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Aspen Dental Management / combination of malpractice and consumer fraud.

1 Port Richey, FL, United States

This is a formal complaint to Aspen Dental Corporate for dental work I had done and is still not fixed. I went to the Port Richey, Florida office. Also The Oswego NY office. The Regional Rep told me that the work would be covered BY ASPEN DENTAL. I am a snowbird and dealing with 2 offices. This is a timeline of my ordeal with Aspen Dental and the problem is not fixed at this time.

January 10, 2018 - It was my first time at Aspen Dental. I had the X-rays and checkup. I told them I have had a problem with an old crown and that I needed them to look at it as soon as they could because I had been in discomfort for a while. They said they would look at it after the cleaning. They said they would know more when they took off the current crown. I went to schedule the cleaning and they gave me a Jan. 26th appt. (My husband had his cleaned on Jan. 10th without a cleaning appt. He also went back and had a cavity filled the next day on the 11th) At that time I thought it odd that he could get in earlier than me when I was the one in pain.

January 26, 2018 - Had my teeth cleaned. It hurt during the cleaning. I asked for them to be careful with it. That woman was very nice and she was gental. When I went to schedule an appointment for my crown they scheduled it on Jan. 30th.

January 30, 2018 - Both dentists looked at it. When it was taken off they decided to do a gingivectomy. They also had to grind down a post that was in there from the old crown. I was told to use salt water rinse and that was it. They put my temporary crown on.

February 16, 2018 - My temporary crown came off. It was a Friday night and I had company from out of town. I called the emergency number. The Dr. called back and said to come in the next morning. (I guess the Port Richey office was the one opened that Saturday for emergencies)

February 17, 2018 - When I got there my real crown was there. The Dr. put it in. It did not feel right to me but the Dr. kept saying you have to get used to it. That he had one just put in and it takes time. It felt real long to me.

February 23, 2018- As the time went by my whole side of my face got swollen. There was a bump on the back of my gum were they did the surgery. I called early for an appointment. They said they could not give me an appointment until the 27th at noon. I tried to wait but I was in so much pain I went to the office. (on that day the receptionist was horrible) She told me my appointment was not until the 27th at noon. By this time the receptionist got other workers involved. I tried to explain what had happened and that I was in pain They told me the Dr. was is surgery and they could not talk to me. They told me that I would have to go to Largo on the weekend or come in on Monday as a walk-in) I was so frustrated and in pain at that time I could not argue anymore. They gave me no other option then to wait until the 27th because it would be the same Dentists that put it in. At that point I thought it might be very infected.

February - 24th - The pain got worse. My whole side of my face and jaw was sore. I could not even sleep. At 6am I called the emergency number. The answering service said the Dr. would call back within 10 min. I waited. The answering service called me back and asked if the Dr. called. This was about a half hour later. The Dr. still did not call. Again the answering service called me back about 10 min later. No call from Dr. I then called the answering service for the 2nd time. It was about 8:30am by this time. Again the phone calls came from the answering service to see if the Dr. called. After the service called me at around 10am I gave up. I got in the car and went and got over the counter pain medication. For the whole weekend I was sick to my stomach and throwing up. I could not eat anything.

February-25th - Later in the day finally a Dr. called and left a message (I was sleeping when she called. Tired from being sick all weekend) - She told me to come in the next morning at 8am when they opened.

February-26th I was the first one at the door as they opened. Same receptionist was there. They gave me a very hard time. I told them the Dr. left a message for me to be there at 8am. They told me I could not be looked at until Tuesday the 27th. I was not going to take no this time, I sat down in the office and finally the Dr. came out and they took me in. The Dr. only ground the crown down a bit. I had novocane so I asked if I could keep my Tues. appt. To make sure it was better. They said yes and I left. (They told me that if the bite is off it could cause the pain)

February-27th I go back at noon. I felt it needed to be ground down more because I was still in pain. When I got there they told me the appointment was canceled. It was the same receptionist and she also denied ever giving me a Tues. the 27th appointment. (she gave me that appt. at least 3x throughout this ordeal) Then I got called back to one of the cubicals and got yelled at for not stopping by the desk on my way out the last time. (The Dr. and that person who yelled at me were the ones that said I could leave the day before.)
Finally the Dr. saw me. He had to grind the crown down even more. I told him I was leaving for Palm Springs on March 13th. I told him this should have been all taken care of by now. He told me to give it time. As of March 10th it was not better but I went to Palm Springs not being able to chew much at all.

March 23rd - I had to go back again. He grinded it down more and gave me antibiotics. I had made an appointment for the 29th but I was not off the antibiotics yet. I canceled that appointment for that reason.

It is now April 10th and I am still in discomfort. The crown feels like it does not belong in my mouth. I DO NOT want to go back to the Port Rickey office.

The reason we decided to go to Aspen was because we are going to be snow birds for the first time. There is an Aspen Dental in Oswego NY. where we will be.
I need this crown problem taken care of as soon as possible. I do not trust the Port Richey Florida office. I do not even trust Aspen right now. I want the problem taken care of. I need to have this problem taken care of in the Oswego office at NO CHARGE.

Aspen caused the problem and did not care about all the pain I was in. They also ruined my vacation to Palm Springs . I had family come down to visit me during this whole fiasco and could not do things with them because of the run a round I got from Aspen.


May 14, 2018 - 10am
Went to Oswego NY office. When I walked in the door they told me it would cost 55 dollars for that visit. I told them it should be no cost to me. Aspen was paying for it. I gave them Stephanie's name (the regional rep who said there would be no cost to me) and they made a call. They took me in and did an Xray then I waited in the room for over a half hour. When the dentist finally came in she treated me very bad. She asked me in my words what the problem was. I tried to tell her and she insisted that it could be a root cannle problem. She said she read the notes from the Port Richey office. (without looking in my mouth at the tooth). When she looked at the tooth she was very abrupt and told me to turn her way so she could see it. I did. Then very degradingly she said (what do you have a neck problem?). I guess I was not turned enough for her. She wanted me to see another kind of dentist. I told her Aspen would have to pay for it and she told me she has nothing to do with payment. I asked if I needed to sue Aspen if they did not pay it and she said it was not a matter that I could sue on. They put me in a room and made me wait for the business person (another half hour) - Finally the business person came out and said she would call me when she hears from Stephanie. The Oswego business person said she could not believe that the Regional Rep Stephanie had not called her back yet knowing it was a pressing matter. Here it is as of the end of the day on May 15th and I have not heard a word from Aspen yet.

This dentist in the Oswego NY office, was one of the rudest professionals I have ever dealt with.

May 16th I called the Oswego NY Office and they said they could not deal with my problem. I asked for a phone number or email of someone higher up and they would not give one to me.

Becasue of Apen Dental I have been through much pain - Now major discomfort and my whole bite does not feel right. I can not clean the area well because of the fit.

May 16, 2018

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