Argosy University/Chicago / discrimination

United States

Until recently I was a doctoral student at Argosy University here in Chicago, attending from February 2008 to October 2011 at which time I was abruptly dismissed. The reason given for my dismissal from the program was “Failed Composition”. The subject composition was, for me, the final paper of the program so before turning the paper in I had it reviewed, along with all instructions by an expert in the field, who told me my paper was fine and on point. Yet Argosy rejected my paper and with no further explanation dismissed me. I feel I should at least have been told what was lacking or errant in my paper, which by the way, was never returned to me.
To my knowledge this has happened to three other students during my tenure at the school leaving me to believe that somehow discrimination is involved. Thus far, I have made several attempts to contact the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Department of Education regarding the matter. I have received a response letter from the Better Business Bureau stating their findings which agree with my theory.
Based on my experience, Argosy University is fraudulent and their practices are deceitful. I want it to be known that the school’s policies are unfair and condescending. Argosy University’s business policies and procedures should be exposed. I was under the impression that the school was to help one to graduate so that an individual can become independent in their field of choice. Argosy has failed on all accounts.

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