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Argosy University / misrepresentation/uncaring

1 United States

Where to begin! I started Argosy graduate program to obtain my Master's in Forensic Psychology. Upon signing up at this school, I asked my enrollment counselor several questions as they pertained to the courses I would be taking. Later, I was informed by my academic counselor of the same exact information. I got a layout of all courses that I needed to complete. No big deal right? That is what one would assume. As classes continued, I was doing fine. I constantly spoke of graduation because at the time, that was of interest to me and to share this accomplishment with my family. In February of 2015, I spoke with my academic counselor once more. Upon prior conversations with this lady, she assured that I was set to graduate the upcoming June with no problems. This is the time when I realized I had less than four courses left. This was also the time in where my academic counselor began to tell me that due to how my classes were, I would not be able to attend graduation in June as planned. Okay now, this came as a complete surprise since the very beginning, I continued to ask to double up on classes so that I was able to attend graduation on time and was told this form of action was not needed. So there I was speechless! Not only was this news then delivered to me, but this was also the time in which I found out that I needed to complete the COMP EXAM in order to obtain my degree and attend graduation. With this news, to meet my goal, upset or not, I decided to double my classes. With all of the hard work and dedication, all of my classes were completed and I passed THEM ALL. Throughout the time where I was taking these double classes, the school continued to call me pushing me everyday to make sure I had a 0 balance so that I could walk in June, to order my gap and gown, and to pay my graduation dues. THIS WAS DONE. In May of 2015, I was given a week to complete the COMP EXAM. The deadline for me was over to meet qualifications to walk so here I am, doing the comp exam, passed all prior classes, and made payments to this school. It took the higher chairman 2 and a half weeks to grade the exam just for me to find out that I did not pass it. Without any feedback, I was told that since the department was unexpectedly closed, I would have to wait a week to find out the reason in why I did not pass. This surprised me and several of my classmates due to I am a strong writer and have never failed a case vignette before. Not to mention, with the department being closed, I cannot attend graduation on the 19th. Here it is two weeks prior to graduation and my family and I are out of more than 5 thousand dollars on hotel and plane expenses. And I am pissed because the way that everything flowed with this school was unethical. When I contacted my academic counselor, and asked her why this was not graded earlier so that I could do what I needed, and even asked for the Dean to review my paper, her tone changed and no information was given. I have my BA in Criminal Justice and I have never had an issue with that school nor with my school work until NOW! I have even had the opportunity to share this paper with the Dean of a different accredited school and was informed my paper was in a passing condition. So please tell me what is really going on with this school? Pure disgusted!!!

Jun 3, 2015

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