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Ashley Furniture / delivery failures

1 Pineville, NC, United States

I ordered furniture for delivery around the first week of November 2007. They set the delivery date for November 23 between 1-5:30. No problem except it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (just bad timing for me). There is no movement of the delivery time - whatever the magical computer says is what it will be and you just have to take it. So that same magical computer told the customer care people to call me twice to confirm this delivery time. -which both times I confirmed. The afternoon of the 22nd I get a call from Ashley stating that not all of my pieces had arrived and would be delievered at a later date.

Items ordered: Sofa, loveseat, recliner, two end tables, coffee table, dining room table, and 6 chairs - total $3,900.00+
Items Received on "promise" date: Sofa and loveseat.

New delievery date was set for December 5th - 2 weeks later. I got a call this weekend (Dec 1) to confirm my delivery and setup a time between 8-12. I agreed - cleared my work schedule and made arrangements to be at the house. Yesterday - Dec 3 - another confirm call and again I confirmed the date.

And now we come to today - the dreaded day before delivery. Aparently their magical computer system for scheduling does not really know ANYTHING. Because again I get a call that NONE - not some - NONE of the remaining pieces have arrived. How is that companies like UPS and FedEx know EXACTLY where my stuff is from point A -> Z but Ashley cannot lay claim to their own inventory! Needless to say they want to push is out to Dec 14th. Which I assume will be the next possible delivery attempt. I have a call in to customer care - I hope to hear something shortly. The beauty of the Ashley Furniture buying experience is that the Magic Computer knows everything and you can NEVER get to a person who holds responsibility or can make change. They always lean on that computer as the cause of and answer too all of the problems. Good Luck - I hope to eat at my table before Christmas. My recommendation - go somewhere else!

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