number where atleast someone from Astro HQ can call me. I had been calling to your customer service number for almost 30 estimated of accumulated call made and waited on call with all the stupid musics. Each call says all customer service are busy and will attend your shortly. The service number says operation till 12am but looks they sleep in working place earlier. Sorry to say this as I am also working in customer oriented line. This is the worst ever service I had and has been going through almost 5 years and still they didnt change. I am not condeming anyone but who did from Astro look into all this complaints and act on it. I DONT THINK SO. Your charges is very expensive, added service charge which lools like rubbish on what service we are getting. Said that even rain Astro will be working or connected but sorry lah different place rain everywhere no Astro. Reason on screen due to rain. If we didnt pay bill its disconnected and yes as other complaint says reconnection cause RM20. So our waiting charges and bill service tax who wants to pay. Will astro pay OR the waiting gives you another earnings isit. Come in lah. Use brain. How long a customer service provider will be busy. I am sure you have alot of employee on that section. Try to put your self on our shoe. I think better to terminate and get the oversea channel. Anyone from Astro can call me as I am glad to talk and answer... but I am sorry lah sure no one going to call coz that a normal way of your service. Good Job Well Done

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  • Mr
      Mar 25, 2015

    Astro Njoi,
    I can not watch the all 'FREE' channel package from my new NJOI seen the installation is done on 07/03/2015 but until today still not active!! It has been such poor customer service, i was call so many time to the customer services department and they said it will active on 14 days, after 14 days they ask me to wait for 4hrs, 12hrs the next day than 24hrs next days again and continue...and the problem are never settle until today and now already over 14 days still NOT active !!!
    pls check my Report no: [protected]

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  • Wa
      Jun 18, 2015

    Dear ASTRO:
    I just want to complaint about the Astro Operator attitude when they make a call to ask about the payment. Normally, the maximum of my bill outstanding is only 2 months, never more than this period. I feel very disappointed with her attitude & the way of her conversation, suddenly she end the phone call without to listen my justification. For your information, i get called from this number: [protected] at 4.34pm (18 June 2015). I hope ASTRO can take any action with this lady! TQ

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  • Sa
      Jul 05, 2015

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    Thanking In Advance

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  • Az
      Jul 14, 2015

    Bull **** custormer service.I call to inquiries about the service was cut off.One lady answer and telling me my acc. Got outstanding amounted 400+.So I say I I ready do the auto debit on April why you didn't call me. She telling me that they already text me on May which is I never received.I tell her that I received the msg telling they received the payment of 86+ twice but she ignore that.She also mentioned that if u want to do the payment now also she can't proceed as time almost 12 md??? And I so piss off when she cut the phone line just like that... Leave me hang... So call again ... After waiting for the introduction she cut the phone line again.I call again this time a guy answered pretending he don't now anything and strictly informed the time that they cannot proceed the payment.So I thanks him for the bull **** service that I received. More than 10 yrs I loyal with Astro so this is what I get.thank you Astro. Lucky no others competitor in this country.Thank you Astro one more time

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  • Ma
      Jul 23, 2015

    Pleck check repot number [protected]...

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  • Us
      Jul 29, 2015

    astro gives me a promotion saying that i just need to pay RM20.00 and they will wave all my outstanding, thats cool, but after i pay RM20.00, they said u need to wait for next 7 days for the service activation.. this is bad

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  • Ad
      Sep 04, 2015

    Just watching True Detective which has been recorded each week. Final episode and the recording as usual just stops before the credits role. It stops and makes no sense. We then download via VOD and realize the Astro system chopped off the last 15 mins!!!
    How difficult is it to do this properly? I have used Sky before in the UK which works great but Astro is absolute rubbish.
    Astro get your tech guys to switch their brains on!
    The level of professionalism is low.

