ARSfalse collection claims

G Nov 27, 2017

My brother was contacted by ARS and they left him a voicemail saying that they needed to speak with me so they could deliver papers and that I needed to go to a court appearance regarding a $7000 medical bill back in 2012. I was freaking out! When I called the number the lady was VERY rude direct like [protected] EXT 5437. She said that she needed a card on file to lock in my payment plans so that I don't get sued. I told her I wasn't giving her my card information and she responded very snappy almost like she failed at getting a payment from me and was disappointed. I told her I would contact my lawyer and she asked for my lawyers name and I told her no! She then said if I don't get her info by the end of day today that I would be served. It's funny that they didn't have the correct address or phone number on file, but I've always had the same number for 7 years now. Don't give them any information! She didn't ask for an updated address either. I just had my brother block their number and I did the same!!!

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