Ashley Furniture / the mattress cover scam

88 Heritage Gate SE, Calgary, AB, Canada
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Phone: 403-301.0100

We purchased a twin bed set, mattress and spring box and mattress cover for our 4 years old boy. The salesman at this store suggested we purchased the cover mattress in order to keep it protected from stains. When they called us to indicate our order was ready for pick up, they forgot to mention the cover was not there. We picked up our order today Friday Sept 19 from their warehouse and then went to the store to get the cover. The cashier said they didn't have any and we would have to wait for it. So we figured we would cancel the cover and purchase it somewhere else, to which she replied that then this would void the mattress warranty. So, I can not set the bed set for my kid because we didn't receive our order in full, I can not purchase the cover anywhere else without the risk of loosing the mattress warranty. Therefore we asked to cancel the order for the mattress too, and we would go buy the mattress and its cover some place else. She also opposed to this saying she strongly believed her manager would not allow the return of a mattress (which is still on its packaging in my car). We ask to speak to the manager who basically repeated everything the cashier just said. We explained that we would not take a mattress with a voided warranty just because they don't have a cover that we JUST NOW found out is mandatory (and not only recommended) to purchase in order to keep a warranty. Also, there is a statement in their paperwork that says that the mattresses are not even warranted against stains by the manufacturer to start with. So eventually he agreed to cancel the mattress order but informing that, according to the store policy and the terms and conditions in the invoice, the store will keep a 25% re-stocking fee. AND we were responsible to take the mattress and spring box back to their warehouse and then get the refund for just 75% of the order value.
This is not only outrageous, but is a scam. You can not sale a cover mattress with the excuse that if you don't then you loose a not-even-existent stain warranty. Second, Ashley Furniture is the one in default by calling me to pick up an incomplete order. And when I want to cancel the incomplete order, I still have to loose 25% of the purchase price because you consider that I changed my mind? It is not true that you need a cover mattress to keep the warranty, because there is no such thing as a stain warranty. Therefore, your business practice is unethical and unprofessional.

Sep 19, 2014

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