Apple Storecharged $199.00 for simple glass change

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My first Iphone. I have 5 lines on the account and was going to get iphones on all 5. Until now. The glass was cracked and other than that the phone worked fine. Nothing else was wrong, just the glass. The guy replaced the little piece of glass in 2 minutes and charged me $199.00. That's right folks $199.00. I found out later that's what you charge, regardless. So the next time I want to be screwed, I'll know where to go. I am going to post this on all feedback sights so maybe somebody else won't get screwed. I already called ATT and told them. I also have a company account with ATT.

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  • Gu
      Aug 29, 2009
    Apple Store - Tottaly wrong
    Apple Store
    United States

    If you have no other electronics store you can go to and have only this one as an option, only then you should go to the Apple Store in Atlanta, GA. Please avoid this store at all costs. I expected the staff at Apple to be very friendly and calm but I was totally wrong. I expected way more than they are or can ever be. They are not at all helpful. Whenever you go to them for help they say that they are busy and give an excuse so that they can do what they. They are too busy among themselves to help anyone or answer any questions. When ever I went up to them they looked surprised and that surprised me coz that's their job that's what they are paid for to help me and you. But they have no idea what they are there for. The only time they are attentive is when a customer leaves the store. The staff is unhelpful and not friendly.

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  • Di
      Apr 07, 2010

    ouch that is a expensive piece of glass, hopefully you can get the issue resolved

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  • Ar
      Apr 28, 2010

    Yup, it's expensive. You're asking for a piece of glass to be replaced on a device that costs $600. Yes, you may have paid less for yours due to subsidies from AT&T. But it still COSTS $400-600 somewhere along the line.

    It's also APPLE.
    You PAY for APPLE.
    It's their store. It's their hardware. It's locked to the service of their choice (AT&T).

    Did you ask what the replacement fee would be before you had it replaced?

    I don't really find this complaint legitimate. If you had asked the replacement fee, were told a different amount, then charged a higher rate, I would find merit.

    My advice: seek alternative cell phone solutions that aren't locked down to a single provider/manufacturer. Apple is not for you. Apple is for people that buy a special import car that only one dealer in their state sells. It's shiny, it looks cool, it performs well, but when it breaks... you gotta go back to that SAME dealer and pay his repair rates. And gauranteed, he'll overcharge for his services because he's the only one that can do it. Same with Apple.

    Also, complaining to AT&T is meaningless. They are the PROVIDER OF SERVICE, not the MANUFACTURER.


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  • Ru
      May 02, 2012
    Apple Store - Not one bit of descent customer service in the whole company
    Apple Store
    United States

    My iPhone 3Gs stopped working after 11 months of use. I called the apple tech support where they charge $30 to help make sure its not a simple problem. I hesitantly obliged knowing it wasnt a simple issue and figuring I wouldnt be charged when they found this to be true. Tech support has you hold down a couple buttons at the same time (which I already tried 20+ times myself.) So, they couldnt remedy the issue and I was told I would have to apply for a refund of the $30 since it was a problem w/ their product.

    I told her I didnt want to apply for a refund, I just wanted her to cancel the transaction then and there. She said he would, yet the charge is still on my statement. I wish this is where my complaint ends but it’s far from over. The technician told me there were a few ways to replace the phone, most cost more money and time without a phone. I chose to go into a apple store so they could replace it for me free of charge. Of course they set an appt for you not knowing if the store even has the product on hand.

    I asked if she could find out ahead of time to save me time and gas. She told me sshe could not dial out from her office and that I would have to call on my own. After spending $30 for absolutely zero help, this really pissed me off. So I took a deep breath and hung up w/ her and called the store. After a 15 minute wait on hold a representitve answered only to tell me they cant look up what products they have in stock and I’d just have to come in and hope it worked out. If they didnt they could send me to another store or order one for me.

    This is the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I dont have a working vehicle at the moment and this is a HUGE inconvenience to me! Not one bit of descent customer service in the whole company. I am appalled at the success of this horrible company. Shame on them!

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  • Th
      Jun 26, 2012
    Apple Store - Terribly low wages for employees of a multi billion dollar business
    New York
    United States

    Last year Apple generated over $16billion in revenue and despite having more stores per square foot than Tiffany's pay their employees only $11.91 compared to Tiffany employees at $15.60. Apple employees simply aren't getting their fair share of the profits despite such high expectations and their consistent efforts in exceeding goals. Are you employed at one of the Apple stores? Fed up with low wages and a lack of respect? Do you know your rights as a retail worker? If you are having difficulties at work or need help to advance in your career contact the RETAIL ACTION PROJECT now for FREE ADVICE AND WORKSHOPS on the retail industry at [protected], 646.490.5925 or visit our website

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  • Pa
      Jul 02, 2013
    Apple Store - App Store Took My Pre Paid Money
    United States


    FOUR days ago, I was trying to make a in-app purchase with my Apple iPad and got the message: "Purchase Could not be completed, for assistance contact iTunes Suppor at".

    I opened a ticket at the website, as instructed. Almost a DAY later i got a response that they were looking into the matter, but it "looks like a transaction failed to process". I said it was impossible, there was enough available limit on the credit card.

    But anyway, based on that feedback (AND I HAVE ALL THE E-MAILS), I bought pre-paid iTunes cards, total of US$ 300.00, and redeemed them into my account. The balance is now US$ 304.24. Then I changed the credit card option to NONE, so to be sure they would use my ALREADY paid money.

    Surprise, same result. The truth is account is blocked. It was never a credit card issue.
    The point is, the DAYS are passing and I got no solution so this SIMPLE matter. Total lack of respect and consideration towards the customers, that's a shame, Apple!

    I have money spent on that, and I have my rights to use it! If you have a credit card, NEVER NEVER give your money to Apple to use it later. I'm sure I'll never make that mistake again.

    Also, is there anyone that could give me a legal advice as what can i do now, since they're not solving the matter?


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  • Be
      Dec 10, 2013

    ipad was purchased sept 2017, battery will not charged when connected to charger. I'm not sure if its the battery, charger or if the ipad itself needs to be replaced. Model#M736. SN.HQ20JHADIHAAJ [protected] my e-mail address is [protected] Thanks in advance for your assistance in correcting this problem.

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