ASC Warranty / won't cover drive shaft falling off.

Louisville, KY, United States Review updated:

Dealer sold us a vehicle with the ASC Drivetrain Plus and Deluxe Coverage warranty. What a rip off. The first week we had the truck, the muffler and tail pipe fell off. Not covered. The EGR valve needed to be replaced. Not covered. The ABS light was on and needed $600 worth of work for control unit. Not covered. The last straw is the drive shaft falling off. We had the drive shaft yoke replaced and welded back on. NOT COVERED. What do they cover???? I rented a vehicle while my truck was in the shop, too. NOT COVERED. Do not throw away your money on this worthless coverage.

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  • Tu
      31st of Jul, 2012

    well first did you read your contract? that's what happens when you don't read the plan before you sign it... i read the plan coverage on the website and OBVIOUSLY those parts are not listed for coverage. instead of blaming ASC you should blame you for not reading the contract... power train includes engine transmission and drive axle but on drive axle does not list yoke so again OBVIOUSLY not covered and has far has rental obviously sayd for every 4 hours of COVERED repair... it's people like you that try to bring a company down but it's people like you that should be considered scam because you don't read the contract before you sign it .. that is your own fault for not reading and understanding what you were purchasing the contract shame on you

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  • Ch
      23rd of Aug, 2012

    Ninety-five percent of warranty buyers are NOT mechanics and could not tell an idler pulley from transmission linkage. To take advantage of any customers' mechanical ignorance is loathsome at best. If you have no ethics you have no problem taking that advantage. Shame on YOU!

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  • Tu
      17th of Oct, 2012

    I am not a mechanic either but even if you don't know the difference between parts all you have to do it's read the policy you signed for and see if the part they are telling you is listed there if it's not it's not covered.. you sign that you agree with the scope of agreement and all the items covered are listed so obviously u need to read what you sign and on those 2 plans unfortunately the parts you needed done are not listed under the covered parts

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  • Ng
      24th of May, 2013

    Full disclosure and a Highlighter should be used when you have either sold or given a Client a warranty/service contract. Have them sign that they understand what it is that they have enrolled in with this "policy". Most complaints I have seen on-line are due to either non-disclosure by the Dealer or merely the customer's lack of understanding these are stated- limited liability policies. If it is not in writing, it is not covered. There are those that pay a flat fee of $500.00 and those that cover the ACV. READ and understand!

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