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ASC / Fraud and scam

1 United States

I set up a prepayment plan after waiting 2 months for ASC to admit to having my paperwork to modify my loan. I was already unable to refinance because my X ruined my credit and my interest rate went from 8-10%. I finally got someone on the phone explaining that I was surviving a violent relationship and may have hardship in the near future. She was very nice and set me up on a forbearance repayment plan. I had to come up with $1557.00 to show good faith and I did. I went hungry and did not pay my second loan. She explained I could not be late on these payments and that I should have them automatically withdrawn, I said ok since my payment went down . Well last month, out of habit, I made it online and realized I could mess everything up like that. This month my payment was due on the 7th and on the 12th I realized the payment was not deducted. I called in, got treated like an animal, transferred 3X, I was told I had to pay more money because I broke the contract!

I explained it was supposed to be taken out automatically, they said I was being difficult and transferred me to some international line that hung up on me. When I called back I amazingly got the same girl who set me up the first time, she was so nice, even apologized for what I went through and said she was sorry she did not explain the first time that only the FIRST payment was withdrawn automatically! She explained in order to get my payments back on track and the same amount each month, I would have to come up with the $1557 again and the remaining 7 payments would be $1300. By the end of the conversation, my payments were 1600! I explained it was not my fault and not even seven days late! She said I broke the contract, I said I have a second also, that would make my payments over 2000 a month! I am going to have to let them take my house? How can they do this when i am obviously on a low income budget and on a adjustable rate loan. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REFINANCE ME WITH BAD CREDIT AND TAKE ME AWAY FROM THESE MONSTERS? IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO GIVE IT TO THEM!


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