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I purchased the San Marino Collection from Art Van in Warren on February 21st of 2008 for $5300. On April 5th of 2009 the King bed fell through to the floor. I called Art Van and found out the warranty on the bed was only 1 year. Upon closer look of the bed I found it to be flawed in design.

The mattress and dual box springs are supported by slats which are only supported in the middle by posts and on the edges by a 3/4" wooden rail. The mattress rests on the rails which rests on a 1" lip that is screwed into the rail. The screw is only into the rail about 1/4" in, and there is some glue on the rail.

All the weight of the mattress and dual box springs basically puts the most pressure on the rails because of the fact that there are 2 box springs. The centre actually acts as a pivot point when the couple sleeps on the sides of the bed.

I love the bedroom set and the bed was never abused. The Art Van salesperson confirmed that there was atleast one other customer of his that had the same thing happen to them.

I purchased another set of rails but after 2 months of waiting I cancelled and went to a metal California frame. The problem is it dropped the bed 3-4 inches, and I was looking to see if they would switch out the low profile box springs with standard height box springs.

Upon calling to see what Art Van can do, they basically told me I was out of luck. In dealing with manager Doug Primo, he told me the following:

"If you purchased a car from Chrysler and there was a loose bolt in the transmission which was a manufacturer's error and the transmission blew just after the warranty expired, they wouldn't fix it either."

Basically he didn't deny that there was a quality problem, but wasn't willing to help out.

This is absolutely inexcusable for a bedroom set which I paid $5300 for. It's still in financing and isn't due to be paid until the end of this month.

I don't know anyone that has this kind of money to throw out after 13.5 months.

Their customer service was absolutely worthless and I plan to let people know of the kind of service they provide, especially as the Canadian dollar gets higher and others look to buy in the US.

I would like to see if their management really care about the customer and be willing to rectify this issue and make amends.

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  • Su
      Nov 08, 2009

    Art Van is full of ____!!! I bought a $1800.00 mattress on sale for 50% off, with promises and so on. Long story short, it was not even a FIRM matress which the Livonia Sales clerk told me it was, NEXT DAY DELIVERY, "not when there is a sale, WE are too busy", found out that their SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is only good for 30 days (when I took them to small claims court), and the 15 year warranty on the mattress, well mine was measured and found to be very defective, but they claim it had a stain on it...there was no stain. When trying to get them to replace it due to increasing back problems from sleeping on it (I am 49), the general manager in corporate said there is no such thing as firm and laughed in my face, when I told them I can't even sit on the side of it without slipping off, more than 3 supervisors told me "beds are not made to sit on" and "sitting on a mattress anymore than 30 seconds is considered excessive", well... I tried to file with Better Business Bureau, they refused to accept the report saying it was stained!!! That is the is NOT!!! Sone one told me now that if they are a member of BBB, BBB never accepts a complaint from one of their paying BBB members...could that be why there were no records of any complaints for any Art Van. Also in small claims court, I was not even able to tell the whole story, Art Van stopped me and showed the judge warranty that I never ever saw and the case was dismissed. MICHIGANS MATTRESS LEADERS, what a laugh!!

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  • Lo
      Oct 10, 2010

    This tells you that Art Van company is a bunch of thugs. It's the same story everywhere. Years ago, I worked for Art Van (owned by Archie Van Elslander, that's his real name) and the managers were even teaching us to lie and shove the Home Warranty, Fabric Protection, Leather Protection, and Extended Warranty down customers' throat. They call them "Valu Added products" but they actually have no value because they are not needed by the customers at all. The only reason they want their salespeople to sell them is because the managers get a fat check at the end of the month while they do not deliver on their promise. You should also look at their advertisement deception. I do not know how they get away with this? Maybe Archie pays someone off. They tell you mattresses are 50% off, but for 5 years prices were exactly the same--exorbitant!!! Don't believe me and do this experiment by yourselves. Check the prices before and after their "Big Blowout Mattress Sale"! Furthermore, they tell you in their ads that you will get up to 70% off in the entire store; it turns out that the only item that is discounted at 70% is some small lamp or Clearance Center damaged piece of wood. Oh, and when they say you get 50% off, they mean off the original price or "compare at price" that some store somewhere in Michigan or out of State tagged and inflated the price 15 times over. Example, a couch's "compare at" price they tag at $2000.00, so their 50% Sale price would be $1000.00, not $500.00! They make 1000% profit when they purchase that couch from China for only $50.00!!!If you go to Art van store the week after the Sale is over (which never ends because they have a sale every day!!!), you will find out that the couch is tagged at $1000.00 again, or maybe $1100.00. That's the mirage and deception they sell us.

    I can not believe that some people are still buying from Art Van Furniture due to " quality". Let's hear them when they get a warranty issue. Art Van holds Thanksgiving Parade and sponsors Cancer Treatment Center, but for of tax purposes, since he makes $500.00 million per year. Yes he donated one Million to charity this year, but he cut off Profit Sharing benefits from employees and salespeople who stand on their feet for 11 hours a day working for him on a strict commission (with no salary) and on all weekends and Holidays, even when Art Van is making money and not affected by the economy!
    The one who doesn't care about his employees is fake and just a show off, no matter how many parades or Treatment Centers he sponsors.