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  • Do
      Sep 11, 2015

    My name is Doreen. I signed up for ###-tro tv smwhere in June 2013 and agreed that I would have to keep subscribing to it for 2 years (till 2015). Now is already September 2015, but every time I called ###-tro to terminate it (no one is watching it now as I have subscribed to another tv provider), l was told my contract would only expire in Dec 2015. What the hell? ###-tro is reaalllly a big cheat...! Any where that l can take action against this a**hole ###-tro?

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  • Ro
      Nov 22, 2015

    My name is ronald lau director of restoran de costa acc no.[protected].on 17th Nov 2015 I have informed astro I can't continue my contract due to reasons on my business cash flow and my health problem as my knee is worsening which makes me very uncomfortable to cook in my restaurant because I m the chef in my general hospital doctor (orthopaedic specialist)has advise me to stop by career as I m not able to go on like this as my knee benicus is worsening due to standing a lot and walking a lot.the doctor has given me 80days medical leave and also after surgery another 40 days medical leave which mean overall 120days medical leave.i m not able to work and I m without any income to support my expenses and raise my I decided to call the astro customer service team to inform them I m closing down my business and I requested them to waive off my penalty charges which they claim to be Rm500 at first and they also advise me to provide them proof and information by emailing them at [protected] to considering my request and I was advised they will respond me by email or call back to my hp [protected] between 7 working days but after 2 weeks I m force to call back because I was still not been notify by anyone of them about my I called back on the 12th or maybe 13th Oct 2015 to clarify my situation on my issue.i was shocked that the officer said I have to pay rm600.35 and a penalty amounting rm57++.00 because I cancelled between the contract period.i was so angry and argue with the officer saying I have email u my condition and I willing to pay the outstanding payment of rm600.35.she say she can't do I called the second time again and a officer answered name Mr amran.i told him my condition and saying I m willing to negotiate on settling this issue on other better solutions because I m not working and no income to pay the penalty and he advise me to terminate my SSM and send all my proof on my medical checkup with the hospital so I agreed I got it really all the information he needed and email him quickly the next day 13 Oct 2015.he promise to help me on my behalf and let me know by 7 working days or so.i waited till 3rd November 2015 but no one called me up so I called again.the officer to answer saying he was busy at the moment so she will help me up.she advise me to settle the outstanding payment of rm600.35 first the they will notify me on email or call me of the issue I m facing.i have told her the whole scenario about my case and she said she will let the other departments to notify me in few days time.untill today 23th November 2015 still no one from astro has contact neither email me.i have call them yesterday about 10times [protected] around 4pm until late 10pm but each time when computer voice directory transfer the line to them it will ring 2 time then will silent until later I hang after 3 to 5 minutes.i really to know what to do but all I know I m not hiding from astro but instead hoping to negotiate with this the way how astro deal with customers???I m not going to settle the penalty rm57++.00 because I m not eligible to work and I have given all evidence to astro by email.if your continuing to keep quiet like this pls don't blame me by saying I m avoiding your.i will fight all my way to court if it's needed to protect my reputation.i rest my case over here cause your have make me no choice to settle with astro.

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  • He
      Nov 28, 2015

    We were moving to a new condo across the street. Called astro 1week plus before the move. they said move existing account was faster than applying for a new account. now 2 weeks later we deeply regret that. They were so "busy" that they could not pick up the equipment from the old place, and before that was picked up they could not proceed with the setup of the new line (old building was Time new is under Maxis). we were asked to personally send the old equipment to their office at midvalley to speed up the progress - after 1 week!!! only now, after 2 weeks, and two seperate complaints - do they inform us that they are now applying with maxis. it sounds like its the first time they have had to do this. It is unbelieveable poor service. their front end does seem to to their job, but the backend are doing zilch. we are so frustrated and upset with Astro that we are going to apply Maxis and get Netflix instead. so tired of their piss poor service and perfomance.

