SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Aspect Maintenance Services [AMSL] / electrician

Chessington, England, Surrey, United Kingdom

Stay well clear of this company, the customer service staff lie to you, the electrician that came, came 4 hours late and didn't know what he was doing. Wasted 2.5 hours calling someone else to ask them what the problem was and left the place in a worst state than when he arrived. Plus left exposed wires (from a socket he had opened) in a 4 year olds bedroom. Only dawned on him to check to see if it was live as he was walking out. Plus after 2.5 hours he decided that scaremongering (advised us the place was dangerous and all needed to be rewired) wasn't enough and he was going to arrange someone to come and find out what was wrong.

Customer service were useless with my query regarding his "work". Every time I called they said they logged the query and would call us back and never did. Found out 10 months later that all queries have to be done in writing and they said by that time they had deleted the conversations so there was no proof as to what they said.

I feel conned, so my advise is stay well away from this company!!

Oct 25, 2018

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