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Asset Acceptance / How Can I Get Them To Stop Calling?

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To the people who work for Asset Acceptance, or anyone who might know the answer to my question...

What do I have to do to get AACC to stop calling me and trying to collect on a debt for someone who doesn't live here, never has, and most definately never will?

I have been receiving calls for someone named Scott Roblenski (I don't know the exact spelling of the last name) for the past two years. I have no idea who he is, or how to contact him, yet AACC keeps calling my phone number on a debt he owes. I have had my phone number for almost four years now, and yea, changing my phone number would solve the problem, but why should I pay to change my number when all this company has to do is remove my number from whatever file they have on this guy? Maybe he had my number before me, or maybe he gave whoever he owes money to a random number to avoid being called. Whatever the reason, the calls I am receiving for him are getting annoying, mostly because I work overnight and I am usually trying to sleep during the hours AACC makes their calls. Unfortunately, because of my on-call status through my job, turning off the ringer on my phone or leaving my phone in another room is not an option.

I have called just about every number listed on AACC's website to try to get these calls to stop, and I have emailed them several times. Every person I have talked to so far has been really nice, so I have no complaints on how I was treated, and I usually get a response back on my emails within a day or two, but it seems no matter how many calls I make, emails I send out, or people I talk to, I just can't get through to them that calling my number will not help them talk to the person they wish to speak to any faster.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Jj
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Being nice to a collection agency does not work.

    A couple of things you can do. First, fill out a FCC Form 1088 each and every time you get an abandoned or telemarketing call or spam fax. Believe me, sooner or later the FCC actually does act.

    In this case here is the info for Asset Acceptance:
    For General inquiries, account questions, comments and customer service issues, e-mail or call (800) 545-9931 and ask to speak with an account representative who will be happy to assist you.

    Corporate Headquarters:
    Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.
    P.O. Box 2036
    Warren, MI 48090-2036

    Customer Service
    (800) 545-9931

    Corporate Phone:
    (800) 505-5166

    Investor Relations:
    (800) 505-5166, option 5

    Public Relations:
    (616) 233-0500
    Lambert, Edwards and Associates, Inc.

    Human Resources and Corporate Relations:
    (800) 505-5166, option 2

    Maybe try calling their Public Relation people or Investor Relations and complain. If they get bothered enough they may have your phone number removed. In addition to the 712-941-3525 they have also called from 804-234-9055. I have reported both numbers on the FCC Form 1088.

    By the way, I am getting the calls myself and have asked on several occasions to remove my number, they have the name right but wrong person. If they are collecting a debt you tell them not to call, to send mail. These people at AACC say they only work by phone so technically they would have to stop contacting you.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    I used to work there, my best suggestion is to tell them it is a wrong number, don't tell them you used to know this person. We have to skiptrace the persons name and sadly to do that its the info based off their credit report, so if they have avoided checking their credit or have no applied to anything in awhile all we get is the most recent info. Sadly it sounds like you're number is the most recent, but if you say its a wrong number we keep your number on file to show its a wrong number but we will turn your area code to all 0's so the dialer wont call you again. I apologize because I know its annoying, its really annoying to have to keep calling the wrong person for us too.

  • Mw
      7th of Mar, 2012
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    Plan B: Buy an air horn from any place that sells fishing equipment. The next time they call, get a live person on the line. Tell them to quit calling you. They will not agree. While you are "softly" disputing their disagreement, put the air horn to the phone's mouthpiece and push the button.

  • Al
      9th of Jul, 2013
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    » Old debts. If you get a notice of a debt collection from a company like Asset Acceptance LLC, immediately check the laws in your state and determine if the statute of limitations has run out on your debt. Don’t pay a penny before you do this! Paying on an expired debt can restart the statute of limitations and make you responsible for the debt again. If Asset Acceptance LLC has reported an expired debt on your credit history, they are legally obligated to remove it.
    » “Missing” mail. To combat this, be sure to send all correspondence via certified or registered mail, which requires Asset Acceptance LLC to sign for your letters and creates proof of receipt. This is especially important if you are sending any time-sensitive material.
    » Non-existent accounts. Send a debt validation letter to Asset Acceptance LLC, and make them PROVE that you owe the debt in question. Remember, the burden of proof is on them. You don’t have to prove that you don’t owe; they have to prove that you do.
    » Fraud accounts. File an Affidavit of Fraud with the original creditor. They will then send you paperwork confirming that the account was opened by a thief, and you can use that paperwork to get Asset Acceptance LLC off your back.
    » Unauthorized withdrawals. Prevent the possibility of unauthorized withdrawals by never giving your bank account information to an Asset Acceptance LLC representative. If you do have this problem, contact your bank immediately, close the account in question, and open a new one.

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