Aqua America / E-billing lifetime revoke?!

Re Jan 04, 2016
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Logged in to to set up paperless e-billing, and primarily to avoid the "convenience charge" assessed by Aqua or their Western Union Speed pay buddies for paying over the phone. When attempting to log in, it stated that my account was in "revoked" status, and to contact customer service, which I did. The rep informed me that due to a payment that did not go through in 2013, when we changed banks almost 3 years prior, that our Aqua account was revoked from being able to use their free online payment method for the LIFETIME of the account??!! Seriously?! It's bad enough to pay monopoly prices that Aqua charges for water service, but banning a customer from using online services, forcing them to have to pay "convenience fees" every month is a poor business practice by a big money water company that has bullied its way into owning water utility services all over the US. What benefit is derived from making it more complicated, take more time, and involve an additional fee, just to pay their bill? I can't imagine Aqua's investors would see any prudence in their decision to make impediments to customers' attempts to pay their bills.

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