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  • St
      Jun 14, 2016

    I have advice when dealing with Art Van...I will get there in a moment...but first, If I could give 0 stars I would. I purchased a table, 6 chairs, a buffet, a bedroom set, and 2 sofas, and ottoman, a media cabinet and a chair from Art Van in December. There were 3 different errors before they finally had the order right. Customer Service is awful so...there is that. The sofa, a chair, and the buffet came damaged. The sofa was sliced, the chair was wobbly (it was broken), and the cabinet doors were way off centered. The first thing Art Van wanted to do was send a tech to repair these items. They came in damaged! We had to fight to get replacements. This seems to be the first line of defense for any item that is purchased from them. I have seen and heard of this happening from many customers. Tip 1: There is a law stating they must give you a replacement. Do not settle for a "fix". So on with my story... By February, the sofas looked like we had them for years - we barely used them. They were a bit expensive, so you think they would hold up...but no. We finally ordered a new set, everything came in wrong. They sent us furry furniture that we did not order. My home now looks like a 70's p studio. After hours of straightening things out. We have to wait another 6-10 weeks. They never did replace the kitchen chair as promised. The last time I called customer service, they told me they would not. I had to fight for that too...still waiting. But hey, it has only been 6 months. So on we go, the chairs I purchased started pilling (like really bad), I had service come out and basically they told me too bad and that I should take a razor to them (The guy was such an ###, I later kicked him out of my house). I asked why I purchased the protection plans and was told that these plans only cover "warrantee specific issues"...Tip 2, Do not buy the Protection Plan, it is useless. On top of it all, the buffet and dresser started randomly chipping/flaking. I know it is strange but true. When service came out to look at my chairs, I asked if he could look at the flaking paint. He told me no and that furniture does not just chip/flake. Again, it did and what is the point of the protection plan? It was a two second fix for him. I contacted Corporate and Trish there told me they would do nothing for me. She was by far the rudest person that I have dealt with. I do not want anything but for them to stand behind their service and their products. I should have taken the money I spent and set it on fire, I would have been further ahead. The irony of this is, that I was going to buy online for way less money, but I was afraid there would be quality issues. Ha! the joke is on me! The same chairs I bought for $250 (the ones that pill and look as if I have had them for 10 years), you can buy them for $50 on Overstock. I have learned my lesson. I will not be shopping at Art Van again and I would not recommend it to anyone. It is a lot of frustration. Tip 3: Contact a Consumer Advocate immediately, if you are having issues. They are very helpful and hear about things like this all the time (especially from Art Van). I On a positive note, I have been in contact with some of their vendors, and they are super upset at the way things have been handled, so we will see if that gets me anywhere...maybe eventually, my home will not look like a p studio with random broken furniture lying around. I am not done, I will not be done until things are made right. If you are having similar issues, do the same. They should not be allowed to get away with treating customers this way.People pay good money and should not have to accept garbage. I am pretty sure that the only positive reviews are from people who work here.

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  • Ca
      Jun 12, 2017

    I bought a mattress at Art Van store at April /2017 and after only one month and half of use we started to have some issues. It starts to sink in the middle of the mattress and it is showing a inadequate support in the center. When I went to the store the salesperson showed me a mattress with high level of support, so that is what I really would like and then I paid $1.400 usd.
    I called to the customer service, wait for two weeks to a visit and then I was surprised with the tests made by a person to tell me that there is no damage at mattress, he only measured if the foam deformed in the middle in a still state, and my complaint was that when lying on the mattress we noticed that the foam is very sensitive and sinks improperly.
    The indentation force (load carrier), which must be linked to the density value, evaluates the weight of the foam on it per square meter. This force is the main indicator of the quality of the foam produced, since the material should be soft at the beginning of the deflection (lying down) and soon after resisting. This force also determines the comfort factor in the regions of the human body, in the lying position, where the maximum efforts - shoulders and hips occur.
    It is frustration that I paid $ 1.400 for a good mattress and we are experiencing this situation.
    Carlos Regadas - [protected]

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  • Me
      Apr 09, 2018

    I purchased a bed from Art Van Holland, Oh last year for $$$$. They say the bed is made of wood but since close inspection it’s not. It’s plastic!!! I really feel cheated and am about to contact the attorneys general in my state and let them know they are selling furniture and claiming it’s wood when it’s not. What wood they did use has lots of Worm Holes!

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  • Me
      Apr 09, 2018

    @MelMel247 I have more pictures and the description of the supposed materials this bed is made of.

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  • Di
      Apr 24, 2018

    We bought furniture from Art Van in Tawas, Michigan. We were lied to from the start. The manager said he would make it right. He did not! We are left with junk furniture that is literally falling apart and it's less than 6 months old. What happened to the OLD Art Van? The one you could trust. No more! They sell junk and back it up with lies. Also, beware of the service people they send out. God knows where they come from. Jmo

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