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Aslpundh tree company, contracted by fpl to trim trees along the power lines continually butchers the trees in front of our residence.. I fully understand the need to keep the limbs away from the powerlines, but the hack job they did is unbelievable. They were just here less than six months earlier and trimmed all the trees along the powerlines... Now they are back and trimming farther into my property. Not only that, they are parked in my private driveway with the boom truck and the wood chipper. I have (Had) a =n ornamental palm that had the complete top cut off the first time around, , now they have lopped off another two+ feet... Now are you going to tell me it grew two feet in less than six months... The othe frustrating issue is ther is no one to complain to. All complaints, calls, and emails are never responded to. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Aug 28, 2016
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  • Dt
      30th of Aug, 2016

    Same thing here in Connecticut . Complete hack job. The enhanced tree trimming and removal program is a 110 million dollar fiasco . 100% paid by the taxpayer and utility company customers. Sorry to hear you are having the same issues.

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  • An
      28th of Aug, 2018

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    I would prefer to give NO stars. Since they work with the power co. to remove trees, etc. around power lines/poles, I had no choice. Suffice it to say a real tree EXPERT will take care of the downed tree that fell in another area. The previous reviewer who called them "butchers" is exactly right. Butcher and plunder, they did. While I can understand that it was late and they were tired, this is what they signed up for and they're likely getting double time. I also am stressed and tired. They were very dismissive of my questions as homeowner and, quite frankly, rude. Try professionalism if you're going to call yourselves experts. I find it "interesting" that the same comments show up in many states. TERRIBLE company!

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