Arizona Medical Boardwrmc dr steven correa

on oct 27-2017 dr steven correa cardioligst put a stint in me not needed had several complications from this told him I had worst chest pain never been out for one procedure all of the sudden six and half hours later woke up girlfriend said correa put a stint in went on for three days still worst chest pain told dr correa this he brought me back to the cath lab said nothi9ng found chest pain x3 went to banner hospital phonix Arizona dr peter maki foun a blood clot on the stint got another stint got back to wrmc asked dr mirza outside why dr. coreea had a problem communicating dr mirza another cardiologist in bullhead city Arizona told me who could not talk to me at the hospital but dr correa messed up I asked him what did he mean by that in the emergency room the hospital administration showed up not announced and dr mirza was trying to get me not to sue never caused a problem dr mirza told me that dr correa asked him to look at my xrays I told dr mirza he had to consult me I was the patient and then met me and pam at Walmart told us to ahead with a lawsuit that it was valid I told wrmc hospital ceo tom selarno that information I told you and said what do I want out of this I told him that medical records clerk told me my file came across her desk three times for legal issues I informed him also dr correa left me to die on the table she said he nicked somebodys aretery the corporate office got sued by the federal gomverment for medicare and Medicaid fraud 891 millon they paid the federal government for overcharging doing unnesary evasive procedures and dr mirza got but on probation in California and Arizona mty name is paul Broxton

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    this doctor and hospital needs to be monitor that nothing ever happens to a patient like myself are anyone dr Michael tribemen er doctor cussed me for a son of a [censored] I have this document tated the hospital let go of dr steven correa and wrmc tried to erase my marc record this hospital and dr are responsible because dr steven correa and wrmc shall be accountable for what the done I have several outstanding witness that will come forward the messed my heart up and they shall be accountable dr correa should be held for attempted murder

Jun 05, 2018

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