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  • Ma
      Jan 07, 2016

    Thank god i'm not alone... i have issues with Astro for the past 5 months now... I signed up for astroiptv somewhere in August 2015 (end of the month) I've been with astro since 2001 i think. I have 2 decoder ( same account ) I only split the account become 2 last year August bcoz i had to move out... So before i changed to IPTV, Every month - never once i missed arguing with Astro about what-so-not outstanding charges, lateness charges... I was pissed and i did not pay for few months. And they said they'll be penalty charges if i don't settle those amount and i said i don't give rats - why should i pay for the thing i did not subscribe and all?! So they kept calling me every month, all i did was F you astro i am not going to pay a single cents so stop calling... sue me if u want bcoz i can do that too to u... Seriously they still keep on calling. So til one day a guy from astro ( a malay guy - a nice guy ) explain and make a deal with me that i only pay 20rm for the activation for 4 months which i did... BUT after i signed for the crazy IPTV, i thought im not going to have this kind of nonsense again but i was wrong... it became worse! Read and understand ...

    Sent: Monday, January 04, 2016 10:13 PM
    To: We Care

    RM0.00 Last payment for Acc. [protected]-7: RM3.30 on 22/11/2015.
    Current Outstanding: RM543.60 due by 02/01/2016.
    Info valid as of 09/12/2015 19:35 /Astro




    Payment ID:
    Paid On:
    Amount Paid:

    Payment 2
    Payment ID:
    Paid On:
    Amount Paid:
    Payment 1
    Payment ID:
    Paid On:
    Amount Paid:

    So he replied :-

    We Care
    To Jan 6 at 12:27 PM
    IPTV – 652516

    Dear Ms. ...

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Referring to your email, please be informed that activation fee of RM 300.00 has been only charged on statement date 03rd December 2015 and not included in other statement’s.

    Attached are your Astro IPTV statements for your reference.

    Should you need further assistance, please email us at [protected] or call IPTV hotline at [protected].00am - 12.00am).

    We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.


    Usha Premal
    Customer Care, IPTV
    Service Recovery Unit
    Customer Division

    MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (MBNS) (240064-A)


    And my reply was :-

    To We Care Today at 1:48 AM
    This message contains blocked images.Show Images Change this setting

    I know it's my statement but I have paid the activation in Oct so why are you still charging me again for the activation fees? That I don't understand!!! It doesn't make any sense at all... I think better you check your system again bcoz I will get my bank statement details on what I have paid to ASTRO. I have paid again for the activation fee few days ago which I don't bloody understand why I have to pay twice for it!!!


    We Care
    To ... Today at 1:49 AM
    Dear Valued Astro Customer,

    Hi and thank you for dropping us an e-mail! Let us take a closer look on your enquiry and we will get back to you within 2 days or sooner.

    In the meantime, you may visit our self-service portal at for balance enquiries, bill payments and many more


    To We Care Today at 6:34 PM
    This message contains blocked images.Show Images Change this setting

    If you're saying that the IPTV activation fee you only charge on the 3rd Dec then, why didn't you return back the amount I paid twice for the activation fee in Oct? Which is on the 14th Oct RM239.49 & 30th Oct RM217.75
    I was told by the sales man TIME/ASTRO IPTV in Ikano that I have to pay RM531.24 for the activation fee on the following month - which is in Oct! So they said 1st month which is in Sept, i only pay RM74 and that it...

    So now you're telling me I have to pay the damn freaking activation again which I did!

    If you *ASTRO* wanna steal customer's money this way then, you are messing with the wrong person. I have paid more than I'm not supposed too!!!

    The payment on the Nov 22nd RM3.30 - I actually accidentally paid twice but did you ever return it back to me? NO YOU DID NOT ...

    I will look at this matter really seriously...

