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I bought a mattress at Art Van store at April /2017 and after only one month and half of use we started to have some issues. It starts to sink in the middle of the mattress and it is showing a inadequate support in the center. When I went to the store the salesperson showed me a mattress with high level of support, so that is what I really would like and then I paid $1.400 usd.
I called to the customer service, wait for two weeks to a visit and then I was surprised with the tests made by a person to tell me that there is no damage at mattress, he only measured if the foam deformed in the middle in a still state, and my complaint was that when lying on the mattress we noticed that the foam is very sensitive and sinks improperly.
The indentation force (load carrier), which must be linked to the density value, evaluates the weight of the foam on it per square meter. This force is the main indicator of the quality of the foam produced since the material should be soft at the beginning of the deflection (lying down) and soon after resisting. This force also determines the comfort factor in the regions of the human body, in the lying position, where the maximum efforts - shoulders, and hips occur.
It is frustration that I paid $ 1.400 for a good mattress and we are experiencing this situation.

Jun 12, 2017

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