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In October 2015 I went to Aspen. I had partial plates top and lower. I had 6 upper natural teeth and 5 lower. These 11 teeth were ugly, yellow and rotting so I decided to have them pulled and have a whole new set of full beautiful white perfect dentures. The doctor told me that the lower set are hard to eat with due to no suction and nothing to hold them down. She told me that my best option and the route most people go would be to have implants a few months after the extractions. I was good with that and that was my plan. I had my teeth pulled and got new dentures. After 6 months I got my permanent dentures which were not the white color that I wanted but they insisted that they were. I was disappointed but let it go. I was so fed up by this time. I said that I wanted to go ahead and have implants to help secure my lower denture. They took xrays and then told me that I didn't have enough bone to have implants. I was gutted. They should have checked this before I had my teeth pulled out. Now there is nothing I can do. I complained to head office and they told me to go back to the dentist and they would help me . After several more visits to have adjustments and several free tubes of adhesive, they told me there was nothing else they could do and if I wanted any more adjustments or work doing on my dentures that I would have to pay. At this point I was still paying $35 a month after the initial $2900. I couldn't eat with the lower denture, they just didn't fit right.
Now to top it all I have had interest put on my bill and each month they charge a late fee of $37 as I can't pay the full amount of $74, so each month I owe more than the last month. I will be paying till I die.
Now here we are months later and still my teeth and mouth are not just uncomfortable but unbearable. I have very badly fitting
dentures making it impossible to eat with and embarrassing to speak .. I have not been able to accept
any invites to go to dinner or eat out in company and this is causing great stress and anxiety. I find that I have constant
saliva in my mouth and I am not able to talk properly without spitting.
I did pay privately to see a implant specialist and he told me that there was nothing he could do.
He assured me that in his practice they would have checked my bone density before the procedure.
What is also very disturbing is the fact that not only is my lower denture rocky and sitting unevenly
but the whole shape of my face has changed. I have a drawn look and hollow appearance.
I also find that my face aches continually due to the fact that I clench my teeth in a subconscious effort
to keep my teeth in place. No matter which adhesive I try, nothing holds the denture in for more than a couple of hours.
If I go without adhesive, my denture rubs my gums.
I am devastated and so distraught by the whole process. The pain and suffering that your dental practice has caused me. Nothing will bring my teeth or smile back. Your policy should be... Check if you are able to have implants before you do extractions. Had I known this I would never have had the extractions.

Sep 18, 2017

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