    ---- that was my last email to astro... I was having problem with Time as well last week for almost a month, i have no freaking internet - can't even do my work at home. The best part was after swearing on the emails, yelling on the phone... cursing in the emails again and again, after 1 month they sent the technician over, can u believe that?! I am beyond disappointed with the treatment, services ... Astro is actually stealing money from customer bcoz why i said that bcoz it happen to me... Even i paid extra but they never deduct the balance i have with them!!! I don't understand what kind of outstanding i have coz as far as i know, i never pay my bil late... I know i paid either 217rm - 218rm a month ( that was my actual amount ) but all i see is different amount stated and the bil never came to the house for 3months and i only received it this month... YOU ARE freaking crazy astro... really u ARE to the max...

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  • Lo
      Jan 28, 2016

    Astro just sent me a bill for subscription but I have already terminated the service a year ago. Their customer service department, I think, is completely dead. No one answers and I'm stuck with the bill. NEVER answer any call from Astro. They WILL TRICK YOU.

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  • Ka
      Feb 11, 2016

    I’m Veni from Malacca city & my Astro A/C no [protected]-1. I am writing this today to explain about a bad experience I had On Astro customer service. I had been calling to customer service number since 1 weeks ago (04.02.16 till 11.02.16) to solve problem on signal unavailable even though no rain. I’m really very disappointed when call Astro, not very easy to get to talk to customer service. Need to wait at least 20mins with all the stupid music. Each call says all customer service are busy and will attend your shortly. This is the worst ever customer service I had been going through. I have already open 2 report ticket (1)[protected] & 2)[protected]) to solve my problem and promise me that the technical team would contact me earlies by 2days from now but it’s almost 8 days till now none of the technical team call me to make appointment but just received SMS said “We are unable to reach you to arrange for a technical visit on your Astro issue please call ….to reschedule for an appointment. Once already open report ticket it’s not free, have to pay RM53 included GST .Thank you very much for your good SERVICE & JOB. KEEP IT UP

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  • Ra
      Apr 28, 2016

    I want to seek astror urgent attn on the programs airing these days. They are mostly super old programs especially sat and sunday. we paid RM150++ for such lousy programs. Pls do something and i am sure there are many cust feedback on this as well. Appreciates your effort to try get more newer programs. tx

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  • Sh
      May 12, 2016

    Astro hired super lousy employees to work for them. Luckily never fix the damn iptv ###. Been applying for 2weeks and lastly the guy told me my place no coverage. What a ###ing joke.waste my ###ing time. Kudos to all the excellent astro agent at astro booth especially the one in bukit kemuning giant mall. Never answer call. So unprofessional. Do they even undergo training or whatever. I mean how much you pay those clown every month? All your every amature irresponsible worker. What a waste of time. Please to every customer who thinking of applying for astro IPTV PLEASE DO NOT DO so. Highly recommend NOT TO install this service. Damn lousy.

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  • Zu
      May 15, 2016

    My Astro Rpt:[protected]
    Kepada rakyat Malaysia salam 1Malaysia jom ramai ramai berhenti melanggan Astro kerana mutu perkhidmatan berbanding negara serantau amat lah buruk sekali tiada peningkatan perkhidmatan dan amat teruk berbanding dengan negara mundur diserantau sekalipon

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  • Zu
      May 15, 2016

    My Report Astro no:[protected]
    Kepada pellanggan Astro jom satu Malaysia kita berhenti melanggan Astro kerana mutu perkhidmatan amat lah teruk berbanding negara mundur serantau .Yuran perkhidmatan yg mahal berbanding IPM dan lain2 .Tecnical support amat teruk dan cuai.kadang2 pelanggan tidak mendapat service

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  • Zu
      May 15, 2016

    Astro bodoh macam lembu serupa macam anandan krisnan juga

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  • Zu
      May 15, 2016

    Jom Rakyat 1 Malaysia boikot Astro

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  • Ma
      May 30, 2016

    I have not lived in Malaysia for years, and they are still sending me tons of spam emails. None of the unsubscribe-links work, and there is absolutely no whatsoever feedback on complaints sent to their support.
    Worse service provider ever!
    // Magnus

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