APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) / newly started 4499 bus from palakonda depot, srikakulam dt.

On 5th march'16, I have started from Palakonda at about 6.30 am in 4499, a newly started service to Vizag with my family of four members. After arriving to VZM I got down for urinals, telling the driver to wait for some time and he agreed to stop in the other side of VZM stand. But, unfortunately the bus moved without picking me up, afterwards within a very less time. Eventhough my wife asked the driver to stop some time to get me climb in the bus, the Driver irresponsibly moved the bus. I searched for bus anxiously here & there and travelled in another bus paying RS.49/- again, when a very little amount in hand and catched the 4499 bus before Madhurawada where the traffic jam occured. I quostioned the driver for his irresponsibility towards passengers, and he replied nothing will be done & no problem at all to him.
Now I request the RTC management to act upon rightly & immeadiately on this incident and do the justice by refunding the additional ticket paid by me, by recovering from salaries of driver and show that it cares for its customers and bring discipline in its staff so that no other will do like this.
( RTC authorities may consider for a 'free travel for me one day from Vizag to Palakonda' as compensation and its response to satisfaction to commuters.) ------Sriramulu, B
Q.No. 409-c,
sector-4, Steel city, Vizag-32

Mar 11, 2016

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