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I keep getting phone calls from Asset Acceptance phone #[protected]. I've done my research, and they are apparently a debt collection company who are known for being shady and dishonest. Well, I don't owe any money to anybody (except for my mortgage and car loan), and I've never filed bankruptcy. So there's no reason for them to be calling me. I don't pick up when they call, and they never leave a message.

I did change my phone number back in Feb., and I received a lot of calls after that for someone named Jose (or some Mexican name like that). Apparently, the Mexican people who had my phone number before me didn't pay their bills (including their phone bill!). If they keep calling, then they're gonna get my 'obscene phone caller treatment'. You see, I bought a cheap whistle a few years back to get rid of an obscene phone caller. I simply pick up when they called and blew the whistle as hard and loud as I could into the phone. He never called back...or maybe he's now deaf in one ear and doesn't want to take the chance of going deaf in the other one! Anyway, if they keep calling, that is what I will do. I'm also going onto their web site and advise them of that, first.

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  • Be
      Sep 20, 2010

    The blowing the whistle is funny. Lol --- They are so full of it. They have been harrassing me about a Sprint phone bill from 2000. Also, they are still adding on interest. Not only are they rip offs, they are very rude!

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  • Co
      Nov 10, 2010

    We may be able to help if these calls are to your mobile number.
    Please check out the following link.

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