Ashley Furniture Industriesfailing to receive the recliner I bought more than 2 months ago!

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Hi, my name is aboubakr, i've purchased a recliner from ashley store, cfc branch, 57 days ago, exactly on 21st of july, so 57 days and I still did not receive my recliner, or even was not notified of any delivery date, my wife contacted the call center of ashley egypt, she has been told that someone will contact me to discuss the matter, but unfortunately no one did, so I contacted ahmed gaber, the sales man from the store, who made the sell process for me, he said he will call me in 5 minutes, and he did not, so I called him again same day around 10 pm, he kept telling me how sorry he is that I did not receive my recliner yet, however he did not advise any specific date for delivery!, and then he asked me to talk to mr ibrahim, the deputy store manager, who made no difference actually, as he also kept apologizing and provided excuses like the factory did not succeed to finish with the recliner's fabric or textile and this is why I am not able to getting it, so I told him that this is their homework and their business, and I don't care, all I need is to know when I am gonna get the recliner, then he said that I called lately, and he cannot provide me with any immediate answer cause I called lately and the factory isn't working now!!

I explained that I called lately cause the sales man did not call me in 5 minutes as he promised, and then, the deputy branch, manager promised to call me on sunday, I waited till monday afternoon, then made a complaint via call center (complaint ref 4758), and asked the call center agent that someone has to contact me, as I suffered from a fair customer experience and service, then mr ibrahim called again after 4 hours I guess, also kept apologizing, but the apology was not for not calling as promised, but was just apologizing again that he won't advise a specific date for delivery and made me choose between waiting and just wait with no time frame, or make a money refund for me, or take the only recliner left in the showroom of cfc branch instead of waiting for a new one!
This is it! This is my experience with ashley, actually my problem now is not the delivery date or the recliner, but the whole experience is really full of [censored], you put an item for sale, I pay for it, and wait forever, and then keep making an endless phone calls and talk to your miserable employees of cfc branch, and beg them for a delivery date, and then after 2 months these are my choices!!!
And finally I submitted a complaint via ashley egypt facebook's page, someone responded that the complaint has been forwarded to the specialized department, and I will get contacted by someone to finalize it, and guess what, it's been 5 days until now and no one contacted me,!

You guys need to help me if you're aiming to deliver a real customer care, cause those guys in egypt branch are not doing their jobs, and they push the customers to make scandals for ashley.

But I will just keep escalating till it reaches todd wanek's level, I won't give up, and I wish you understand this very well.

Thank you.

Sep 20, 2018
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  • Ti
      Oct 03, 2018

    Call Al Ghadban, Sr. Regional Manager, [protected]
    Gary Donovan, Regional Manager: [protected]

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  • Ti
      Oct 03, 2018

    if paid with CC file a credit card dispute :)

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  • Mo
      Feb 04, 2019

    I have the same issue, and guess what, they sold me the recliners almost at the same time they informed you that they have a delay issue for this product.

    For me its 5 months now, and Ashley Egypt is investing our money, most probably they are doing black business in Egypt.

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