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Reviews and Complaints

Poor product, service and return policy

I was never informed that ashley furniture store had a no return/refund policy. The sale rep should inform the customers about the return/refund policy. I can remember asking about the merchandise and the return policy. I was informed by my sales rep that if I have a problem to just contact him and he will see that the problem will be corrected. Will you know that a lie. My sales rep have yet to return any of my phone call. Everything about ashley furniture store and its employee works on false lies.

I filled this report today 12/11/07 with the better business bureau.

Problem/delivery date: 12/11/07 @ 4:50 p.M. Among many before today's date. Purchase date: 11/05/2007, model #: d396-15, payment amount, payment amount $744.76, bankcard full payment. I purchased a dinning room set on the date listed above. This complaint has nothing to do with the sale rep. My complaint is with delivery and customer service. I had to have them to change out two table top and the third one that was delivered today is also damaged. The glass top is coming from the manufacture damaged. On today I informed the delivery drivers that the glass top was damaged and I ask them to take it back and they said they will have to leave the table top with me since the damage is a manufacture problem and that I had to follow the instructions on the bottom of the invoice and that he (One of the drivers, the younger one) were going to contact customer service to inform them of the damaged table making sure that the problem was report within 24 hours. I contacted customer service myself and I was informed that since I accepted the table top into my home, that they will have to send out a service rep to inspect the problem. The sad part of the problem is that the drivers refused to take the table back. I listed on the invoice myself that the glass was damaged!!

My problem is the inconvenience that is upon me. I stood home today (12/11/07) waiting on delivery, now they are telling me that they need to send a service rep out to inspect the problem on tuesday, 12/18/07 (No time provided to me at this time, I have to wait until monday, 12/17/07 to get a time on when he can come out). Now I have to take off from work on tuesday for the service rep. After the service rep come out and see that the problem can not be fixed. I will have to take off when they replace the table top that is currently sitting in my home. My problem is the time i'm missing from work without pay. I feel they should have just taken the table top back, inspect it and order another one.

Please allow me to inform you that the merchandise is not being inspected before it leaves ashley's furniture store warehouse. Each time they've brought the table top to my home, the box was cut open right in front of me.

Upon speaking with marsha in customer service on 12/11/07 at 4:53 p.M. Right after the delivery drivers left my home. She refused to re-order another table top and strongly stated that a service rep need to come to my home. I asked about returning the entire merchandise back. Ms. Marsha informed me that I was stuck with the merchandise and that they were no return policy once the merchandise enter my home. It is well aware that I have been have problems with the each glass top that has enter my home. The first problem was a piece of inbedded inside the glass and the second glass top was glue inbedded inside the glass and with the third glass top that is sitting in my home also has glue inbedded inside the glass. I requested to speak with a manager, she sent the call to amy torres voicemail at 5:05 p.M. I left a message with ms. Torres and yes, she returned my call at 6:05 p.M. She also stated that in order for them to correct the problem that service rep needs to come out. I asked/requested that they send the delivery drivers back out to get the table since they refused to take it back and they can have the service rep to inspect the table top at the warehouse. Again, I am held responsible for them (Delivery drivers) not taking it back. She stated no that the service rep need to come to my house.
After the service rep finds that the problem can not be corrected that he will inform them to re-order me another table top.

Bottom line is that I would like to have a full refund back and not deal with ashley furniture store anymore. Its like they take your money and you (As the customer) are not a value customer anymore. You become # to them. Excuse my french. Your assistance to this problem will truly be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

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    Ashley Furniture Dec 12, 2007
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    Ashley Furniture HomeStores makes our return policy clear on the sales order signed by the customer. Usually when an item appears to have damage from delivery or a manufacturing defect, a service technician is sent out first. This is also stated in the warranty brochure that comes with the furniture. The table was exchanged without inspection the first time out of courtesy. After inspecting the glass top that arrived back at our crossdock, no defect was found in the glass. The service technician will inspect the glass and if finds no defects, the glass will not be replaced.

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