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Hong Kong
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I just redeem the tickets for my parents under their Macropolo club. After many time full reservations, I finally can book the tickets but i still cannot issue the tickets.They ask me to contact the service desk (+[protected] Hong Kong / +[protected] world wide) to issue the ticket before April 30 if not the tickets will be automatically canceled. I called many times and its took too difficult to get in queue with some customer service representatives. I have waited at least 1 hour and half or more each time but I still cannot get answered by anyone. If they cannot issue the tickets, why don't they directly reply? Why do they have to advertise that we can redeem our points for tickets. I have been waiting for hours and hours until my cell phone is out of battery, my phone card is running out of money, my Skype account is no money left. They are still no answer.

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