Asda / customer service

Bristol England Avon, United Kingdom

Asda Bedminster... what can I say. Do your staff have special training in unhelpfulness and scowling? Most of them look like they would rather be having their nails pulled out than working in Asda. Rude, surly, uncommunicative and with a permanent scowl on the face. I've had more bad experiences here than I can recount, one in particular being when I asked one of the shelp stackers politely if he could please move so I could get the thing I was wanting. I'd been back twice hopeing he would have moved and he was still there. He answered flatly, NO. Well, there's nothing like customer service is there? Another time a lady was having a problem with the self service till going wrong, as they commonly do. I spoke to one of the staff who was nearby pricing up some items, saying, excuse me, this lady is having some problems with the till. He looked at me as if he was totally annoyed I had asked him and said "Right?" in a disinterested aggressive way. So I added, that I wondered if he could get someone to help. He did try to find someone then, but I shouldn't have had the attitude or to have to explain to him what I wanted. There have been other incidents in this shop, every time I go there I come home feeling terrible. You may wonder why I go there but it's the most local supermarket to me and I dont' have a car. Please guys, can't you at least TRY and make it a bearable place to shop???

Jan 31, 2017

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