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Ashley Furniture HomeStore Plattsburgh, NY / broken furniture, independently owned store doesnt' care

1 84 Margaret StreetPlattsburgh, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 518-324-3400

My husband and I went into our local Ashley furniture store for a tv stand and walked out with $4000.00 worth of furniture.
A tv stand, loveseat, sofa, rocker/recliner and three stands. Six of the seven pieces had issues with them. The rocker/recliner had rips in the leather and looked like it had been dropped. the leather is coming off the back of the sofa, the coffee table had a crack and I refused it, the corner stand has a gouge in it and the tv stand was put together wrong and the door would not close.
The salesperson, the owners son, said to call if we had any problems, when I did call that day and the next he quoted me percentages of happy customers and that I was in the 1% of unhappy people.
He referred me to call the warehouse, I did and got yelled at by the person in charge when I told him it looked like second hand furniture, he threatened to hang up on me.
The store manager is the nephew of the owner, he yelled at me saying I must have damaged the furniture myself because I didn't report it when the delivery people were here . I have their paperwork saying we have 72hr from delivery...
They finally came to the house & took the rocker/recliner to have it repaired, we have not seen it yet!
Why would you REPAIR a NEW chair, I want a new one! They also took the tv stand to have it reassembled.
The salesperson, owner's son, said they came already assembled to the warehouse. The delivery guy said he assembled it and it was very difficult to do?!?
After two weeks and multiple phone calls, we got the tv stand back with the wood dented on the door. The owner's son said they could use some touch up on it, but my husband refused, the wood is dented!! Touch up won't help...
They are ordering a new door...and we still haven't seen our Rocker/recliner.
We are hoping the BBB can help us, otherwise, small claims?

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  • Ch
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    I completely agree with you. We had a VERY similar experience and also filed a complete with the BBB. Same experience with owner's son. Also, we were told that the damage to our furniture was from furniture abuse and all we have done is use it for sitting/lying on.

  • Co
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    Wow! We had the same abusive experience. We had a rocker recliner that I didn't notice that the frame was broken until later that day. Obviously, we didn't break it. They REFUSED to replace it even though it was later that day. The owner's son, a corporate genius-NOT, said that "it's like a Cadillac. You see, when you buy a new car, they don't replace it, they fix it." What insight! A Harvard graduate I believe. They do not care about customer service at all. What's sad is that people in the Plattsburgh area don't have many choices for furniture stores so their stuck with that ignorant bunch of ###s in downtown Plattsburgh. I would love to see this store closed and nothing would be better than to see that family living on the streets. Karma!

  • Ga
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    If you folks decide to take these ###s to Small Claims court make sure you have PHOTO'S OF EVERYTHING, and if your camera is able to make sure it puts a time and date stamp on EACH phot you take of the stuff. Always remember a picture is worth a millon words when proving the fact that ###s DO indeed exist and they DO seem to live at this furniture store. I have never bought anything from them but after reading the complaints I am surprised to hear they are still in buisness. Maybe someone should contact the furniture makers and tell them how their product is being represented. Most big name brand companies don't like unhappy customers and may just revoke the dealers right to sell their product. This kind of thing has been known to happen. Hit the slime where it hurts the most...IN THEIR WALLET!!! If they have NO customers then they will be out of buisness. No money means they will be on the street to live...

  • Tt
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Well, another one bites the dust. I bought from them and went through pretty much the same thing. It is a sofa and loveseat. The sofa had a small piece that was coming undone. We received a discount because I was going to fix it. We picked up our furniture at the warehouse, so of course we didn't sit on them and inspect every seam. We got them home, and first when the loveseat cover was removed, there was a very small tear in the arm. Yes, I did take pictures which show the time and date. The loveseat also had pen marks or something on it. We sit on the couch and hear this clunking noise. Then I contacted the store immediately, being referred to the warehouse. The man who I spoke with was anything but a customer service rep. He wanted me to want the cuchion cover. I said "NO" it is brand new. This man said he would contact service and they would be contacting me, never happened. I called back 6 day later and the service man had no knowledge of my call. We set up an appt. The day comes for the appt, I receive a call that I have to transport the loveseat back to the store to be repaired. I asked about the couch with the noise, they had no knowledge of it. The boss of the warehouse - Jack - told me that we must have tore the loveseat when moving it in and this one is good- we twisted the couch through the doorway, that is the noise. I have never heard of being able to twist a couch through a doorway.
    I am contacting the BBB in hopes of some actions.

