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Your company needs a new staff, preferably speaking a good English. I understand that hiring people who don't speak a fluent English may be expensive for you, but thoughts about your customer service quality have never been in your heads, right?
Especially it's terrible when you try to solve a problem from another end of the earth and an employee on the other end doesn't understand what you want because her/his English is so poor. And I would be happy to explain it with very simple words, but nobody understands them.
Plus, sometimes they are rude and nervous. Your people should know how to resist the stress, otherwise, why do they work with customers?
Your customers will never call if they don't have problems. Usually, they are irritated and angry and your purpose is to do anything for them to resolve their issues. So how people who don't understand English can do it?
Reply if you know how. Thanks.

Sep 25, 2017
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