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My husband received a call from ARS on his personal cell phone about an old Capital One Credit card that I canceled years ago. After he blasted them, they phoned my mother about this who told me to call them. They claim that I owed 100+ on this card and over the years of interest, penalties etc. I now owe them 719.44. They wanted immediant payment at a lesser amount. I was out of town and said that I would look into this when I returned home. My parents received a letter on 12-17-08 demanding payment due 12-19-08. The letter states that when I send a check they would use the rounting numbers from my check to get further money due? I phoned the State Attorney Generals office and they said it is a possible scam. Since the cancelation of this credit card (3 yrs.), I have since married, had a child, and closed personal bank accounts. I used my parents address and phone number for this account and have never received anything about any money being due. Must be nice to wait years after cancelation to say we want more !!! I am filing complaints wherever I can after seeing all the suits against this company.

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  • Ri
      Jun 10, 2019

    Collection agencies are required by law to send you information through the mail, detailing when the debt occurred (exact date of filing... and if they cannot supply that they cannot collect on that debt), who from, and when the last request for payment was (If they cannot tell you, then they cannot collect on that debt).

    They must send you written papers with the information.
    Write them company a formal letter, registed mail, saying that you do not own this debt and any further attempt at collection will constitute harassment.
    Then if they do contact you, you can then sue them.

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