  • An
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    I contacted the store to ask them if they had overstuffed chairs with ottermans available. I was informed by the sales person that they did. That night, I saw a commercial, one of many, on a sale starting this coming Monday, September 14, 2009 for a $ 399.00 sofa. I fell in love with the tomato red color and the fact that they had a love seat, a overstuffed chair, and an otterman available in the same style and color. I decided then that if I liked the items I would purchase two chairs and two ottermans to flank my fireplace on either side, the sofa and love seat. If I also saw new end tables and a coffee table that I liked I would purchase them too.

    I contacted the store and spoke to another sales person (the one I originally spoke to wasn't available) who had no idea about the sale. He then told me that the sale was already on, when not ten minutes before I again saw the same ad on tv which stated that the sale starts Monday, two days away. When I informed him of this he started an argument with me and told me that if I wanted to get the sale price I would have to give him my credit card number and make the purchase ove the phone, sight unseen. What, is this person nuts or something? This idiot expected me to give a total stranger my credit card number to make a purchase for something I didn't even get a chance to see, much less sit on to test for comfort. I told him his proposal left a bad taste in my mouth and that I don't approve of such bad business practices. He then told me that if I come in Monday I will get the sales price even though, technically, the sale is over.

    I hung up and was so pissed I called again and asked to speak to the manager. The girl who answered the phone wanted to know who I was but since I never gave my name to the salesperson to begin with I told her I didn't think that was relevant. She then puts on the same salesperson who is clearly disguising his voice, all the while trying to control laughing as the girl who answered the phone was outright laughing in the background. The imposter manager told me that there are many sales running all the time. In effect, there is always a sale on and if I come in the store I will receive the items I saw at the sales price. But how will I really know what the other sales prices are on the other furniture I saw if that sale is now off? All I know is the sales price of the couch I originally saw in the tv ad. Seems like I will get a major screwing if I purchase my furniture there. It will be their loss because I was planning on redecorating two homes. I will go anywhere else but Ashley furniture. I have since contacted Fleming Fine furniture in Malone, NY and apparently they have sales people who are adults and are serious about sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Pr
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    Ok I never write comments on crap online but reading how he wanted someones credit card number over the phone ponders me if it was the same guy who stole my parents identity from there when they purchased 2 recliners yes folks identity theft! They supposably fired the worker for it bc with my parents was god knows how many others! It was terrible and such a time consuming process they should of got the chairs for free! I am 22 and am looking for a place myself but will NOT be furnishing it with ashleys furniture and it does suck there isn't many other options but me n my fiannce will pay whatever mileage delivery fee from Burlington Vermont to save our credit and not give those ###s the time of day! My parents r truly wonderful people far more deserving than that! Although the chairs are in fine condition DONT chance it! Even if he WAS fired those money hungry ### better kno who their hiring!

  • Le
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    I'm suprised to read all of these bad reviews compared to the experiences we have had there. Although I am aware that usually when people write reviews and comments it is usually because they are pissed off and wanting to warn others, not to praise. Our first purchase was an oversized couch and loveseat which we had delivered. Our apartment entrance at the top of the stairs is hard to position around, it being a longer couch than normal, they did a great job taking care not to damage anything. We returned to purchase a dinning room table there that we picked up from the warehouse where they were very helpful and were sure to have us inspect the furniture before we brought it home. We are going tonight to pick up the matching chair and ottoman, now that we have room for it since moving, and I am confident that I will have a pleasant experience. I'm sure there have been some people who have had bad experiences, for which there could be many explanations. They unknowingly hired some "bad apples" or maybe some buyers just aren't experienced enough to take the necessary precautions, i.e. inspect it before you leave or refuse it upon deliver or pick-up. Don't take it home and then expect them to take it back later, who knows what you might have done to it. Or upon delivery, except it and call the store when they leave.

  • Se
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    The bad comments are not warranted for 2010. I had a very pleasant experience shopping at Ashley Plattsburgh. The furniture was delivered on time and the price vs. quality is very good. One table had a broken part and the delivery staff ordered another table. A week later the new table was at the warehouse and I picked it up.

  • Pe
      29th of Aug, 2015
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    Had almost the same experience 15 years ago ..when they were on Margaret St... bought 5000.00 worth of furniture, the bunk beds were wrong, my table base was wrong my chairs were wrong, when I call for my sofa and love seat not there, ordered 6 months in advance. My delivery showed up wheres my bedroom set..called store.oh my people delivered to Malone..days later, called again, " My guys are putting on all the knobs..finally showed up..guys started putting on knobs, I said I thought you already did this, :My boss lied", Wheres my couch, "they sold it, thought they could get it in time but Ashley shut down for 2 weeks, Boss didn't know".. When finally arrived ripped, paid extra for special treatment of fabric, the crew grabbed out a can of furtnutre scotch guard and sprayed in my home. 1000.00 cost me for this. Will never buy when the same people are in charge.

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