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I am a single unemployed mother. I received notice from my bank that a company, Asset Acceptance, LLC that $75.64 had been garnished out of my puny checking account. ?? I have no idea who this company is, nor do I know how they were able to garnish funds out of my account without any notice, a hearing, or anything??? I went to the courthouse yesterday and apparently it's a company that my ex-husband filed bankruptcy on back on '05 when we divorced. I do not owe them a penny and do not understand how this has happened. Needless to say, it's left me with no money for food or gas as I cannot afford to dole out $75 of my account for money I do not even owe.

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      Apr 22, 2009

    In 2007 I was Issued a credit card from Providian with a credit allowance of under $500.00. Because of changes in my job and added medical expenses I was unable to make regular payments.

    My account balance increased greatly due to added interest and my account was sold to Asset Acceptance LLC. I was contacted by Asset Acceptance by letter and by phone and I was offered a settlement. I was told that i could either pay the whole amount owed, which far exceeded the original amount, or agree to make regular monthly payments for 6 months. I agreed to pay $100.00 a month for 6 months.

    After 6 months I was offered another settlement which also exceeded the original amount and I was told that if i could not make that payment I must make the $100.00 a month payments for another 6 months and another settlement would be offered to me at that time.

    I have paid over $1000.00 on this account; $900.00 in the last 9 months. This is far more then I ever charged even with added interest.

    Asset Acceptance is ripping me off.

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      Jan 27, 2010

    I would like to get with other victims of Asset Acceptance Asset and sue them!

    Here is my story: it is 2010 and Asset Acceptance LLC has just stolen $5000 from my bank account. They claim it is from an old $900. visa from 1995. They severed someone with my last name in an other state. That person discarded the summons and Asset Acceptance automatically got a default judgment against me. They then used a Domestic Interstate Transference to transfer the judgment to the state of my residence and take the money plus 15years worth of interest from my account. They are cowards and crooks and they purposely sneak cases through courts without giving you the chance to fight it. Asset Acceptance knows that the only way to win is by default. You often need a lawyer to fight them which is so costly that most people just "give in to them".

    I have learned that they constantly troll these blogs because they DO NOT want us to know about each other and they especially do not want us talking to one another. If you see any comments that support their tactics I can guarantee you it is just one of there "employee ### plants"

    Organizing together is the key (just "Google" their name and you can see that they MUST be stopped)

    I have no legal expertise I am just a another victim who is determined to stop them...I have created an email address just for this fight so feel free to write me at [protected]

    Victims and Lawyers interested in representing a Class Action case against Asset Acceptance are always welcome to email me.
    Sincerely Victim X.

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      Dec 10, 2011

    im trying to find out what i owe you for

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      Dec 10, 2011

    im in6, 857.00 in debt i have no idea for what they only gave me asst acceptance llc and iwat to handle this but im not paying for something that i didnt do so what company ?

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